Flipped Learning: An Empirical Study on the Inhibitors of Disruptive Innovation

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dc.contributor.advisor Woo, Han-Gyun - Kim, Soo-Bin - 2015-09-08T04:52:12Z - 2015-09-08T04:52:12Z - 2015-08 -
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dc.description Department of Management Engineering en_US
dc.description.abstract Many researchers have been highly expecting the change in the traditional education market to flipped learning. Although much previous research has investigated the benefits of flipped learning, expected disruption of teaching and learning practices has not yet come to fruition. Transforming from traditional educating systems to flipped learning mismatches the object of teaching and learning. Moreover, the diffusion of flipped learning is slow in progress and there are some underlying inhibitors of disruptive innovation. This paper aims to explain why flipped learning has not been speedily diffused in terms of disruptive innovation. We will empirically study the main factors ? path dependency, perceived efficiency, and perceived risk ? that might hinder the diffusion of flipped learning. Also, we will analyze these inhibitors through the survey conducted on students in the university setting. Our findings suggest that students who perceive risk of flipped learning would be path dependent on the traditional lecture, however, students would adopt flipped learning when they perceive its efficiency. Overall, our study would contribute to providing directions of the future education market. en_US
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dc.publisher Graduate School of UNIST en_US
dc.subject disruptive innovation en_US
dc.subject flipped learning en_US
dc.subject path dependency en_US
dc.subject perceived efficiency en_US
dc.subject perceived risk en_US
dc.title Flipped Learning: An Empirical Study on the Inhibitors of Disruptive Innovation en_US
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