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2014-04L-g=100 nm In0.7Ga0.3As quantum well metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors with atomic layer deposited beryllium oxide as interfacial layerKoh, D.; Kwon, H. M.; Kim, T-W; Kim, D-H; Hudnall, Todd W.; Bielawski, Christopher W.; Maszara, W.; Veksler, D.; Gilmer, D.; Kirsch, P. D.; Banerjee, S. K.ARTICLE83
2016-07-22L-GPCR promotes breast cancer malignancy through angiogenic factor secretionLee, Yu Jin; Suh, Pann-GhillCONFERENCE34
2016-02-23L-GPCR-mediated lipid metabolism is essential for breast cancer cell sW'vivalLee, Yu Jin; Suh, Pann-GhillCONFERENCE32
2008-12-13L2 learners' development of identities during problem-solving activities on computer-mediated synchronous communicationKim, Jeong-YeonCONFERENCE5
2011-09L2 Learners’ Speech Act Behavior of Response to GratitudeKim, Jeong-YeonARTICLE752
2009-03L2 Learners’ Uses of Cultural Tools of Authority during Synchronous Computer-mediated CommunicationKim, Jeong-YeonARTICLE688
2010-12L2 Learner’s Perspectives of How Personal and Instructional Factors Inf luence Achievement in Online-incorporated EnvironmentKim, Jeong-YeonARTICLE753
2010-06-12L2 Learner’s Perspectives of How Personal and Instructional Factors Influence Their Achievement in Online EFL Learning EnvironmentsKim, Jeong-YeonCONFERENCE39
2016-04La Displacement Driven Double-Exchange Like Mediation in Titanium d(xy) Ferromagnetism at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3Odkhuu, Dorj; Rhim, Sonny H.; Shin, Dongbin; Park, NoejungARTICLE698
2014-04-24La-displacement driven double-exchange like mediation in Titanium dxy ferromagnetism at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3Park, Noejung; Odkhuu, Dorj; Shin, Dongbin; Lim, SeonghyunCONFERENCE59
2018-12La-doped BaSnO3 electron transport layer for perovskite solar cellsMyung, Chang Woo; Lee, Geunsik; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE609
2012-07LAAT-1 Is the Lysosomal Lysine/Arginine Transporter That Maintains Amino Acid HomeostasisLiu, Bin; Du, Hongwei; Rutkowski, Rachael; Gartner, Anton; Wang, XiaochenARTICLE101
2006-05Lab on a CDMadou, Mark; Zoval, Jim; Jia, Guangyao; Kido, Horacio; Kim, Jitae; Kim, NahuiARTICLE483
2019-09-27Lab on a ChipCho, Yoon-KyoungCONFERENCE50
2012-08Lab-on-a-chip biophotonics: its application to assisted reproductive technologiesLai, David; Smith, Gary D.; Takayama, ShuichiARTICLE611
2012-07-12Lab-on-a-chip for Biomedical Applications: Where Chemistry, Physics, & Biology meet EngineeringCho, Yoon-KyoungCONFERENCE6
2000-11Lab-on-a-chip for DNA analysisLim, Geunbae; Cho, Yoon-KyoungARTICLE673
2001-04-19Lab-on-a-chip using MEMS TechnologyCho, Yoon-KyoungCONFERENCE5
2013-10-17Lab-on-a-disc for Analytical ChemistryCho, Yoon-KyoungCONFERENCE26
2013-06-10Lab-on-a-disc for bioenergy applicationCho, Yoon-Kyoung; None; None; NoneCONFERENCE6
Showing results 18603 to 18622 of 40742