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2020-07In Vitro Mechanical and Biological Properties of 3D Printed Polymer Composite and β-tricalcium Phosphate Scaffold on Human Dental Pulp Stem CellsCao, Shuaishuai; Han, Jonghyeuk; Sharma, Neha, et alARTICLE63
2020-07Effect of the submandibular push exercise using visual feedback from pressure sensor: an electromyography studyPark, Sungwon; Cho, Joo Young; Lee, Byung Joo, et alARTICLE37
2020-07Tetraruthenium Polyoxometalate as an Atom-Efficient Bifunctional Oxygen Evolution Reaction/Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalyst and Its Application in Seawater BatteriesLee, Cheolmin; Jeon, Dasom; Park, Jehee, et alARTICLE25
2020-07Stability of a robust interaction control for single-degree-of-freedom robots with unstructured environmentsKang, Hyunah; Lee, Song Joo; Kang, Sang HoonARTICLE49
2020-07Stand-off radiation detection techniquesSawant, Ashwini; Kwak, Donghyun; Lee, Ingeun, et alARTICLE48
2020-07Mathematical analysis of crime dynamics in and out of prisonsPark, Jongo; Kim, PilwonARTICLE11
2020-07Spatio-Temporal Variability of Aerosol Optical Depth, Total Ozone and NO(2)Over East Asia: Strategy for the Validation to the GEMS Scientific ProductsPark, Sang Seo; Kim, Sang-Woo; Song, Chang-Keun, et alARTICLE63
2020-07Capacitive Heart-Rate Sensing on Touch Screen Panel with Laterally Interspaced ElectrodesKim, Junhyung; Song, Wonho; Jung, Sungchul, et alARTICLE88
2020-06-25Development of recombinant IgG-binding Luciferasebased Signal Amplifiers (rILSAs) in immunoassaysEom, Soomin; Bae, Yoonji; Kim, Sunghwan, et alCONFERENCE25
2020-06-25Enclose & Display : Modular modification of Encapsulin protein cage nanoparticles in both interor and exterior spacesChoi, Hyukjun; Bae, Yoonji; Eom, Soomin, et alCONFERENCE18
Showing results 191 to 200 of 35990