DGS_Journal Papers

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2020-03‘예술이음’ 정책에 의한 학교예술 교육의 변화Paek, Kyong-MiARTICLE42
2020-03Critiques of Axiological Realism and SurrealismPark, SeungbaeARTICLE77
2020-03Scientific Understanding, Fictional Understanding, and Scientific ProgressPark, SeungbaeARTICLE42
2020-02How to Overcome Antirealists’ Objections to Scientific RealismPark, SeungbaeARTICLE65
2020-01Replies to Healey’s Comments Regarding van Fraassen’s PositionsPark, SeungbaeARTICLE49
2020Harper Lee's to Kill a Mockingbird: An Ecocritical ReadingKim, Wook-DongARTICLE41
2019-12Mitigating cetacean bycatch in coastal Ecuador: Governance challenges for small-scale fisheriesJose Alava, Juan; Tatar, Bradley, et alARTICLE500
2019-12The Text-Mining of Munhwa (Culture): The Case of a Popular Magazine in 1930s KoreaLee, Jae-Yon; Kim, HyunjooARTICLE155
2019-12In Defense of Realism and Selectivism from Lyons's ObjectionsPark, SeungbaeARTICLE154
2019-12Monarchs, Monks, and Scholars: Religion and State Power in Early Modern England and KoreaLovins, ChristopherARTICLE100
2019-12Localism vs. Individualism for the Scientific Realism DebatePark, SeungbaeARTICLE91
2019-12서평: ≪한국어와 한국사회≫, 왕한석 엮음, 2008, 서울: 교문사최진숙ARTICLE58
2019-12Surrealism Is Not an Alternative to Scientific RealismPark, SeungbaeARTICLE78
2019-12환경교과 역량 강화를 위한 예술의 역할: 생태작가 4인의 인식 탐색백경미; 정찬미, et alARTICLE80
2019-12The Triad of Colonialism, Anti-Communism, and Neo-Liberalism: Decolonizing Surveillance Studies in South KoreaSung, MinKyuARTICLE170
2019-12The Exemplar Approach to Science and ReligionPark, SeungbaeARTICLE133
2019-12How to Formulate Scientific Realism and AntirealismPark, SeungbaeARTICLE111
2019-11인터넷 도시괴담으로서의 ‘붓싼문학’: 음식과 낯선 장소의 묘사를 통한 혐오의 재생산최진숙ARTICLE75
2019-10William Butler Yeats and Korean ConnectionsKim, Wook-DongARTICLE342
2019-10Constructive Empiricism in a Social World: Reply to Richard HealeyPark, SeungbaeARTICLE111