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2023-02Exploring ultrafast flow chemistry by autonomous self-optimizing platformAhn, Gwang-Noh; Kang, Ji-Ho; Lee, Hyune-Jea, et alARTICLE264
2023-01Direct conversion of furfural to 1,5-pentanediol over a nickel-cobalt oxide-alumina trimetallic catalystKurniawan, Rizky Gilang; Karanwal, Neha; Park, Jaeyong, et alARTICLE272
2023-01SANTA: A safety analysis code for neutron absorbers in spent nuclear fuel poolsKim, Geon; Jung, Yunsong; Lee, Myeongkyu, et alARTICLE345
2023-01High enrichment and near real-time quantification of airborne viruses using a wet-paper-based electrochemical immunosensor under an electrostatic fieldBhardwaj, Jyoti; Ngo, Nhan Dinh; Lee, Jaegil, et alARTICLE420
2023-01NaCl-induced enhancement of thermodynamic and kinetic CO2 selectivity in CO2 + N-2 hydrate formation and its significance for CO2 sequestrationMok, Junghoon; Choi, Wonjung; Kim, Sungwoo, et alARTICLE240
2023-01Virtual surface morphology generation of Ti-6Al-4V directed energy deposition via conditional generative adversarial networkKim, Taekyeong; Kim, Jung Gi; Park, Sangeun, et alARTICLE420
2023-01Semi-analytic shooting methods for Burgers equationGie, Gung-Min; Jung, Chang-Yeol; Lee, HoyeonARTICLE214
2023-01Managerial perspectives on climate change and stock price crash riskJung, Hail; Song, Chang-KeunARTICLE216
2023-01A holistic review on how artificial intelligence has redefined water treatment and seawater desalination processesRay, Saikat Sinha; Verma, Rohit Kumar; Singh, Ashutosh, et alARTICLE160
2023-01A Power/Hardware-Efficient SiPM Readout IC Embedded in a Boost Converter for Mobile Radiation DosimetersJeon, Hyuntak; Shin, Se-UnARTICLE154
Showing results 1 to 10 of 46879