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2005-12Extreme conformational diversity in human telomeric DNALee, JY; Okumus, B; Kim, DS, et alARTICLE389
2005-12Control of the resistive wall mode with internal coils in the DIII-D tokamakOkabayashi, M; Bialek, J; Bondeson, A, et alARTICLE198
2005-12Synthesis and characterization of cerium substituted hematite by sol-gel methodPramanik, Nimai Chand; Bhuiyan, Tarequl Islam; Nakanishi, Makoto, et alARTICLE353
2005-12Stable heterometallic fluorinated beta-diketonato/alkoxo complexes as precursors for Er-doped luminescence materialsAthar, Taimur; Kwon, Jeong Oh; Seok, Sang IlARTICLE306
2005-12Dispersive charge transport due to strong charge-dipole interactions of cyano-group in the cyano-carbazole based molecular glassOh, DK; Hong, SM; Lee, CE, et alARTICLE141
2005-12Cloning and characterization of a fish microsomal epoxide hydrolase of Danio rerio and application to kinetic resolution of racemic styrene oxideKim, Hee Sook; Lee, Soo Jung; Lee, Eun Jung, et alARTICLE150
2005-12Gelation of helical polypeptide-random coil diblock copolymers by a nanoribbon mechanismKim, Kyoung Taek; Park, C; Vandermeulen, GWM, et alARTICLE469
2005-12A polydiacetylene-based fluorescent sensor chipKim, JM; Lee, YB; Yang, DH, et alARTICLE525
2005-12A sensitivity study of regional climate simulation to convective parameterization schemes for 1998 East Asian summer monsoonLee, Dong-Kyou; Cha, Dong-Hyun; Choi, Suk-JinARTICLE512
2005-12Self-hydroxylation of perbenzoic acids at a nonheme iron(II) centerOh, NY; Seo, MS; Lim, Mi Hee, et alARTICLE518
Showing results 17771 to 17780 of 20318