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1 New Multiscale Characterization Methodology for Effective Determination of Isolation-Structure-Function Relationship of Extracellular Vesicles / Phan, Thanh Huyen; Divakarla, Shiva Kamini; Yeo, Jia Hao; Lei, Qingyu; Tharkar, Priyanka; Pansani, Taisa Nogueira; Leslie, Kathryn G.; Tong, Maggie; Coleman, Victoria A.; Jamting, Asa; Du Plessis, Mar-Dean; New, Elizabeth J.; Kalionis, Bill; Demokritou, Philip; Woo, Hyun-Kyung; Cho, Yoon-Kyoung; Chrzanowski, Wojciech(FRONTIERS IN BIOENGINEERING AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.9, pp.669537, 2021-06)
2 Lung-selective 25-hydroxycholesterol nanotherapeutics as a suppressor of COVID-19-associated cytokine storm / Kim, Hyelim; Lee, Han Sol; Ahn, June Hong; Hong, Kyung Soo; Jang, Jong Geol; An, Jiseon; Mun, Yong-Hyeon; Yoo, So-Yeol; Choi, Yoon Jung; Yun, Mi-Young; Song, Gyu Yong; Joo, Jinmyoung; Na, Dong Hee; Kim, Hong Nam; Park, Hee Ho; Lee, Jae-Young; Lee, Wonhwa(NANO TODAY, v.38, pp.101149, 2021-06)
3 Depression Symptoms Mediate Mismatch Between Perceived Severity of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Preventive Motives / Park, Jiwon; Lee, Seungmin; Sul, Sunhae; Chung, Dongil(FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, 2021-07)
4 Multilayered Composites with Modulus Gradient for Enhanced Pressure—Temperature Sensing Performance / Jeong, Changyoon; Hwang, Sang-Ha; Kim, Byeong-Joo; Chae, Han Gi; Park, Young-Bin(SENSORS, v.21, pp.4752, 2021-07)
5 Enhanced reliability of phase-change memory via modulation of local structure and chemical bonding by incorporating carbon in Ge2Sb2Te5 / Han, Jeong Hwa; Jeong, Hun; Park, Hanjin; Kwon, Hoedon; Kim, Dasol; Lim, Donghyeok; Baik, Seung Jae; Kwon, Young-Kyun; Cho, Mann-Ho(RSC ADVANCES, v.11, no.36, pp.22479 - 22488, 2021-07)
6 Deep-learning approach for predicting laser-beam absorptance in full-penetration laser keyhole welding / Oh, Sehyeok; Kim, Hyeongwon; Nam, Kimoon; Ki, Hyungson(OPTICS EXPRESS, v.29, no.13, pp.20010 - 20021, 2021-06)
7 Moral dilemmas and trust in leaders during a global health crisis / Everett, JAC; Colombatto, C; Awad, E; Boggio, P; Bos, B; Brady, WJ; Chawla, M; Chituc, V; Chung, Dongil; Drupp, MA; Goel, S; Grosskopf, B; Hjorth, F; Ji, A; Kealoh, C; Kim, JS; Lin, Y; Ma, Y; Maréchal, MA; Mancinelli, F; Mathys, C; Olsen, AL; Pearce, G; Prosser, AMB; Reggev, N; Sabin, N; Senn, J; Shin, YS; Sinnott-Armstrong, W; Sjåstad, H; Strick, M; Sul, S; Tummers, L; Turner, M; Yu, H; Zoh, Y; Crockett, Molly J(NATURE HUMAN BEHAVIOUR, 2021-07)
8 Performance of wearables and the effect of user behavior in additive manufacturing process / Kwon, JuYoun; Kim, Namhun(Fashion and Textiles, v.8, no.1, pp.27, 2021-06)
9 Diving below the Spin-down Limit: Constraints on Gravitational Waves from the Energetic Young Pulsar PSR J0537-6910 / Abbott, R.; Ha, S; Jung, K; Kim, Y-M; Kwak, Kyujin; Lin, L.C-C(ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS, v.913, no.2, pp.L27, 2021-06)
10 Analysing the mechanism of mitochondrial oxidation-induced cell death using a multifunctional iridium(III) photosensitiser / Lee, Chaiheon; Nam, Jung Seung; Lee, Chae Gyu; Park, Mingyu; Yoo, Chang-MO; Rhee, Hyun-Woo; Seo, Jeong Kon; Kwon, Tae-Hyuk(NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.12, no.1, pp.26, 2021-01)
11 Microfluidic-aided Drug Loading into Extracellular Vesicles via Rapid Tonicity Change / Lee, Chaeeun; Kumar, Sumit; Park, Juhee; Cho, Yoon-Kyoung(2021 한국바이오칩학회 춘계학술대회, 2021-06-16)
13 The MUSE 3D view of the Hubble Deep Field South / Bacon, R.; Brinchmann, J.; Richard, J.; Contini, T.; Drake, A.; Franx, M.; Tacchella, Sandro; Vernet, J.; Wisotzki, L.; Blaizot, J.; Bouche, N.; Bouwens, R.; Cantalupo, S.; Carollo, C. M.; Carton, D.; Caruana, J.; Clement, B.; Dreizler, S.; Epinat, B.; Guiderdoni, B.; Herenz, C.; Husser, T. -O.; Kamann, S.; Kerutt, J.; Kollatschny, W.; Krajnovic, D.; Lilly, S.; Martinsson, T.; Michel-Dansac, L.; Patricio, V.; Schaye, J.; Shirazi, M.; Soto, K.; Soucail, G.; Steinmetz, M.; Urrutia, T.; Weilbacher, P.; de Zeeuw, T.(ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, v.575, 2015-03)
14 Negotiation of emotions in emerging language teacher identity of graduate instructors / Kim, Jeong-Yeon; Smith, Hye Young(SYSTEM, v.95, pp.102365, 2020-12)
15 A discrete adjoint based level set topology optimization method for stress constraints / Kambampati, Sandilya; Chung, Hayoung; Kim, H. Alicia(COMPUTER METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING, v.377, pp.113563, 2021-04)
16 Porous framework-based hybrid materials for solar-to-chemical energy conversion: From powder photocatalysts to photoelectrodes / Kim, Hyunwoo; Kim, Nayeong; Ryu, Jungki(INORGANIC CHEMISTRY FRONTIERS, 2021-06)
17 Development of HER2-Targeting-Ligand-Modified Albumin Nanoparticles Based on the SpyTag/SpyCatcher System for Photothermal Therapy / Lee, Changkyu; Kang, Sebyung(BIOMACROMOLECULES, v.22, no.6, pp.2649 - 2658, 2021-06)
18 Giant electrocaloric materials energy efficiency in highly ordered lead scandium tantalate / Nouchokgwe, Youri; Lheritier, Pierre; Hong, Chang-Hyo; Torello, Alvar; Faye, Romain; Jo, Wook; Bahl, Christian R. H.; Defay, Emmanuel(NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.12, no.1, 2021-06)
19 High-Directivity Orbital Angular Momentum Antenna for Millimeter-Wave Wireless Communications / Lee, Ingeun; Sawant, Ashwini; Choi, EunMi(IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, v.69, no.7, pp.4189 - 4194, 2021-07)
20 PDE-guided reservoir computing for image denoising with small data / Jeon, Jongha; Kim, Pilwon; Jang, Bongsoo; Kim, Yunho(CHAOS, v.31, no.7, pp.073103, 2021-07)
21 The nuclear cluster of the Milky Way: total mass and luminosity / Fritz, T. K.; Chatzopoulos, S.; Gerhard, O.; Gillessen, S.; Genzel, R.; Pfuhl, O.; Tacchella, Sandro; Eisenhauer, F.; Ott, T.(IAU Symposium - The GC: Feeding and Feedback in a Normal Galactic Nucleus, pp.248 - 251, 2013-10)
22 The build-up of the outskirts of distant star-forming galaxies at z ~ 2 / Tacchella, Sandro; Carollo, C. Marcella; Dekel, Avishai; Schreiber, Natascha Förster; Renzini, Alvio(IAU Symposium - Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Outskirts, pp.327 - 329, 2016-03)
23 The MAD View on the Outskirts of Disks / Carollo, C. M.; Erroz-Ferrer, S.; den Brok, M.; Fagioli, M.; Onodera, M.; Tacchella, Sandro(IAU Symposium- Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Outskirts, pp.163 - 171, 2016-03)
24 Bulge formation scenarios …perspectives from a high-z observer / Tacchella, Sandro(The Galactic Bulge at the Crossroads (GBX2018), 2018-12-11)
25 Timescales of star formation / Tacchella, Sandro(Galaxy Quenching and Transformation throughout Cosmic Time, 2020-02-13)
26 The diversity of building up the quiescent sequence at z~1 / Tacchella, Sandro(Epoch of Galaxy Quenching Virtual Meeting 2020, 2020-09-09)
27 Fast, Slow, Early, Late: Quenching Massive Galaxies at z ∼ 0.8 / Tacchella, Sandro; Conroy, C; Faber, S; Hernquist, L; Eisenstein, D; Johnson, B; Leja, J(Extragalactic Spectroscopic Surveys: Past, Present and Future of Galaxy Evolution (GALSPEC2021), 2021-04)
28 H-alpha emission as a tracer for star formation and the ISM / Tacchella, Sandro(ISM 2021, 2021-05-14)
29 공기 중의 바이러스에 대한 종이 센서 시스템 / 죠띠 바르디와지; 홍성결; 김명우; 한창호; 장재성(대한기계학회 마이크로/나노공학부문 2021년 춘계학술대회, 2021-05-28)
30 Temporally resolving early galaxies: pinning down the internal workings of galaxies with star-formation variability / Tacchella, Sandro(Massively Parallel Large Area Spectroscopy from Space, 2021-06-23)
31 공기 중 바이러스에 대한 측정 시스템 / 죠띠 바르디와지; 홍성결; 장준범; 한창호; 이재길; 장재성(한국입자에어로졸학회 학술대회, 2021-07-01)
32 A Tutorial into Cell Design and Electrode Design of Lithium Ion Batteries / Jeong, Kyeong-Min(2021년도 전지기술심포지엄, 2021-07-01)
33 Motivational Regulation Strategies for Learning EFL Writing Through Zoom-Reconsidering FL Context and Policies / Kim, Jeong-Yeon(2021 Joint International Conference on English Teaching and Learning in Korea, 2021-07-02)
34 Pushing spatial, temporal, and spectral resolution of ultrafast electron microscopy to the limit / Kwon, Oh Hoon(제134차 대한화학회 물리화학분과 여름 심포지엄, 2021-07-13)
35 Stacking the Cosmic Web in fluorescent Ly alpha emission with MUSE / Gallego, Sofia G.; Cantalupo, Sebastiano; Lilly, Simon; Marino, Raffaella Anna; Pezzulli, Gabriele; Schaye, Joop; Wisotzki, Lutz; Bacon, Roland; Inami, Hanae; Akhlaghi, Mohammad; Tacchella, Sandro; Richard, Johan; Bouche, Nicolas F.; Steinmetz, Matthias; Carollo, Marcella(MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, v.475, no.3, pp.3854 - 3869, 2018-04)
36 Dust Attenuation, Bulge Formation, and Inside-out Quenching of Star Formation in Star-forming Main Sequence Galaxies at z similar to 2 / Tacchella, Sandro; Carollo, C. M.; Schreiber, N. M. Foerster; Renzini, A.; Dekel, A.; Genzel, R.; Lang, P.; Lilly, S. J.; Mancini, C.; Onodera, M.; Tacconi, L. J.; Wuyts, S.; Zamorani, G.(ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, v.859, no.1, 2018-05)
37 The JWST Extragalactic Mock Catalog: Modeling Galaxy Populations from the UV through the Near-IR over 13 Billion Years of Cosmic History / Williams, Christina C.; Curtis-Lake, Emma; Hainline, Kevin N.; Chevallard, Jacopo; Robertson, Brant E.; Charlot, Stephane; Endsley, Ryan; Stark, Daniel P.; Willmer, Christopher N. A.; Alberts, Stacey; Amorin, Ricardo; Arribas, Santiago; Baum, Stefi; Bunker, Andrew; Carniani, Stefano; Crandall, Sara; Egami, Eiichi; Eisenstein, Daniel J.; Ferruit, Pierre; Husemann, Bernd; Maseda, Michael V.; Maiolino, Roberto; Rawle, Timothy D.; Rieke, Marcia; Smit, Renske; Tacchella, Sandro; Willott, Chris J.(ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL SUPPLEMENT SERIES, v.236, no.2, 2018-06)
38 Stellar Mass Profiles of Quiescent Galaxies in Different Environments at z similar to 0 / Mosleh, Moein; Tavasoli, Saeed; Tacchella, Sandro(ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, v.861, no.2, 2018-07)
39 The SINS/zC-SINF Survey of z similar to 2 Galaxy Kinematics: SINFONI Adaptive Optics-assisted Data and Kiloparsec-scale Emission-line Properties / Schreiber, N. M. Foerster; Renzini, A.; Mancini, C.; Genzel, R.; Bouche, N.; Cresci, G.; Hicks, E. K. S.; Lilly, S. J.; Peng, Y.; Burkert, A.; Carollo, C. M.; Cimatti, A.; Daddi, E.; Davies, R., I; Genel, S.; Kurk, J. D.; Lang, P.; Lutz, D.; Mainieri, V; McCracken, H. J.; Mignoli, M.; Naab, T.; Oesch, P.; Pozzetti, L.; Scodeggio, M.; Griffin, K. Shapiro; Shapley, A. E.; Sternberg, A.; Tacchella, Sandro; Tacconi, L. J.; Wuyts, S.; Zamorani, G.(ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL SUPPLEMENT SERIES, v.238, no.2, 2018-10)
40 The MUSE Hubble Ultra Deep Field Survey XI. Constraining the low-mass end of the stellar mass - star formation rate relation at z < 1 / Gunawardhana, Madusha L. P.; Inami, Hanae; Marino, Raffaella A.; Maseda, Michael, V; Mitchell, Peter; Nanayakkara, Themiya; Richard, Johan; Schaye, Joop; Schreiber, Corentin; Tacchella, Sandro; Wisotzki, Lutz; Zabl, Johannes; Boogaard, Leindert A.; Brinchmann, Jule; Bouche, Nicolas; Paalvast, Mieke; Bacon, Roland; Bouwens, Rychard J.; Contini, Thierry(ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS, v.619, 2018-11)
41 A Redshift-independent Efficiency Model: Star Formation and Stellar Masses in Dark Matter Halos at z greater than or similar to 4 / Tacchella, Sandro; Bose, Sownak; Conroy, Charlie; Eisenstein, Daniel J.; Johnson, Benjamin D.(ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, v.868, no.2, 2018-12)
42 Kiloparsec Scale Properties of Star Formation Driven Outflows at z similar to 2.3 in the SINS/zC-SINF AO Survey / Davies, R. L.; Schreiber, N. M. Foerster; Uebler, H.; Genzel, R.; Lutz, D.; Renzini, A.; Tacchella, Sandro; Tacconi, L. J.; Belli, S.; Burkert, A.; Carollo, C. M.; Davies, R., I; Herrera-Camus, R.; Lilly, S. J.; Mancini, C.; Naab, T.; Nelson, E. J.; Price, S. H.; Shimizu, T. T.; Sternberg, A.; Wisnioski, E.; Wuyts, S.(ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, v.873, no.2, 2019-03)
43 The optical morphologies of galaxies in the IllustrisTNG simulation: a comparison to Pan-STARRS observations / Rodriguez-Gomez, Vicente; Snyder, Gregory F.; Lotz, Jennifer M.; Nelson, Dylan; Pillepich, Annalisa; Springel, Volker; Genel, Shy; Weinberger, Rainer; Tacchella, Sandro; Pakmor, Ruediger; Torrey, Paul; Marinacci, Federico; Vogelsberger, Mark; Hernquist, Lars; Thilker, David A.(MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, v.483, no.3, pp.4140 - 4159, 2019-03)
44 A new class of flares from accreting supermassive black holes / Trakhtenbrot, Benny; Arcavi, Iair; Ricci, Claudio; Tacchella, Sandro; Stern, Daniel; Netzer, Hagai; Jonker, Peter G.; Horesh, Assaf; Esteban Mejia-Restrepo, Julian; Hosseinzadeh, Griffin; Hallefors, Valentina; Howell, D. Andrew; McCully, Curtis; Balokovic, Mislav; Heida, Marianne; Kamraj, Nikita; Lansbury, George Benjamin; Wyrzykowski, Lukasz; Gromadzki, Mariusz; Hamanowicz, Aleksandra; Cenko, S. Bradley; Sand, David J.; Hsiao, Eric Y.; Phillips, Mark M.; Diamond, Tiara R.; Kara, Erin; Gendreau, Keith C.; Arzoumanian, Zaven; Remillard, Ron(NATURE ASTRONOMY, v.3, no.3, pp.242 - 250, 2019-03)
45 The MUSE Atlas of Disks (MAD): resolving star formation rates and gas metallicities on <100 pc scales / Erroz-Ferrer, Santiago; Carollo, C. Marcella; den Brok, Mark; Onodera, Masato; Brinchmann, Jarle; Marino, Raffaella A.; Monreal-Ibero, Ana; Schaye, Joop; Woo, Joanna; Cibinel, Anna; Debattista, Victor P.; Inami, Hanae; Maseda, Michael; Richard, Johan; Tacchella, Sandro; Wisotzki, Lutz(MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, v.484, no.4, pp.5009 - 5027, 2019-04)
46 Beyond UVJ: More Efficient Selection of Quiescent Galaxies with Ultraviolet/Mid-infrared Fluxes / Leja, Joel; Tacchella, Sandro; Conroy, Charlie(ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS, v.880, no.1, 2019-07)
47 Morphology and star formation in IllustrisTNG: the build-up of spheroids and discs / Tacchella, Sandro; Diemer, Benedikt; Hernquist, Lars; Genel, Shy; Marinacci, Federico; Nelson, Dylan; Pillepich, Annalisa; Rodriguez-Gomez, Vicente; Sales, Laura V.; Springel, Volker; Vogelsberger, Mark(MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, v.487, no.4, pp.5416 - 5440, 2019-08)
48 Atomic and molecular gas in IllustrisTNG galaxies at low redshift / Diemer, Benedikt; Stevens, Adam R. H.; Lagos, Claudia del P.; Calette, A. R.; Tacchella, Sandro; Hernquist, Lars; Marinacci, Federico; Nelson, Dylan; Pillepich, Annalisa; Rodriguez-Gomez, Vicente; Villaescusa-Navarro, Francisco; Vogelsberger, Mark(MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, v.487, no.2, pp.1529 - 1550, 2019-08)
49 Stochastic modelling of star-formation histories I: the scatter of the star-forming main sequence / Caplar, Neven; Tacchella, Sandro(MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, v.487, no.3, pp.3845 - 3869, 2019-08)
50 The Recent Burstiness of Star Formation in Galaxies at z similar to 4.5 from H alpha Measurements / Faisst, Andreas L.; Capak, Peter L.; Emami, Najmeh; Tacchella, Sandro; Larson, Kirsten L.(ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, v.884, no.2, 2019-10)