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Nanoscale reaction vessels: Highly ordered nanocrystal arrays inside porous anodic alumina nanowells

DC Field Value Language Park, Hyeji ko Kim, Tae-Hyeong ko Kang, Sang-Woo ko Jeong, Soo-Hwan ko 2015-11-24T02:14:20Z - 2015-11-24 ko 2015-08 ko
dc.identifier.citation INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTROCHEMICAL SCIENCE, v.10, no.10, pp.8447 - 8453 ko
dc.identifier.issn 1452-3981 ko
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dc.description.abstract Using an anodic alumina template as a nanoscale reaction vessel, the authors developed a simple and unique method to prepare highly ordered arrays of nanocrystals in isolated nanowells. The highly ordered arrays of nanoscale wells were fabricated by short anodization. After the nanoscale wells were filled with a precursor solution of NaCl by dewetting, the solvent of the precursor solution was evaporated, resulting in spontaneous formation of uniformly sized NaCl nanocrystals inside the nanoscale wells. The size of crystals could be easily adjusted by varying the concentration of the precursor solution and the size of nanoscale wells. This approach is simple and cost-effective, and it can fabricate nanocrystal arrays on substrates with high throughput. It can also be readily adapted to synthesize other types of high-density nanocrystal arrays on different substrates. © 2015 The Authors ko
dc.description.statementofresponsibility open -
dc.language 영어 ko
dc.title Nanoscale reaction vessels: Highly ordered nanocrystal arrays inside porous anodic alumina nanowells ko
dc.type ARTICLE ko
dc.identifier.scopusid 2-s2.0-84945962206 ko
dc.identifier.wosid 000366177100048 ko
dc.type.rims ART ko
dc.description.wostc 0 *
dc.description.scopustc 0 * 2016-01-04 * 2015-11-24 *
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