SBA_Journal Papers

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2018-10Consumers' understanding of autonomous drivingCho, Eunae; Jung, YoonhyukARTICLE282
2018-10Contingent convertible bonds with the default risk premiumJang, Hyun Jin; Na, Young Hoon, et alARTICLE797
2018-09Organizational attention and learning under regulatory intervention: Governmental investigation into auto engine qualityRhee, Mooweon; Kim, Young ChoonARTICLE675
2018-07Experiential or Material Purchases? Social Class Determines Purchase HappinessLee, Jacob C.; Hall, Deborah L., et alARTICLE1498
2018-07Explaining dyadic expertise use in knowledge work teams: An opportunity-ability-motivation perspectiveHong, Woonki; Gajendran, Ravi ShankerARTICLE665
2018-07Held captive in the office: an investigation into long working hours among Korean employeesZhang, Lu; Seo, JeeyoungARTICLE1170
2018-06Estimating country-level social network density and supportive surroundings by simulationShim Jaehu; Kim JiyoungARTICLE78
2018-06Organizational Change under Institutional Logics: Family Control of Corporate Boards in TaiwanKim, Young Choon; Chung, Chi-NienARTICLE779
2018-06Filtered Historical Simulation for Initial Margin of Interest Rate Swap Under Korean MarketLee, Kyungsub; Seo, Byoung KiARTICLE669
2018-06Shorter than we thought: The duration of venture creation processesShim, Jaehu; Davidsson PerARTICLE86
2018-05Where does pride lead? Corporate managerial hubris and strategic emphasisKim, MinChung; Xiong, Guiyang, et alARTICLE1500
2018-05Global institutions and local filtering: Introducing independent directors to Taiwanese corporate boardsChung, Chi-Nien; Kim, Young ChoonARTICLE615
2018-05Putting the present value model into practice: a comparison of two alternative approachesKim, Jan R.; Chung, KeunsukARTICLE496
2018-04The role of privacy fatigue in online privacy behaviorChoi, Hanbyul; Park, Jonghwa, et alARTICLE767
2018-04Association of diabetes diagnosis with dietary changes and weight reductionKim, Daeho; Koh, Kanghyock, et alARTICLE421
2018-03Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Firm Financial Performance: A Competitive-Action PerspectiveKim, Kwang-Ho; Kim, MinChung, et alARTICLE1563
2018-03The impact of status-leveling symbols on employee attitudes: a moderated mediational analysisMorand, David; Zhang, LuARTICLE292
2018-03The Great Recession and Workers' Health BenefitsKoh, KanghyockARTICLE752
2018-03Ignition of New Product Diffusion in Entrepreneurship: An Agent-Based ApproachShim, Jaehu; Bliemel, MartinARTICLE87
2018-02The Role of Sense of Presence and Irritation in the Context of Mobile Social Network SitesPark, Jonghwa; Jung, Yoonhyuk, et alARTICLE332