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2005-12Simple fabrication of a highly sensitive and fast glucose biosensor using enzymes immobilized in mesocellular carbon foamLee, Dohoon; Lee, Jinwoo; Kim, Jungbae, et alARTICLE498
2005-12Changes in ba phases in BaO/Al2O3 upon thermal aging and H2O treatmentKim, Do Heui; Chin, Ya-Huei; Kwak, Jahun, et alARTICLE538
2005-12Preparation of a magnetically switchable bioelectrocatalytic system employing cross-linked enzyme aggregates in magnetic mesocellular carbon foamLee, Jinwoo; Lee, Dohoon; Oh, Eunkeu, et alARTICLE532
2005-12Expression of SRG3, a core component of mouse SWI/SNF chromatin-remodeling complex, is regulated by cooperative interactions between Sp1/Sp3 and Ets transcription factorsAhn, Jeongeun; Ko, Myung Gon; Lee, Kyuyoung, et alARTICLE512
2005-12Polarized Raman confocal microscopy of single gallium nitride nanowiresPauzauskie, Peter J.; Talaga, David; Seo, Kwanyong, et alARTICLE459
2005-12Emergence of nationalist identity in armed insurrections: A comparison of Iraq and NicaraguaTatar, BradleyARTICLE690
2005-12Quantum well behavior of single stacking fault 3C inclusions in 4H-SiC p-i-n diodes studied by ballistic electron emission microscopyPark, Kibog; Pelz, JP; Grim, J, et alARTICLE543
2005-12Photocatalytic water splitting under visible light with particulate semiconductor catalystsLee, Jae SungARTICLE451
2005-12Rhodium nanoparticles entrapped in boehmite nanofibers: recyclable catalyst for arene hydrogenation under mild conditionsPark, IS; Kwon, MS; Kim, N, et alARTICLE497
2005-12Synthesis and electroluminescent properties of novel emissive iridium complex with phenyl-isoquinoline ligandKim, Dong Uk; Paik, Seoung-Hey; Kim, Sung-Hoon, et alARTICLE361
Showing results 17781 to 17790 of 20318