SBA_Journal Papers

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2018-02Do Politically Connected Outside Directors Influence Firm Performance?Lee, Jun-Youp; Lee, Eun Suh, et alARTICLE763
2018-02A multi-attribute examination of consumer conformity in group-level orderingLee, Jacob C.; Kim, Jungkeun, et alARTICLE672
2018-01Ideological Group Influence: Central Role of Message MeaningHayes, Timothy; Lee, Jacob C., et alARTICLE765
2018-01Costs and Benefits of Business-Government Relations: Empirical Analysis of Former-Communist Transition EconomiesSzeto, Maggie; Kim, Young ChoonARTICLE504
2017-12Modeling complex entrepreneurial processes A bibliometric method for designing agent-based simulation modelsShim, Jaehu; Bliemel, Martin, et alARTICLE70
2017-12Ahkera Smart Tech: A High-Tech Venture’s Global Entrepreneurship in AsiaKim, Young Choon; Cha, Hyeonjin, et alARTICLE671
2017-12프로모션 효과에 영향을 미치는 요인 연구: 프랜차이즈 외식 산업의 SNS버즈 분석을 중심으로정민서; 이철진, et alARTICLE235
2017-11The transformation of ownership structure and changes in principal-principal conflicts: evidence from corporate governance reforms in South KoreaGang, KwangWook; Lee, Changyong, et alARTICLE455
2017-11개별적 근무조건이 이직의도와 조직지원인식에 미치는 영향 및 개인 과업성과 인식의 조절효과오혜; 홍운기ARTICLE516
2017-11소셜벤처의 조직화와 제도화 과정에 대한 질적 연구Kim, Young ChoonARTICLE460
2017-10Employee treatment and the choice of liquidity: lines of credit versus cash holdingsChang, Kiyoung; Shim, HyeongsopARTICLE673
2017-10Performance of Tail Hedged Portfolio with Third Moment Variation SwapLee, Kyungsub; Seo, Byoung KiARTICLE1622
2017-08Maternal breastfeeding and children's cognitive developmentKoh, KanghyockARTICLE962
2017-08사회적 네트워크(Social Networks) 조직연구의 동향Kim, Young ChoonARTICLE606
2017-08Competition, product line length, and firm survival: evidence from the US printer industryJeong, M; Kim, Byeoung-Im, et alARTICLE462
2017-08Trust in open versus closed social media: The relative influence of user- and marketer-generated content in social network services on customer trustChoi, Bo Reum; Lee, InseongARTICLE766
2017-08The innovation and economic consequences of knowledge spillovers: fit between exploration and exploitation capabilities, knowledge attributes, and transfer mechanismsHsiao, Yung-Chang; Chen, Chung-Jen, et alARTICLE803
2017-07Inefficient competition in shadow-education investmentChung, Keunsuk; Lee, DongryulARTICLE760
2017-06The acceptance of computer technology by teachers in early childhood educationJeong, Hye In; Kim, YeolibARTICLE1409
2017-06Workplace Relationships and Employee Engagement: Domestic Workers vs. ExpatriatesKim, YongHee; Cheung, Kaming Queena, et alARTICLE784