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2023-02-10The Moral Realism Debate Meets the Mathematical Realism DebatePark, SeungbaeCONFERENCE46
2023-02-09EPL-SCI: Event Pseudo-LiDAR based 3D object detection for Suddenly Changing IlluminanceHa, Changsu; Jang, Hyeonwoo; Shin, Jaechan, et alCONFERENCE154
2023-02-08Thermal Transport Property of Quasi 1D S =1 chain NiTe2O5Kim, Jin Ho; Yang, Heejun; Park, Jae-geun, et alCONFERENCE80
2023-02-08Multiferroicity of 2H-BaMnO3 Single CrystalLee, Joon Woo; Hu, Rongwei; Jeon, Young Hoon, et alCONFERENCE64
2023-02-08Dynamic Behavior of the Domain Wall Motion in Pt/Co Multilayer with Perpendicular Magnetic AnisotropyYu, Pyeong-Yeol; Lee, Ki-SukCONFERENCE68
2023-02-06Efficient Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species and Their Protein Dysfunction Mechanism for Photodynamic TherapyKwon, Tae-HyukCONFERENCE122
2023-02-01#taggenerator: NovelAI 를 이용한 이미지 생성 서비스의 텍스트 프롬프트 탐색 및 태그 생성 행태 연구김선욱; 권유상; 이경호CONFERENCE742
2023-02-01Particling Stars at Night : Reflection on Digitally Remediated RelationshipsHwang, Seoyeong; Lee, KyunghoCONFERENCE454
2023-02Exploring ultrafast flow chemistry by autonomous self-optimizing platformAhn, Gwang-Noh; Kang, Ji-Ho; Lee, Hyune-Jea, et alARTICLE564
2023-02Development of angle-dependent linear source approximation for three-dimensional method of characteristics transport analysis method in STREAMChoe, Jiwon; Lee, DeokjungARTICLE224
Showing results 71 to 80 of 49034