SBA_Journal Papers

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2020-10Pygmalion in the pipeline: How managers' perceptions influence racial differences in turnoverSabat, Isaac; Goldberg, Caren, et alARTICLE13
2020-10Liquidity risk and exchange-traded fund returns, variances, and tracking errorsBae, Kyounghun; Kim, DaejinARTICLE429
2020-09Co-Opted Boards and Cost StickinessKim, Chaehyun; Lee, Eunsuh, et alARTICLE10
2020-09A copula-based systemic risk measure: application to investment-grade and high-yield CDS portfoliosChoi, So Eun; Jang, Hyun Jin, et alARTICLE320
2020-09From new hires to their supervisors: The influence of newcomer race/ethnicity on the leader–member exchange conveyanceZhang, Lu; Goldberg, Caren B., et alARTICLE107
2020-08A study of battery operational optimization with data-driven clusteringShin, Minsu; Jeon, Cheol-Hwan, et alARTICLE7
2020-07Do Institutional Investors Improve Corporate Governance Quality? Evidence From the Blockholdings of the Korean National Pension ServiceChung, Chune Young; Kim, Dongyoung, et alARTICLE132
2020-06The interactive effects of perceived expertise, team identification, and dyadic gender composition on task-related helping behavior in project teamsHong, Woonki; Lee, Eun Kyung, et alARTICLE167
2020-06Formal governance, interfirm coordination, and performance in partnerships: An empirical investigation of a mediation modelChoi, Young Rok; Phan, Phillip H., et alARTICLE357
2020-05Social media engagement, service complexity, and experiential quality in US hospitalsLee, Youngsu; In, Joonhwan, et alARTICLE120
2020-05Why should we invest in CoCos than stocks? An optimal growth portfolio approachJang, Hyun Jin; Jia, Longjie, et alARTICLE129
2020-05Pricing arithmetic Asian options under jump diffusion CIR processesPark, Jong Jun; Jang, Hyun Jin, et alARTICLE333
2020-05Stereotypes about Academic Entrepreneurs and Their Negotiation Counterparts’ Collaborative BehaviorZhang, Lu; Choi, Young Rok, et alARTICLE219
2020-04Sustainable Causal Interpretation with Board Characteristics: Caveat EmptorKim, Jong-Min; Jun, Chulhee, et alARTICLE210
2020-03Out‐of‐stock, sold out, or unavailable? Framing a product outage in online retailingPeterson, Robert A.; Kim, Yeolib, et alARTICLE297
2020-03Monetary policy rate expectation and energy prices during the FOMC announcement periodJang, Hyeonung; Seo, Byoung KiARTICLE177
2020-03Unbalanced data, type II error, and nonlinearity in predicting M&A failureLee, Kangbok; Joo, Sunghoon, et alARTICLE261
2020-03Substitutes or complements? Co-opted boards and antitakeover provisionsLee, Eunsuh; Kim, Chaehyun, et alARTICLE242
2020-02Founder CEOs and innovation: Evidence from CEO sudden deaths in public firmsLee, Joon Mahn; Kim, Jongsoo, et alARTICLE363
2020-02Systemic risk in market microstructure of crude oil and gasoline futures prices: A Hawkes flocking model approachJang, Hyun Jin; Lee, Kiseop, et alARTICLE346