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2021-11DSCR1 upregulation enhances dural meningeal lymphatic drainage to attenuate amyloid pathology of Alzheimer's diseaseChoi, Chiyeol; Park, Jiwon; Kim, Hyerin, et alARTICLE24
2021-11Antisway Control of a Multirotor With Cable-Suspended PayloadLee, Sangheon; Son, HungsunARTICLE43
2021-11WeHAPTIC-light: A Cable Slack-based Compact Hand Force Feedback System for Virtual RealityPark, Yeongyu; Lee, Sangyeop; Bae, JoonbumARTICLE35
2021-11The social movement of an online community of mothers during a disaster: An analysis of the mom-caf ' e in Pohang, KoreaKang, Min-Hee; Moon, Ji-Won; Kim, Byeong Je, et alARTICLE12
2021-10-30Optimal market-making strategies under synchronised order arrivals with deep neural networks.Choi, So Eun; Jang, Hyun Jin; Lee, Kyungsub, et alCONFERENCE25
2021-10-15Design and synthesis of battery electrolyte additives with dioxolone derivatives for lithium-ion batteriesJeong, Seo Young; Hong, Sung YouCONFERENCE13
2021-10-11End-to-end detection and pose estimation of two interacting handsKim, Dong Uk; Kim, Kwang In; Baek, SeungryulCONFERENCE1
2021-10-11Testing using privileged information by adapting features with statistical dependenceKim, Kwang In; Tompkin, JamesCONFERENCE1
2021-10-07Identification of Monolayer Graphene Substitutions by Deep Learning based Exit-Wave Reconstruction from Single Atomic-Resolution transmission electron microscope imageLee, Jongyeong; Lee, Yeongdong; Kim, Jaemin, et alCONFERENCE10
2021-10-06Anisotropic and Top-Down Cu Intercalation in Black Phosphorus Forming Angstrom-Wide Conductive ChannelsLee, Suk Woo; Qiu, Lu; Yoon, Jongchan, et alCONFERENCE11
Showing results 51 to 60 of 42375