SBA_Journal Papers

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2019-09Performance feedback and problemistic search: The moderating effects of managerial and board outsidernessChoi, Jaeho; Rhee, Mooweon, et alARTICLE56
2019-07To Do or to Have, Now or Later, in Travel: Consumption Order Preference of Material and Experiential Travel ActivitiesHwang, Euejung; Kim, Jungkeun, et alARTICLE467
2019-05Pricing contingent convertible bonds: An analytical approach based on two-dimensional stochastic processesChoe, Geon Ho; Jang, Hyun Jin, et alARTICLE205
2019-05Position Effects of Menu Item Displays in Consumer Choices: Comparisons of Horizontal Versus Vertical DisplaysKim, Jungkeun; Hwang, Euejung, et alARTICLE798
2019-05Screening early stage ideas in technology development processes: a text mining and k-nearest neighbours approach using patent informationWoo, Han-Gyun; Yeom, Jaesun, et alARTICLE263
2019-04Revisiting Bookbuilding Versus Auction IPOs: A Perspective of Informationally Efficient Prices In the aftermarketShim, Hyeongsop; Lee, Jun-Youp, et alARTICLE73
2019-04Many Hands: The Effect of the Prior Inventor-Intermediaries Relationship on Academic LicensingKim, Young Choon; Rhee, Mooweon, et alARTICLE243
2019-03Understanding of the Fintech Phenomenon in the Beholder’s Eyes in South KoreaChoi, Hanbyul; Jung, Yoonhyuk, et alARTICLE64
2019-02The Effect of Public Spending on Private InvestmentKim, Taehyun; Nguyen, Quoc HARTICLE25
2019-02Regime switching in the present value models: A backward-solving methodKim, Jan R.; Chung, KeunsukARTICLE50
2019-02Hyperbolic normal stochastic volatility modelChoi, Jaehyuk; Liu, Chenru, et alARTICLE160
2019-02CEO Equity Incentive and Antitakeover ProvisionYu, Sojin; Lee, Eunsuh, et alARTICLE52
2019-02CSR and Shareholder Value in the Restaurant Industry: The Roles of CSR Communication through Annual ReportsKim, MinChung; Kim, YongHeeARTICLE628
2019-01Seeking a Better Portfolio with Industry RecommendationsPark, Sung Jun; Kim, TaehyunARTICLE15
2019-01Assessment of time-varying systemic risk in credit default swap indices: Simultaneity and contagiousnessChoe, Geon Hi; Choi, So Eun, et alARTICLE157
2019-01Meta-analysis of the relationship between Internet use and political participation: examining main and moderating effectsChae, Younggil; Lee, Sookjung, et alARTICLE302
2018-12Acquired In-process Research Development and Earnings ManagementLee, Junyoup; Lee, Eunsuh, et alARTICLE646
2018-12Individual Differences in Online Privacy ConcernKim, Yeolib; Choi, Boreum, et alARTICLE208
2018-12An investigation of relationships among privacy concerns, affective responses, and coping behaviors in location-based servicesJung, Yoonhyuk; Park, JonghwaARTICLE247
2018-11Professional collaboration in technological innovation: a case of technology licensing of university inventionsKim, Young Choon; Rhee, MooweonARTICLE404