SLA_Journal Papers

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2023-03Questioning the South Korean Smart Border: A Critique of Surveillance Racism, Biometric Identity,and Anti-ImmigrationSung, MinKyuARTICLE74
2022-12HisVA: A Visual Analytics System for Studying HistoryHan, Dongyun; Parsad, Gorakh, et alARTICLE1458
2022-12The Contextual Theory of Explanation and Inference to the Best ExplanationPark, SeungbaeARTICLE335
2022-12Effects of English proficiency on motivational regulation in a videoconference-based EFL speaking classKim, Jeongyeon; Kweon, Soo-OkARTICLE138
2022-12지역공동체 기반 문화예술교육에서 지역 간 협력 사례의 의미백경미ARTICLE136
2022-12한국 대중가요 가사에 나타난 ‘세상’의 공기어 네트워크허인서; 이재연, et alARTICLE126
2022-12한국의 해상풍력 공간개발정책 비교 연구- 제주, 부안, 울산을 중심으로김련우; 안창모, et alARTICLE154
2022-12Crimes against Community: The Therapeutic Politics of South Korea’s COVID-19 Public Health SurveillanceSung, MinKyuARTICLE284
2022-12The Temporal Bias Approach to the Symmetry Problem and Historical ClosenessYi, HuiyuhlARTICLE148
2022-10논문 제목과 주제어의 공기어 네트워크로 본 『상허학보』의 30년이재연; 한남기ARTICLE118
2022-09Moral Subjectivism vs. Moral ObjectivismPark, SeungbaeARTICLE245
2022-09Facilitative Effects of Feedback Delivered via a Social Q&A Platform in the English-Medium Instruction ContextKim, Victoria; Kim, JeongyeonARTICLE368
2022-09사회적 갈등이슈에 대한 댓글과 온라인 공론장 특성에 대한 연구: 뉴스 플랫폼 기업들의 과제김진영ARTICLE128
2022-08기억의 문학적 재구성: 톨스토이의 서유럽 여행윤새라ARTICLE120
2022-07Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea: Paired Oppositions as a Narrative StrategyKim, Wook-DongARTICLE36
2022-07William Butler Yeats's Encounter with KoreaKim, Wook-DongARTICLE42
2022-05The realist and selectionist explanations for the success of sciencePark, SeungbaeARTICLE112
2022-05인간과 동물의 공존: 톨스토이와 사냥윤새라ARTICLE335
2022-04Artificial Intelligence Video Interviewing for Employment: Perspectives from Applicants, Companies, Developer, and AcademiciansKim, Jin-Young; Hur, WanGyeARTICLE801
2022-04Lucretian Symmetry and the Content‑Based ApproachYi, HuiyuhlARTICLE466