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1 Bayesian Prediction of Pre-Stressed Concrete Bridge Deflection Using Finite Element Analysis / Lee, Jaebeom; Lee, Kyoung-Chan; Sim, Sung-Han; Lee, Junhwa; Lee, Young-Joo(SENSORS, v.19, no.22, pp.4956, 2019-11)
2 A laser-plasma accelerator driven by two-color relativistic femtosecond laser pulses / Li, Song; Li, Guangyu; Quratul Ain; Hur, Min Sup; Ting, Antonio C.; Kulagin, Victor V.; Kamperidis, Christos; Hafz, Nasr A M(SCIENCE ADVANCES, v.5, no.11, pp.eaav7940, 2019-11)
3 Polarization reversal via a transient relaxor state in nonergodic relaxors near freezing temperature / Hong, Chang-Hyo; Guo, Hanzheng; Tan, Xiaoli; Daniels, John E.; Jo, Wook(JOURNAL OF MATERIOMICS, v.5, no.4, pp.634 - 640, 2019-12)
4 The Triad of Colonialism, Anti-Communism, and Neo-Liberalism: Decolonizing Surveillance Studies in South Korea / Sung, MinKyu(SURVEILLANCE & SOCIETY, v.17, no.5, pp.730 - 733, 2019-12)
5 Investigation of a Gas Hydrate Dissociation-Energy-Based Quick-Freezing Treatment for Sludge Cell Lysis and Dewatering / Kim, Woojeong; Lee, Hyung Kae; Kwon, Young-Nam(INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH, v.16, no.19, pp.3611, 2019-10)
6 RF Sensor-based Liveness Detection Scheme with Loop Stability Compensation Circuit for a Capacitive Fingerprint System / Lee, Myunghee; Kim, Woojoong; Hong, Woojin; Kim, Taekmoo; Kim, Dongwoon(IEEE ACCESS, v.7, pp.152551, 2019-10)
7 Decadal changes in the leading patterns of sea level pressure in the Arctic and their impacts on the sea ice variability in boreal summer / Choi, Nakbin; Kim, Kyu-Myong; Lim, Young-Kwon; Lee, Myong-In(CRYOSPHERE, v.13, no.11, pp.3007 - 3021, 2019-11)
8 Automated Real-Time Assessment of Stay-Cable Serviceability Using Smart Sensors / Jeong, Seunghoo; Lee, Young-Joo; Shin, Do Hyoung; Sim, Sung-Han(APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, v.9, no.20, pp.4469, 2019-10)
9 Improved representation of the diurnal variation of warm season precipitation by an atmospheric general circulation model at a 10 km horizontal resolution / Kim, Hyerim; Lee, Myong-In; Cha, Dong-Hyun; Lim, Young-Kwon; Putman, William M.(CLIMATE DYNAMICS, v.53, no.11, pp.6523 - 6542, 2019-12)
10 Single-molecule visualization reveals the damage search mechanism for the human NER protein XPC-RAD23B / Cheon, Na Young; Kim, Hyun-Suk; Yeo, Jung-Eun; Scharer, Orlando D.; Lee, Ja Yil(NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, v.47, no.16, pp.8337 - 8347, 2019-09)
11 Long-term trends in tropical cyclone tracks around Korea and Japan in late summer and early fall / Lee, Minkyu; Cha, Dong-Hyun; Moon, Jihong; Park, Jinyoung; Jin, Chun-Sil; Chan, Johnny C. L.(ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE LETTERS, v.20, no.11, pp.e939, 2019-11)
12 Supersonic plasma turbulence in the laboratory / White, T. G.; Oliver, M. T.; Mabey, P.; Kuehn-Kauffeldt, M.; Bott, A. F. A.; Dohl, L. N. K.; Bell, A. R.; Bingham, R.; Clarke, R.; Foster, J.; Giacinti, G.; Graham, P.; Heathcote, R.; Koenig, M.; Kuramitsu, Y.; Lamb, D. Q.; Meinecke, J.; Michel, Th; Miniati, F.; Notley, M.; Reville, B.; Ryu, D.; Sarkar, S.; Sakawa, Y.; Selwood, M. P.; Squire, J.; Scott, R. H. H.; Tzeferacos, P.; Woolsey, N.; Schekochihin, A. A.; Gregori, G.(NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.10, pp.1758, 2019-04)
14 COMPUTING THE DISCRETE FRECHET DISTANCE WITH IMPRECISE INPUT / Ahn, Hee-Kap; Knauer, Christian; Scherfenberg, Marc; Schlipf, Lena; Vigneron, Antoine(INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY & APPLICATIONS, v.22, no.1, pp.27 - 44, 2012-02)
15 트랜스형 불포화 지방산이 mice 혈중 지질농도에 미치는 영향 / 유선녕; 안정빈; 박은영; 이선정; 탁민지; 김광연; 김상헌; 김기대; 안순철(생명과학회지, v.22, no.8, pp.1126 - 1131, 2012-08)
16 Oxidation Resistance of Iron and Copper Foils Coated with Reduced Graphene Oxide Multilayers / Kang, Dongwoo; Kwon, Jee Youn; Cho, Hyun; Sim, Jae-Hyoung; Hwang, Hyun Sick; Kim, Chul Su; Kim, Yong Jung; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Shin, Hyeon Suk(ACS NANO, v.6, no.9, pp.7763 - 7769, 2012-09)
17 Biocatalyzed Artificial Photosynthesis by Hydrogen-Terminated Silicon Nanowires / Lee, Hwa Young; Ryu, Jungki; Kim, Jae Hong; Lee, Sahng Ha; Park, Chan Beum(CHEMSUSCHEM, v.5, no.11, pp.2129 - 2132, 2012-11)
18 A deterministic algorithm for fitting a step function to a weighted point-set / Fournier, Herve; Vigneron, Antoine(INFORMATION PROCESSING LETTERS, v.113, no.3, pp.51 - 54, 2013-02)
19 Covering and piercing disks with two centers / Ahn, Hee-Kap; Kim, Sang-Sub; Knauer, Christian; Schlipf, Lena; Shin, Chan-Su; Vigneron, Antoine(COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY-THEORY AND APPLICATIONS, v.46, no.3, pp.253 - 262, 2013-04)
20 Realistic roofs over a rectilinear polygon / Ahn, Hee-Kap; Bae, Sang Won; Knauer, Christian; Lee, Mira; Shin, Chan-Su; Vigneron, Antoine(COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY-THEORY AND APPLICATIONS, v.46, no.9, pp.1042 - 1055, 2013-11)
21 Geometric Optimization and Sums of Algebraic Functions / Vigneron, Antoine(ACM TRANSACTIONS ON ALGORITHMS, v.10, no.1, pp.4, 2014-01)
22 Biocatalytic Photosynthesis with Water as an Electron Donor / Park, Chan Beum; Nam, Dong Heon; Lee, Sahng Ha; Ryu, Jungki(CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, v.20, no.38, pp.12020 - 12025, 2014-09)
23 A Faster Algorithm for Computing Motorcycle Graphs / Vigneron, Antoine; Yan, Lie(DISCRETE & COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY, v.52, no.3, pp.492 - 514, 2014-10)
24 A Generalization of the Convex Kakeya Problem / Ahn, Hee-Kap; Bae, Sang Won; Cheong, Otfried; Gudmundsson, Joachim; Tokuyama, Takeshi; Vigneron, Antoine(ALGORITHMICA, v.70, no.2, pp.152 - 170, 2014-10)
25 A Situationally Aware Voice-Commandable Robotic Forklift Working Alongside People in Unstructured Outdoor Environments / Walter, Matthew R.; Antone, Matthew; Chuangsuwanich, Ekapol; Correa, Andrew; Davis, Randall; Fletcher, Luke; Frazzoli, Emilio; Friedman, Yuli; Glass, James; How, Jonathan P.; Jeon, Jeong hwan; Karaman, Sertac; Luders, Brandon; Roy, Nicholas; Tellex, Stefanie; Teller, Seth(JOURNAL OF FIELD ROBOTICS, v.32, no.4, pp.590 - 628, 2015-06)
26 Computing the Gromov hyperbolicity of a discrete metric space / Fournier, Herve; Ismail, Anas; Vigneron, Antoine(INFORMATION PROCESSING LETTERS, v.115, no.6-8, pp.576 - 579, 2015-07)
27 A Faster Algorithm for Computing Straight Skeletons / Cheng, Siu-Wing; Mencel, Liam; Vigneron, Antoine(ACM TRANSACTIONS ON ALGORITHMS, v.12, no.3, pp.44, 2016-06)
28 High surface area carbon from polyacrylonitrile for high performance electrochemical capacitive energy storage / Gupta, Kishor; Liu, Tianyuan; Kavian, Reza; Chae, Han Gi; Ryu, Gyeong Hee; Lee, Zonghoon; Lee, Seung Woo; Kumar, Satish(JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, v.4, no.47, pp.18294 - 18299, 2016-12)
29 Effect of high-shear mixing by twin-screw extruder on the dispersion and homogeneity of polyacrylonitrile/carbon nanotube composite solution / Yan, Xuejia; Dong, Hongming; Xiao, Zhiwei; Liu, Yaodong; Liu, Tao; Chae, Han Gi; Kumar, Satish(POLYMER COMPOSITES, v.38, no.4, pp.719 - 726, 2017-04)
30 Reinforcement efficiency of carbon nanotubes and their effect on crystal-crystal slip in poly(ether ketone)/carbon nanotube composite fibers / Newcomb, Bradley A.; Chae, Han Gi; Thomson, Lindsey; Luo, Jeffrey; Baek, Jong-Beom; Kumar, Satish(COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.147, pp.116 - 125, 2017-07)
31 Navigating weighted regions with scattered skinny tetrahedra / Cheng, Siu-Wing; Chiu, Man-Kwun; Jin, Jiongxin; Vigneron, Antoine(INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY & APPLICATIONS, v.27, no.1-2, pp.13 - 32, 2017-09)
32 Purification, crystallization, and X-ray crystallographic analysis of Vac8p complexed with Atg13p from Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Park, Jumi; Song, Kyonghwa; Oh, Sohyeon; Son, Taewon; Lee, Jun; Park, Ayoung; Kim, Hyun Ji; Jun, Youngsoo; Lee, Changwook(BIODESIGN, v.5, no.3, pp.114 - 117, 2017-09)
33 An algorithm for finding a k-median in a directed tree / Vigneron, A; Gao, LX; Golin, MJ; Italiano, GF; Li, B(INFORMATION PROCESSING LETTERS, v.74, no.1-2, pp.81 - 88, 2000-04)
34 An elementary algorithm for reporting intersections of red/blue curve segments / Boissonnat, JD; Vigneron, A(COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY-THEORY AND APPLICATIONS, v.21, no.3, pp.167 - 175, 2002-03)
35 SHOP2: An HTN planning system / Nau, Dana; Au, Tsz-Chiu; Ilghami, Okhtay; Kuter, Ugur; Murdock, J. William; Wu, Dan; Yaman, Fusun(JOURNAL OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH, v.20, pp.379 - 404, 2003)
36 Reporting intersections among thick objects / Vigneron, A(INFORMATION PROCESSING LETTERS, v.85, no.2, pp.87 - 92, 2003-01)
37 Computing farthest neighbors on a convex polytope / Cheong, O; Shin, CS; Vigneron, A(THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE, v.296, no.1, pp.47 - 58, 2003-03)
38 Polynomial time algorithms for three-label point labeling / Duncan, R; Qian, JB; Vigneron, A; Zhu, BH(THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE, v.296, no.1, pp.75 - 87, 2003-03)
39 Packing two disks into a polygonal environment / Bose, Prosenjit; Morin, Pat; Vigneron, Antoine(JOURNAL OF DISCRETE ALGORITHMS, v.2, no.3, pp.373 - 380, 2004-09)
40 The Voronoi diagram of curved objects / Alt, H; Cheong, O; Vigneron, A(DISCRETE & COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY, v.34, no.3, pp.439 - 453, 2005-09)
41 Inscribing an axially symmetric polygon and other approximation algorithms for planar convex sets / Ahn, HK; Brass, P; Cheong, O; Na, HS; Shin, CS; Vigneron, A(COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY-THEORY AND APPLICATIONS, v.33, no.3, pp.152 - 164, 2006-02)
42 Motorcycle graphs and straight skeletons / Cheng, Siu-Wing; Vigneron, Antoine(ALGORITHMICA, v.47, no.2, pp.159 - 182, 2007-02)
43 Maximizing the overlap of two planar convex sets under rigid motions / Ahn, Hee-Kap; Cheong, Otfried; Park, Chong-Dae; Shin, Chan-Su; Vigneron, Antoine(COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY-THEORY AND APPLICATIONS, v.37, no.1, pp.3 - 15, 2007-05)
44 A tight lower bound for computing the diameter of a 3D convex polytope / Fournier, Herve; Vigneron, Antoine(ALGORITHMICA, v.49, no.3, pp.245 - 257, 2007-11)
45 Approximate shortest paths in anisotropic regions / Cheng, Siu-Wing; Na, Hyeon-Suk; Vigneron, Antoine; Wang, Yajun(SIAM JOURNAL ON COMPUTING, v.38, no.3, pp.802 - 824, 2008)
46 Sparse geometric graphs with small dilation / Aronov, Boris; de Berg, Mark; Cheong, Otfried; Gudmundsson, Joachim; Haverkort, Herman; Smid, Michiel; Vigneron, Antoine(COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY-THEORY AND APPLICATIONS, v.40, no.3, pp.207 - 219, 2008-08)
47 QUERYING APPROXIMATE SHORTEST PATHS IN ANISOTROPIC REGIONS / Cheng, Siu-Wing; Na, Hyeon-Suk; Vigneron, Antoine; Wang, Yajun(SIAM JOURNAL ON COMPUTING, v.39, no.5, pp.1888 - 1918, 2010)
48 Automated Intersection Control Performance of Future Innovation Versus Current Traffic Signal Control / Fajardo, David; Au, Tsz-Chiu; Waller, S. Travis; Stone, Peter; Yang, David(TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, v.2259, pp.223 - 232, 2011)
49 Downregulation of erythropoietin receptor by overexpression of phospholipase C-gamma 1 is critical for decrease on focal adhesion in transformed cells / Kim, Ho; Kang, Jin Ku; Chang, Chang-Hyun; Nam, Hyo Jung; Kim, Sung-Kuk; Ahn, Keun Jae; Seok, Heon; Park, Sang Joon; Kang, Yoon Joong; Jo, Young Suk; Shong, Minho(CELLULAR ONCOLOGY, v.34, no.1, pp.11 - 21, 2011-02)
50 THE ALIGNED K-CENTER PROBLEM / Brass, Peter; Knauer, Christian; Na, Hyeon-Suk; Shin, Chan-Su; Vigneron, Antoine(INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY & APPLICATIONS, v.21, no.2, pp.157 - 178, 2011-04)