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Park, Young-Woo
Interactive Product Design Lab
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  • Interaction Design, Product Design, Tangible User Interfaces, Human Computer Interaction


디자인 실무와 연구의 연계 촉진을 위한 디자인 연구 분류 체계 제안

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디자인 실무와 연구의 연계 촉진을 위한 디자인 연구 분류 체계 제안
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Taxonomy of Design Research focused on Enhancement of Connection between Design Practice and Research
Bae, Jae-EulPark, Young-WooSeok, Jin-MinKwon, Eun-YoungNam, Tek-Jin
taxonomy of design research, design research, design practice
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Despite vigorous efforts and achievements in the design research area, the gap between design practice and design research has been impeding the application of research outcomes to design practice. This research investigated research trends in the design community by analyzing 83 research papers which were published in the recent three years (2009~2011) from four types of international journals and proceedings. A framework for analysis of design research and an analysis card were designed for this study. The framework describes how and when an outcome of design research affects the progress of design practice. Then the cards were used to summarize the researches. According to the analysis, the majority of research investigated and explored the theoretical background of design rather than providing practical tools which can be used directly in design practice. Also, most papers were the result of experiments, case studies, and literature studies which are distinct from actual design practices. These design research tendencies impede the circulation of design knowledge between the area of design research and design practice.
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