SLA_Journal Papers

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2022-09Moral Subjectivism vs. Moral ObjectivismPark, SeungbaeARTICLE19
2022-05인간과 동물의 공존: 톨스토이와 사냥윤새라ARTICLE67
2022-04COVID-19 Exceptionalism: Explaining South Korean ResponsesChekar, Choonkey; Kim, HyominARTICLE246
2022-04Artificial Intelligence Video Interviewing for Employment: Perspectives from Applicants, Companies, Developer, and AcademiciansKim, Jin-Young; Hur, WanGyeARTICLE501
2022-04Lucretian Symmetry and the Content‑Based ApproachYi, HuiyuhlARTICLE191
2022-04Quantum Entanglement Undermines Structural RealismPark, SeungbaeARTICLE181
2022-02언론 불신 만들기: 공적 담론의 병리화와 여론조사의 숫자 정치성민규ARTICLE131
2022-02냉전사 연구의 다변화: 새로운 시도들과 딜레마이주영ARTICLE159
2022-02Perceptions of Non-Honorific Language Uses and Participation in a Business Meeting of a Korean StartupKim, Jeongyeon; Choi, JinsookARTICLE161
2022-02우리는 모두 플루토피아의 시민이다 케이트 브라운(2021), 『플루토피아: 핵 재난의 지구사』, 푸른역사, 783쪽김효민ARTICLE129
2022-01The Politics and Sub-Politics of Mad Cow Disease in South KoreaLee, Woochang; Kim, HyominARTICLE453
2022-01Exploring perceptional typology of social media quitters and associations among self-esteem, personality, and motivationKim, Jin-YoungARTICLE307
2021-12창작 보조기에서부터 문장 생성기까지: 글쓰기 기계의 과거와 현재이재연; 한남기ARTICLE219
2021-12시민의 참여가 만든 K-방역, K-방역이 만든 시민의 미덕김효민ARTICLE226
2021-12정파언론의 수사와 자유주의의 아포리아: <뉴스공장>의 통합과 분할의 담론정치성민규ARTICLE197
2021-12Promoting a Pro-Ecological View: The Effects of Art on Engineering Students’ Perceptions of the EnvironmentPaek, Kyong-Mi; Kim, HyominARTICLE211
2021-12Contrasting Views of English-Medium Instruction by Korean Professors and Students: Towards a Negotiated Language PolicyKim, Eun Gyong; Kweon, Soo-Ok, et alARTICLE196
2021-12Cultural Relativism vs. Cultural AbsolutismPark, SeungbaeARTICLE248
2021-11Anthropomorphism as Social Action: The Politics of Animals on DisplayTatar, BradleyARTICLE185
2021-11건강운동관리사 전문성과 운동치료 개념의 사회적 구성진현주; 김효민ARTICLE166