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1 My journey towards terahertz and infrared zero-nanometer technologies / Kim, Dai-Sik(융합기술원(Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology) 세미나, 2021-03-15)
2 Studies for leukemia targeting Rexo5 / Choi, Jang Hyun(을지혈액암오믹스포럼, 2021-11-19)
3 Spontaneous stepwise formation of polar-facet-dominant ZnO crystals for enhanced catalytic H2O2 generation / Jang, Hyunseok; Beom Jeong, Han; Cho, Hyeonjin; Kim, Jieun; Jang, Wonjun; Song, Jaejung; Jang, Ji-Wook; Jeong, Hu Young; Cho, Seungho; Yuk, Jong Min(APPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, v.561, pp.150061, 2021-09)
4 Mechanotopography-Driven Design of Dispersible Nanofiber-Laden Hydrogel as a 3D Cell Culture Platform for Investigating Tissue Fibrosis / Kim, Suntae; Choi, Cholong; Cha, Chaenyung(ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS, v.10, no.21, pp.2101109, 2021-11)
5 Investigation on the Structure and Properties of Na3.1Zr1.55Si2.3P0.7O11 as a Solid Electrolyte and Its Application in a Seawater Battery / Go, Wooseok; Kim, Jongwoo; Pyo, Jinho; Wolfenstine, Jeffrey B.; Kim, Youngsik(ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.13, no.44, pp.52727 - 52735, 2021-11)
6 Sn-Controlled Co-Doped Hematite for Efficient Solar-Assisted Chargeable Zn–Air Batteries / Park, Juhyung; Yoon, Ki-Yong; Kwak, Myung-Jun; Lee, Jae-Eun; Kang, Jihun; Jang, Ji-Hyun(ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.13, no.46, pp.54906 - 54915, 2021-11)
7 Electrically tunable nonlinear polaritonic metasurface / Yu, Jaeyeon; Park, Seongjin; Hwang, Inyong; Kim, Daeik; Demmerle, Frederic; Boehm, Gerhard; Amann, Markus-Christian; Belkin, Mikhail A.; Lee, Jongwon(NATURE PHOTONICS, 2021-12)
8 Impacts of Anthropogenic Heat and Building Height on Urban Precipitation Over the Seoul Metropolitan area in Regional Climate Modeling / Kim, Gayoung; Cha, Dong-Hyun; Song, Chang-Keun; Kim, Hyungjun(JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES, v.126, no.23, pp.e2021JD035, 2021-12)
9 How does Pacific Decadal Oscillation affect tropical cyclone activity over Far East Asia? / Lee, Minkyu; Kim, Taehyung; Cha, Dong-Hyun; Min, Seung‐Ki; Park, Doo‐Sun R.; Yeh, Sang‐Wook; Chan, Johnny C. L.(GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, v.48, no.24, pp.e2021GL096, 2021-12)
10 A Spectroscopic Study into Lanthanide Speciation in Deep Eutectic Solvents / Amphlett, James T. M.; Lee, Yunu; Yang, Wonseok; Kang, D0kyu; Sung, Nark-Eon; Park, Jaeyeong; Jung, Euo Chang; Choi, Sungyeol(ACS OMEGA, 2021-12)
11 How Does the High-Latitude Thermal Forcing in One Hemisphere Affect the Other Hemisphere? / Shin, Yechul; Kang, Sarah M.(GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, v.48, no.24, pp.e2021GL095, 2021-12)
12 Slowest-first protein translation scheme: Structural asymmetry and co-translational folding / McBride, John M.; Tlusty, Tsvi(BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, v.120, no.24, pp.5466 - 5477, 2021-12)
13 Selective, stable, bias-free, and efficient solar hydrogen peroxide production on inorganic layered materials / Song, Jaejung; Yu, Je Min; Ahn, Jang Hyuk; Cho, Hyeonjin; Oh, Jiyeon; Kim, Yoon Seo; Kim, Jieun; Ko, Myo Hwa; Lee, Seong-hun; Shin, Tae Joo; Jeong, Hu Young; Yang, Changduk; Lee, Jun Hee; Jang, Ji-Wook; Cho, Seungho(ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, 2021-12)
14 Levulinic acid- inducible and tunable gene expression system for Methylorubrum extorquens / Chandran Sathesh-Prabu; Ryu, Young Shin; Lee, Sung Kuk(FRONTIERS IN BIOENGINEERING AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.9, pp.797020 1, 2021-12)
15 Persistence of Ising-like easy-axis spin correlations in the paramagnetic state of the spin-1 chain compound NiTe2O5 / Baek, Seung-Ho; Lee, Jun Han; Oh, Yoon Seok; Choi, Kwang-Yong; Büchner, Bernd(PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.104, no.21, pp.214431, 2021-12)
16 Critical Void Dimension of Carbon Frameworks to Accommodate Insoluble Products of Lithium–Oxygen Batteries / Hwang, Chihyun; Kwak, Myung-Jun; Jeong, Jinhyeon; Baek, Kyungeun; Yoon, Ki-Yong; An, Cheolwon; Min, Jin-Wook; Kim, Jonghak; Lee, Jeongin; Kang, Seok Ju; Jang, Ji-Hyun; Song, Hyun-Kon(ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 2021-12)
17 Highly Stable Germanium Microparticle Anodes with a Hybrid Conductive Shell for High Volumetric and Fast Lithium Storage / Song, Gyujin; Lee, June Ho; Lee, Sangyeop; Han, Dong-Yeob; Choi, Sungho; Kwak, Myung-Jun; Jang, Ji-Hyun; Lee, Donghwa; Park, Soojin(ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, 2021-12)
18 Association–Dissociation Dynamics of Ionic Electrolytes in Low Dielectric Medium / Sakpal, Sushil S; Chatterjee, Srijan; Deshmukh, Samadhan H; Kwon, Hyejin; Kim, Yung Sam; Bagchi, Sayan; Ghosh, Deborin(JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY B, 2021-12)
19 Direct propylene epoxidation with oxygen using a photo-electro-heterogeneous catalytic system / Ko, Myohwa; Kim, Yongseon; Woo, Jinwoo; Lee, Boreum; Mehrotra, Rashmi; Sharma, Pankaj; Kim, Jinjong; Hwang, Seon Woo; Jeong, Hu Young; Lim, Hankwon; Joo, Sang Hoon; Jang, Ji-Wook; Kwak, Ja Hun(NATURE CATALYSIS, 2021-12)
20 Flame edge dynamics in counterflow nonpremixed flames of CH4/He versus air at low strain rates: An experimental and numerical study / Jung, Ki Sung; Kwon, Soon Hyeong; Chung, Suk Ho; Park, Jeong; Yoo, Chun Sang(COMBUSTION AND FLAME, v.235, pp.111718, 2022-01)
21 Nanocatalytic materials for energy-related small-molecules conversion: Active site design, identification and structure-performance relationship discovery / Li, Feng; Han, Gao-Feng; Baek, Jong-Beom(ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH, v.55, pp.110 - 120, 2022-01)
22 A novel therapeutic strategy of multimodal nanoconjugates for state-of-the-art brain tumor phototherapy / Kim, Hyung Shik; Seo, Minwook; Park, Tae-Eun; Lee, Dong Yun(JOURNAL OF NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY, v.20, no.1, pp.14, 2022-01)
23 Real-Time Multi-Car Localization and See-Through System / Rameau, Francois; Bailo, Oleksandr; Park, Jinsun; Joo, Kyungdon; Kweon, In So(INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER VISION, 2022-01)
24 Malonic-acid-functionalized fullerene enables the interfacial stabilization of Ni-rich cathodes in lithium-ion batteries / Park, Chanhyun; Lee, Eunryeol; Kim, Su Hwan; Han, Jung-Gu; Hwang, Chihyun; Joo, Se Hun; Baek, Kyungeun; Kang, Seok Ju; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Song, Hyun-Kon; Choi, Nam-Soon(JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES, v.521, pp.230923, 2022-02)
25 Unveiling the critical role of active site interaction in single atom catalyst towards hydrogen evolution catalysis / Li, Feng; Han, Gao-Feng; Bu, Yunfei; Chen, Shanshan; Ahmad, Ishfaq; Jeong, Hu Young; Fu, Zhengping; Lu, Yalin; Baek, Jong-Beom(NANO ENERGY, v.93, pp.106819, 2022-03)
26 Smart farming: Developing growth programs and reforming environmental conditions for hog raising using machine vision and deep learning / Baek, DaeSeon; Lim, Sunghoon(대한산업공학회 춘계공동학술대회, 2019-04-10)
27 Monetary Policy under Data Uncertainty: Interest-Rate Smoothing from a Cross-Country Perspective / Lee, Saiah(The 2019 Korean Economic Review International Conference, 2019-08-09)
28 The Urban Recharging Infrastructure Design Problem with Electric Taxi Demand Prediction Using Convolutional Neural Network / Hwang, Seong Wook; Lim, Sunghoon(INFORMS Annual Meeting, 2019-10-20)
29 Developing machine-learning-based car crash detection systems
 using video and audio data / Choi, Jae Gyeong; Kong, Chan Woo; Lim, Sunghoon(2019 대한산업공학회 추계학술대회, 2019-11-08)
30 Development of a Safe and Programmable Electrical Muscle Stimulator and An Electromyography Sensing System / 손정우; 민석준; 강상훈(2020년도 대한기계학회 바이오공학부문 춘계학술대회, 2020-08-26)
31 Exploring 3 DOF upper limb dummy design methods for upper limb impedance analysis / 김진수; 민석준; 강상훈(202년도 대한기계학회 바이오공학부문 춘계학술대회, 2020-08-26)
32 The Necessity of Friction Compensation Even in Direct-Drive Robots for Reliable and Accurate Estimation of Human Arm Mechanical Impedance / 황성일; 강현아; 강상훈(2020년도 대한기계학회 바이오공학부문 춘계학술대회, 2020-08-26)
33 Considerations for the Reliable and Accurate Mechanical Impedance Estimation of the Human Upper Limb with a Physical Robot / 강현아; 황성일; 강상훈(2020년도 대한기계학회 바이오공학부문 춘계학술대회, 2020-08-26)
34 A TOPSIS-based Multi-objective Model for Constrained Crowd Judgment Analysis / Chatterjee, Sujoy; Lim, Sunghoon(Eighth AAAI Human Computation and Crowdsourcing, 2020-10-25)
35 A deep learning-based hybrid recommender system with fake review filtering for e-commerce customers / Kim, Sun Jun; Lim, Sunghoon(2020 대한산업공학회 추계학술대회, 2020-11-13)
36 Monetary Policy under Data Uncertainty: Interest-Rate Smoothing from a Cross-Country Perspective / Lee, Saiah(ASSA 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting, 2021-01-03)
37 Self-Selective Ferroelectric Random Access Memory Based on Graphene Field Effect Transistor / Jung, Sungchul; Park, Jinyoung; Kim, Junhyung; Song, Wonho; Jo, Jaehyeong; Kang, Seok-Hyung; Sheeraz, Muhsmmad; Kim, Tae-Heon; Park, Kibog(제28회 한국반도체학술대회, 2021-01-28)
38 Thickness-Dependent Superconductor-Insulator Transition of TaN Thin Film Grown with Atomic Layer Deposition / Song, Wonho; Jung, Sungchul; Kim, Junhyung; Choi, Gahyun; Lee, Joonyoung; Chong, Yonuk; Shin, Dongwoo; Kim, Jeehoon; Park, Kibog(APS March Meeting, 2021-03-19)
39 Synergistic Integration of Smart Materials into 3D Printed Programmable Tensegrity / Lee, Hajun; Jang, Yeonwoo; Choe, Jun Kyu; Lee, Suwoo; Song, Hyeonseo; Lee, Jin Pyo; Lone, Nasreena; Kim, Jiyun(2021 Virtual MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit, 2021-04-19)
40 Reconfigurable Soft Magnetic Actuators with Reprogrammable Magnetization Pattern / Song, Hyeonseo; Lee, Hajun; Lee, Jaebyeong; Choi, Jun Kyu; Lee, Suwoo; Yi, Jee Yoon; Park, Sunghoon; Yoo, Jung-Woo; Kwon, Min Sang; Kim, Jiyun(2021 Virtual MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit, 2021-04-22)
41 An Application of New Dynamic PSA Framework to Large Break LOCA Scenario / Park, Jong Woo; Lee, Seung Jun(한국원자력학회 2021 추계학술발표회, 2021-05-13)
42 Ultrathin optoelectronic devices for wearable/implantable electronics / Choi, Moon Kee(The 48th World Polymer Congress IUPAC-MACRO2020+, 2021-05-19)
43 Logistics anomaly detection with maritime big data: a bootstrap approach / Oh, YongKyung; Kim, Sungil(IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2021, 2021-05-25)
44 Multi-channel Convolution Neural Network for Gas Mixture Classification / Oh, YongKyung; Kim, Sungil(IISE Annual Conference & Expo 2021, 2021-05-25)
45 Optimal Investment in Illiquid Market with Search Frictions and Transaction Costs / Choi, Jin Hyuk; Gang, Tae Ung(SIAM Conference on Financial Mathematics and Engineering, 2021-06-01)
46 Commercial area analysis using big data on GIS: case of YongIn-si / Oh, YongKyung; Kim, Sungil(대한산업공학회 2021 춘계학술대회, 2021-06-03)
47 Monetary Policy under Data Uncertainty: Interest-Rate Smoothing from a Cross-Country Perspective / Lee, Saiah(The 2021 Africa Meeting of the Econometric Society, 2021-06-04)
48 Cooling shelter allocation for heat vulnerable residents using floating population data / 권상진; 우승옥; 윤석호; 김재성; 황성욱(대한산업공학회 2021 춘계 공동학술대회, 2021-06-04)
49 Sensor drift compensation for mixed gas classification under batch experiments / Oh, YongKyung; Lee, Juhui; Kim, Sungil(대한산업공학회 2021 춘계학술대회, 2021-06-04)
50 쿼드로터의 모터 고장 상황에서 모터 출력 제약을 고려한 다단계 고장허용 제어 계획 / Hwang, Eunmin; Kwon, Cheolhyeon(대한기계학회 울산지회 2021년 춘계학술대회, 2021-06-04)