SBA_Journal Papers

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2023-12CEO succession planning and market reactions to CEO turnover announcementsBae, Jihun; Joo, Jeong Hwan, et alARTICLE328
2023-11Macroeconomic Conditions and Wage Inequality: Expanding and Analyzing the Worldwide DatasetLee, SaiahARTICLE439
2023-11Commercialisation time and licensing performance of university inventions: the moderating role of university inventorsJeong, Yoon-Ho; Kim, Young Choon, et alARTICLE12
2023-09Modeling Bid and Ask Price Dynamics with an Extended Hawkes Process and Its Empirical Applications for High-Frequency Stock Market DataLee, Kyungsub; Seo, Byoung KiARTICLE144
2023-09Greenhouse gas emissions, firm value, and the investor base: Evidence from KoreaHan, Hope Hyeun; Lee, Jiyoon, et alARTICLE30
2023-07When Is Depreciation Meaningful in Valuation? Changing Valuation Weights for U.S. REITs and Non-REITsBegley, Joy; Chamberlain, Sandra, et alARTICLE878
2023-07A multilevel model of expatriate staffing and subsidiary financial performance: An expanded fit perspectiveQian, Cuili; Kim, MinChung, et alARTICLE387
2023-06Antecedents of circular manufacturing and its effect on environmental and financial performance: A practice-based viewLiu, Yanping; Farooque, Muhammad, et alARTICLE75
2023-05Interunit Executive Redeployment in Multiunit Firms: Evidence from Korean Business GroupsChang, Sea-Jin; Kim, Young Choon, et alARTICLE959
2023-02Editorial: Introducing a Special Issue on Sustainability, Ethics, and ESG Marketing for the New DecadeKim, MolanARTICLE579
2023-01Relative Status and Dyadic Help Seeking and Giving: The Roles of Past Helping History and Power Distance ValueHong, Woonki; Zhang, Lu, et alARTICLE921
2023-01Momentum and reversal: information from prior returnsKolari, James W.; Shin, Sang-OokARTICLE600
2022-12Corporate pledgeable asset ownership and stock price crash riskJung, Hail; Choi, Sanghak, et alARTICLE1451
2022-11The impact of the timing of patent allowance on technology licensing performance: evidence from university invention commercializationMin, Kyung‐Baek; Lee, Changyong, et alARTICLE1046
2022-10Differential performance impacts of outsider and insider interim CEO successionsBae, Jihun; Joo, Jeong Hwan, et alARTICLE962
2022-10Optimal Investment, Heterogeneous Consumption, and Best Time for RetirementJang, Hyun Jin; Xu, Zuo Quan, et alARTICLE323
2022-10What drives a country's fish consumption? Market growth phase and the causal relations among fish consumption, production and income growthHan, Kiuk; Leem, Kyounghee, et alARTICLE1662
2022-09Transmission of central bank communication to emerging economies: Evidence from the Korean stock marketJang, Hyeonung; Seo, Byoung KiARTICLE677
2022-08Forecasting Crude Oil Prices with Major S&P 500 Stock Prices: Deep Learning, Gaussian Process, and Vine CopulaKim, Jong-Min; Han, Hope H., et alARTICLE811
2022-06The diffusion of scientific discoveries in government laboratories: The role of patents filed by government scientistsShin, Seungryul Ryan; Lee, Jisoo, et alARTICLE474