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Eom, JunhoCho, Jaephil

Article Issue Date2008 View3

Lee, Yeon-ChangKim, TaehoChoi, JaehoHe, XiangnanKim, Sang-Wook

Article Issue Date2021-02 View13


Patent Issue Date View9

Kim, JaewooLee, JaiyongKim, JaehoYun, Jaeseok

Article Issue Date2014-01 View5


Article Issue Date2013-07 View5

Suh, Pann-GhillNone

Conference Paper Issue Date2001-10-11 View5

Suh, Pann-GhillNone

Conference Paper Issue Date2001-07-28 View3

Lee, EunyuRyu, DongsuKang, Hyesung

Conference Paper Issue Date2023-10-20 View10

Kim, Kicheol

Thesis Issue Date2019-08 View7

Roh, Hyung DohLee, DahunLee, In YongPark, Young-Bin

Article Issue Date2021-10 View4

Baik, Seung MinKim, Kyung TaeLee, HaneolLee, Jung Hwa

Article Issue Date2023-04 View5

Lee, Seungchul

Conference Paper Issue Date2016-12-16 View4

Torbol, MarcoPark, KT

Conference Paper Issue Date2018-03-05 View12

Kang, YoojinJang, KunnaIm, Jungho

Conference Paper Issue Date2018-05-11 View5

Kang, YoojinIm, JunghoJang, Kunna

Conference Paper Issue Date2018-12-11 View8

Baek, GahyunLee, ChangsooYoon, Jinyoung

Article Issue Date2023-04 View14

Jung, Im DooSung, Hyo kyungMoon, Seung Ki

Conference Paper Issue Date2019-08-20 View5

Jung, Im DooSung. H. K.Park, S. J.Yu , J. H.

Conference Paper Issue Date2019-10-30 View10

Kim, MinsangPark, Myung-SookIm, JunghoPark, SLee, Myong-In

Article Issue Date2019-05 View6