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2018-04Jabuticaba-Inspired Hybrid Carbon Filler/Polymer Electrode for Use in Highly Stretchable Aqueous Li-Ion BatteriesSong, Woo-Jin; Park, Jeonghwan; Kim, Dong Hyup; Bae, Sohyun; Kwak, Myung-Jun; Shin, Myoungsoo; Kim, Sungho; Choi, Sungho; Jang, Ji-Hyun; Shin, Tae Joo; Kim, So Youn; Seo, Kwanyong; Park, SoojinARTICLE1102
2016-01Jack London and KoreaKim, Wook-DongARTICLE590
2005-01-08Jagging artifact free interpolationLee, Young Ho; Yang, Seungjoon; Kim, SungheeCONFERENCE36
2015-01Jahn-Teller driven perpendicular magnetocrystalline anisotropy in metastable rutheniumOdkhuu, Dorj; Rhim, S. H.; Park, Noejung; Nakamura, Kohji; Hong, Soon CheolARTICLE679
2016-06James Scarth Gale as a TranslatorKim, Wook-DongARTICLE711
2015-11-06Janthinobacterium lividum violacein production and vesicle which contain violacein to dissolve it in aqueous phase to counter their rivalsChoi, SeongYeol; Choi, Jae Im; Mitchell, Robert J.CONFERENCE33
2012-09Janus and Multiblock Colloidal ParticlesChen, Qian; Yan, Jing; Zhang, Jie; Bae, Sung Chul; Granick, SteveARTICLE806
2007-10Janus balance of amphiphilic colloidal particlesJiang, Shan; Granick, SteveARTICLE61
2012-08Janus Colloidal MatchsticksChaudhary, Kundan; Chen, Qian; Juarez, Jaime J.; Granick, Steve; Lewis, Jennifer A.ARTICLE67
2010-03Janus Particle Synthesis and AssemblyJiang, Shan; Chen, Qian; Tripathy, Mukta; Luijten, Erik; Schweizer, Kenneth S.; Granick, SteveARTICLE57
2017-07Janus Particle Synthesis, Assembly, and ApplicationZhang, Jie; Grzybowski, Bartosz A.; Granick, SteveARTICLE502
2009-07Janus particlesGranick, Steve; Jiang, Shan; Chen, QianARTICLE50
2016-10Janus-Faced, Dual-Conductive/Chemically Active Battery Separator MembranesOh, Yeon-Su; Jung, Gwan Yeong; Kim, Jeong-Hoon; Kim, Jung-Hwan; Kim, Su Hwan; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Lee, Sang-YoungARTICLE904
2017-02Janus-faced, multifunctional separator membranes for high-performance lithium-ion batteriesLee, Sang-Young; Oh, Yeon-SuMaster's thesis687
2010-10-25Janus-FTL: finding the optimal point on the spectrum between page and block mapping schemesKwon, Junki; Kim, Eunsam; Choi, Jongmoo; Lee, Donghee; Noh, Sam H.CONFERENCE66
2009-06Janus-like Protein Cages. Spatially Controlled Dual-Functional Surface Modifications of Protein CagesKang, Sebyung; Suci, Peter A.; Broomell, Chris C.; Iwahori, Kenji; Kobayashi, Mime; Yamashita, Ichiro; Young, Mark; Douglas, TrevorARTICLE611
1998Javanica 벼 원형질체로 부터 효율적인 식물체 재분화와 flow cytometry 에 의한 ploidy 검정Lee, Sung-ho; Lee, Su-in; Son, Yeong-geol; Gal, Sang-wan; Choi, Yeong-Ju; Cho, Moo JeARTICLE688
2019-07-22Jitter-Aware Target ImpedanceSun, Yin; Kim, Jingook; Hwang, ChulsoonCONFERENCE56
2012-12-02Job Packing-based Vehicle Routing Planning System for Inbound Supply ChainJung, Mooyoung; Lee, KiyoulCONFERENCE6
2010-12Joint Congestion Control and Distributed Scheduling for Throughput Guarantees in Wireless NetworksJoo, Changhee; Sharma, Gaurav; Shroff, Ness B.; Mazumdar, Ravi R.ARTICLE580
Showing results 18463 to 18482 of 40742