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2020-06Time-dependent observation of a cage-specific guest exchange in sI hydrates for CH4 recovery and CO2 sequestrationMok, Junghoon; Choi, Wonjung; Seo, YongwonARTICLE63
2020-06A critical review of pretreatment technologies to enhance anaerobic digestion and energy recoveryAtelge, M. R.; Atabani, A. E.; Banu, J. Rajesh, et alARTICLE67
2020-06Self-powered triboelectric/pyroelectric multimodal sensors with enhanced performances and decoupled multiple stimuliShin, Young-Eun; Sohn, So-Dam; Han, Huijun, et alARTICLE55
2020-06Gaussian mixture probability hypothesis density filter against measurement origin uncertaintyKim, Dohyeung; Kwon, Cheolhyeon; Hwang, InseokARTICLE66
2020-06Object-based landfast sea ice detection over West Antarctica using time series ALOS PALSAR dataKim, Miae; Kim, Hyun-Cheol; Im, Jungho, et alARTICLE39
2020-06Coupling of FRAPCON for fuel performance analysis in the Monte Carlo code MCSYu, Jiankai; Lee, Hyunsuk; Kim, Hanjoo, et alARTICLE173
2020-06Amplitude-induced bandgap: New type of bandgap for nonlinear elastic metamaterialsBae, Myung Hwan; Oh, Joo HwanARTICLE69
2020-06Electrocatalyst design for promoting two-electron oxygen reduction reaction: Isolation of active site atomsKim, Jae Hyung; Kim, Yong-Tae; Joo, Sang HoonARTICLE51
2020-06MGOS: A library for molecular geometry and its operating systemKim, Deok-Soo; Ryu, Joonghyun; Cho, Youngsong, et alARTICLE46
2020-06Changes in air pollutant emissions from road vehicles due to autonomous driving technology: A conceptual modeling approachHwang, Ha; Song, Chang-KeunARTICLE315
Showing results 51 to 60 of 21107