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2021-05On approximate solutions to the Euler & ndash;Poisson system with boundary layersJung, Chang-Yeol; Kwon, Bongsuk; Suzuki, MasahiroARTICLE8
2021-05Using redox electrolytes to extend the charge storage capacity in an aqueous hybrid ion batterySenthilkumar, S. T.; Park, Jeong-Sun; Marcilla, Rebeca, et alARTICLE32
2021-05Air pollution increases human health risks of PM2.5-bound PAHs and nitro-PAHs in the Yangtze River Delta, ChinaHong, Youwei; Xu, Xinbei; Liao, Dan, et alARTICLE15
2021-05Effect of filler particle characteristics on yield stress and viscosity of fresh sulfur compositesLee, Jin Hyun; Gwon, Seongwoo; Shin, MyoungsuARTICLE13
2021-05Wide-temperature (up to 100 degrees C) operation of thermostable vanadium oxide based microbolometers with Ti/MgF2 infrared absorbing layer for long wavelength infrared (LWIR) detectionLee, Hye Jin; Wang, Dasom; Kim, Tae Hyeong, et alARTICLE8
2021-05Development of extreme gradient boosting model for prediction of punching shear resistance of R/C interior slabsNguyen, Hoang D.; Gia Toai Truong; Shin, MyoungsuARTICLE11
2021-05Large Area Organic Thin Film Coating Using a Micro Multi‑nozzle Jet Head with Side Suction ChannelsShin, Kwon-Yong; Kang, Mingyu; Kim, Myong-Ki, et alARTICLE24
2021-05Investigation of electron beam parameters in laser wakefield acceleration using skewed laser pulse and external magnetic fieldGopal, K.; Gupta, D. N.; Jain, A., et alARTICLE8
2021-05Graphene Antiadhesion Layer for the Effective Peel-and-Pick Transfer of Metallic Electrodes toward Flexible ElectronicsJeong, Gyujeong; Seo, Jihyung; Kim, Yongchul, et alARTICLE0
2021-05Atomically-Dispersed Cobalt Ions on Polyphenol-Derived Nanocarbon Layers to Improve Charge Separation, Hole Storage, and Catalytic Activity of Water-Oxidation PhotoanodesChoi, Yuri; Bae, Sanghyun; Kim, Byeong-Su, et alARTICLE0
Showing results 31 to 40 of 40766