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1 MetaAPR / Khamit, Askar Yeltayuly(, 2023-08)
2 An In-depth Latency Measurement Tool for Large-scale System / Lee, Bongwon(, 2023-08)
3 How Did It Evolve? Developing a Policy Design Experiment for Sustainability Transitions of a National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art / Lee, Hyori(, 2023-08)
4 Tailoring Government as a System Toolkit for Sustainability Transition of Gwacheon National Science Museum (GNSM) / Kwak, Byeong Kuk(, 2023-08)
5 Optimizing Communication Beamforming for New Multiple Access under Low-Resolution Quantization: A Spectral and Energy Efficiency Perspective / Park, Seokjun(, 2023-08)
6 Secure Precoding for Future Wireless Communication Systems / Oh, Mintaek(, 2023-08)
7 Component-Level Mitigation Solution and System-Level Analysis Method of High-Voltage Transient ESD Event / Bae, Byungjin(, 2023-08)
8 CAM-PAR / Lee, Hyo Jeong(, 2023-08)
9 Diffusion-Based Signed Distance Fields for 3D Shape Generation / Shim, Jaehyeok(, 2023-08)
10 Score-based Generative Models with Lévy Processes / Park, Kee Hun(, 2023-08)
11 Sequential Recommendation with Link-Prediction on Graphs Meta-Learning / Jang, Dahye(, 2023-08)
12 Event-based Optical Flow Estimation via Multi-layer Representation / Park, Jeongin(, 2023-08)
13 Cluster-level thyroid malignancy classification via patch-level Papanicolaou staining and refractive index distribution models / Kim, Seungwoo(, 2023-08)
14 Generating Natural 3D Human in Indoor Scene / Kim, Minseok(, 2023-08)
15 A Self-supervised Training for Graph Combinatorial Optimization Problems / Ko, Hanbum(, 2023-08)
16 Development of Reactor Multiphysics framework to analyze the effect of crossflow and dynamic gHTC for Depletion and REA transient / Zahur, Awais(, 2023-08)
17 Superhydrophobic surface coatings for protection against water-soluble chemical and biological contaminants / Soni, Ritesh(, 2023-08)
18 The battery pack diagnosis approach Using advanced cell modeling And parallel-connected battery module simulation / Jung, Da-Woon(, 2023-08)
19 Sacrificial Catalyst of Carbothermal-Shock Synthesized 1T-MoS2 Layers for Ultralong-Lifespan Seawater Battery / Son, Minjin(, 2023-08)
20 Unveiling the Electrochemical Characteristics of Na-CO2 battery Catholytes through NASICON-Based Hybrid cells / Im, Eunmi(, 2023-08)
21 Tuning the intrinsic properties of Prussian blue analogues for energy storage and energy harvesting / Choi, Ahreum(, 2023-08)
22 Improving the stability of Perovskite Solar Cells via Surface Passivation with SnCl4 / Song, Ji won(, 2023-08)
23 Advancing Large-area Perovskite Module Fabrication: A Bar-coating Approach for Efficiency and Stability / Yoo, Jin Wook(, 2023-08)
24 Doping engineering of hematite photoanodes by controlling Sn diffusion for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting / Park, Juhyung(, 2023-08)
25 Extrinsically Stretchable Photovoltaic Modules for Energy Harvesting / Salimzhanov, Baurzhan(, 2023-08)
26 Synthesis of Large Grain Two-dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Electrical Applications / Son, Minkyun(, 2023-08)
27 Fabrication of Lead Iron Niobate Thin Films Focusing on Sol-Gel Method / Lee, Young-Jin(, 2023-08)
28 Reservoir computing for salt-and-pepper noise removal with a small dataset / Lee, Inmo(, 2023-08)
29 Finite time growth of perimeter in a vortex patch with very small difference from disk of the 2-dimensional incompressible Euler equations / Ha, Tae-hun(, 2023-08)
30 Stability-instability of vortex solutions in incompressible Euler equations / Lim, Deokwoo(, 2023-08)
31 On Kyle models with terminal trading constraints / Kwon, Heeyoung(, 2023-08)
32 Explainable Deep Supervised Leaning-based Biological Age Estimation with Risk Score / Lim, Dongcheol(, 2023-08)
33 Trifluoromethyl Introduced Asymmetric Non-Fullerene Acceptors for Stable and Eco-Friendly Organic Solar Cells / Hur, SungHyun(, 2023-08)
34 Laser Plasma Study through Simulation and Theory / Song, Hyung Seon(, 2023-08)
35 Ab initio study of the bulk photovoltaic effect through perturbation theory and real-time dynamics / Kim, Bumseop(, 2023-08)
36 Design of Sliding Footplate Manipulation Structure for Reducing Physical Demand in an Indoor Personal Mobility Vehicle / Kwak, Yoonjoung(, 2023-08)
37 The Falling-out of Nuclear Suppliers: U.S-France-Canada Negotiations and Debates on the ROK Nuclear Program / Lee, Jooyoung(JOURNAL OF EAST ASIAN STUDIES, 2023-09)
38 미국사학계의 새로운 냉전사 연구 / Lee , Jooyoung(역사문제연구, no.110, pp.86 - 111, 2015-03)
39 "American" Ideas and South Korean Nation-Building: U.S. Influence on South Korean Education / Lee , Jooyoung(비교문화연구, v.20, pp.113 - 148, 2010-08)
40 아이젠하워 행정부의 민주주의 전파: 해외공보정책의 개혁과 대한 교육사절단을 중심으로 / Lee , Jooyoung(미국사연구, v.39, pp.119 - 160, 2014-05)
41 방어적 민주주의 담론의 형성과 미국 외교, 1914-1946 / Lee , Jooyoung(사림, no.49, pp.401 - 431, 2014-07)
42 Percolation of carriers through low potential channels in thicAs (x<0.35) barriers / Kim, DS; Ko, HS; Kim, YM; Rhee, SJ; Hohng, SC; Yee, YH; Kim, WS; Woo, JC; Choi, HJ; Ihm, J; Woo, DH; Kang, KN(PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.54, no.20, pp.14580 - 14588, 1996-11)
43 Intrinsic exciton transitions in GaN / Shan, W.; Fischer, A.J.; Hwang, S.J.; Little, B.D.; Hauenstein, R.J.; Xie, X.C.; Song, J.J.; Kim, Dai-Sik; Goldenberg, B.; Horning, R.; Krishnankutty, S.; Perry, W.G.; Bremser, M.D.; Davis, R.F.(Journal of Applied Physics, v.83, no.1, pp.455 - 461, 1998)
44 Gaptronics: multilevel photonics applications spanning zero-nanometer limits / Jeong, Jeeyoon; Kim, Hyun Woo; Kim, Dai-Sik(NANOPHOTONICS, v.11, no.3, pp.1231 - 1260, 2022-03)
45 Advocacy, Ecotourism, and Biopolitics of Whale Conservation in Ecuador / Tatar, Bradley(SUSTAINABILITY, v.15, no.15, pp.11608, 2023-08)
46 Development of recombinant secondary antibody mimics (rSAMs) for immunoassays through genetic fusion of monomeric alkaline phosphatase with antibody binders / Park, Jiyeon; Bae, Yoonji; Eom, Soomin; Choi, Yuha; Lee, Giwook; Kang, Sebyung(INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES, v.251, pp.126299, 2023-11)
47 Safety analysis and evaluation of transport and storage container for very Low-Level liquid radioactive waste / Choi, Woo Nyun; Shin, Seung Hun; Yoon, Seungbin; Lee, Un Jang; Park, Hye Min; Kim, Tae Young; Kim, Hee Reyoung(NUCLEAR ENGINEERING AND DESIGN, v.414, pp.112530, 2023-12)
48 이미지 인페인팅을 위한 윤곽 유지 및 내부 문맥 개선법 / Ku, Yunhoe; Lee, Hansol; Lee, Changhwa; Chung, Minu; Ha, Seon; Cho, Yunseong; Chung, Haesun; Park, Hansoo; Kim, Eunseo; Baek, Seungryul(제34회 영상처리 및 이해에 관한 워크샵, 2022-02-10)
49 Multi-Person 3D Pose and Shape Estimation via Inverse Kinematics and Refinement / Cha, Junuk; Saqlain, Muhammad; Kim, GeonU; Shin, Mingyu; Baek, Seungryul(European Conference on Computer Vision, pp.660 - 677, 2022-10-25)
50 Image-free Domain Generalization via CLIP for 3D Hand Pose Estimation / Lee, Seongyeong; Park, Hansoo; Kim, Dong Uk; Kim, Jihyeon; Boboev, Muhammadjon; Baek, Seungryul(IEEE/CVF Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision, pp.2933 - 2943, 2023-01-06)