A Study on SPICE Modeling of Non-Resonant Plasmonic Terahertz Detector

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A Study on SPICE Modeling of Non-Resonant Plasmonic Terahertz Detector
Lee, Jeongseop
Kim, Kyung Rok
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Graduate school of UNIST
The terahertz (sub-millimeter wave) is the frequency resource, ranging from 100 GHz ~ 10 THz band, located in the middle region of the infrared and millimeter waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. Terahertz waves has unique physical characteristics, which is transparency of radio waves and straightness of light waves, simultaneously. The terahertz wave is applied to the basic science, such as device, spectroscopy, and imaging technology. And also adjust in the applied science, such as biomedical engineering, security, environment, information and communication. Which importance already verified. In the new shape of future market is expected to be formed broadly. For this application, operating in the THz frequency detecting device essential. Recently, Current elements operating in terahertz are present, such as compound semiconductor (Ⅲ-ⅤHBT, HEMT). But, there are disadvantage to use as a high price. Therefore, research have been made of silicon based THz detector in many research groups. Silicon-based nano-technology utilizes a plasma wave transistor technology. Which is using the space-time change of the channel charge density. That causes plasma wave oscillation in the MOSFET (Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) channel and this effect available MOSET operating terahertz regime beyond MOSFET cut-off frequency. So, PWT (plasma wave transistor) is available terahertz detection and oscillation. For integrated possible post processing circuit development in these of terahertz applications system, silicon based PWT compact model is essential thing. For this compact model for spice simulation beyond cut-off frequency, we consider charge time variance model which is NQS (non-quasi-static) model, not quasi-static model. For NQS model two kinds of model exist, first is RC ladder model. That is seral connect MOSFET get rid of parasitic elements. And these complex circuit making the equivalent circuit model, it called New Elmore model. For post processing circuit simulation, fast simulation speed is essential, RC ladder model has a disadvantage (for simulating each segment). In this thesis we using New Elmore model based on Non-resonant plasmonic THz detector modeling, And verified physical validity of our NQS model using the our TCAD model based on Quasi-plasma 2DEG. And we propose fast and accurate compact modeling
Department Of Electrical Engineering
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