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Ryu, Dongsu
Astrophysics Lab
Research Interests
  • Shock waves and turbulence in clusters of galaxies
  • Origin and evolution of magnetic fields and cosmic rays in the universe
  • Plasma astrophysical phenomena in the large-scale structure of the universe


Energy spectrum of ultra-high energy cosmic rays observed with the Telescope Array using a hybrid technique

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Energy spectrum of ultra-high energy cosmic rays observed with the Telescope Array using a hybrid technique
Abu-Zayyad, T.Aida, R.Allen, M.Anderson, R.Azuma, R.Barcikowski, E.Belz, J. W.Bergman, D. R.Blake, S. A.Cady, R.Cheond, B. G.Chiba, J.Chikawa, M.Cho, E. J.Cho, W. R.Fujii, H.Fujii, T.Fukuda, T.Fukushima, M.Hanlon, W.Hayashi, K.Hayashi, Y.Hayashida, N.Hibino, K.Hiyama, K.Honda, K.Iguchi, T.Ikeda, D.Ikuta, K.Inoue, N.Ishii, T.Ishimori, R.Ito, H.Ivanov, D.Iwamoto, S.Jui, C. C. H.Kadota, K.Kakimoto, F.Kalashev, O.Kanbe, T.Kasahara, K.Kawai, H.Kawakami, S.Kawana, S.Kido, E.Kim, H. B.Kim, H. K.Kim, J. H.Kim, J. H.Kitamoto, K.Kitamura, S.Kitamura, Y.Kobayashi, K.Kobayashi, Y.Kondo, Y.Kuramoto, K.Kuzmin, V.Kwong, Y. J.Lan, J.Lim, S. I.Lundquist, J. P.Machida, S.Martens, K.Matsuda, T.Matsuura, T.Matsuyama, T.Matthews, J. N.Minamino, M.Miyata, K.Murano, Y.Myers, I.Nagasawa, K.Nagataki, S.Nakamura, T.Nam, S. W.Nonaka, T.Ogio, S.Ohnishi, M.Ohoka, H.Oki, K.Oku, D.Okuda, T.Ono, M.Oshima, A.Ozawa, S.Park, I. H.Pshirkov, M. S.Rodriguez, D. C.Roh, S. Y.Rubtsov, G.Ryu, DongsuSagawa, H.Sakurai, N.Sampson, A. L.Scott, L. M.Shah, P. D.Shibata, F.Shibata, T.Shimodaira, H.Shin, B. K.Shin, J. I.Shirahama, T.Smith, J. D.Sokolsky, P.Springer, R. W.Stokes, B. T.Stratton, S. R.Stroman, T.Suzuki, S.Takahashi, Y.Takeda, M.Taketa, A.Takita, M.Tameda, Y.Tanaka, H.Tanaka, K.Tanaka, M.Thomas, S. B.Thomson, G. B.Tinyakov, P.Tkachev, I.Tokuno, H.Tomida, T.Troitsky, S.Tsunesada, Y.Tsutsumi, K.Tsuyuguchi, Y.Uchihori, Y.Udo, S.Ukai, H.Urban, F.Vasiloff, G.Wada, Y.Wong, T.Yamakawa, Y.Yamane, R.Yamaoka, H.Yamazaki, K.Yang, J.Yoneda, Y.Yoshida, S.Yoshii, H.Zhou, X.Zollinger, R.Zundel, Z.
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ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS, v.61, no., pp.93 - 101
We measure the spectrum of cosmic rays with energies greater than 10(18.2) eV with the fluorescence detectors (FDs) and the surface detectors (SDs) of the Telescope Array Experiment using the data taken in our first 2.3-year observation from May 27, 2008 to September 7, 2010. A hybrid air shower reconstruction technique is employed to improve accuracies in determination of arrival directions and primary energies of cosmic rays using both FD and SD data. The energy spectrum presented here is in agreement with our previously published spectra and the HiRes results. (C) 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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