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2006-05Structural basis for the extended substrate spectrum of CMY-10, a plasmid-encoded class C beta-lactamaseKim, JY; Jung, HI; An, YJ, et alARTICLE517
2006-05A validation of the p-SLLOD equations of motion for homogeneous steady-state flowsEdwards, BJ; Baig, Chunggi; Keffer, DJARTICLE607
2006-05Assembly of a heterobinuclear 2-D network: A rare example of endo- and exocyclic coordination of Pd-II/Ag-I in a single macrocycleYoon, I; Seo, J; Lee, JE, et alARTICLE562
2006-05Clinical evaluation of micro-scale chip-based PCR system for rapid detection of hepatitis B virusCho, Yoon-Kyoung; Kim, J; Lee, Y, et alARTICLE596
2006-05Characterization of poly(2-vinylpyridine) by temperature gradient interaction chromatographyPark, Soojin; Chang, TARTICLE589
2006-05Surface selective polymerization of polypyrrole on ordered mesoporous carbon: Enhancing interfacial conductivity for direct methanol fuel cell applicationChoi, YS; Joo, Sang Hoon; Lee, SA, et alARTICLE541
2006-05Compression and microbunching of electron beams by ultra-intense laser pulsesKulagin, VV; Cherepenin, VA; Hur, Min Sup, et alARTICLE488
2006-05Experimental demonstration of a long-period grating based on the sampling theoremKwon, Min-Suk; Cho, YB; Shin, SYARTICLE515
2006-05Analytical modeling of field-induced interband tunneling-effect transistors and its applicationSong, SH; Kim, Kyung Rok; Kang, SW, et alARTICLE595
2006-05Fast imaging with the MMME sequenceCho, Hyungjoon; Chavez, L; Sigmund, EE, et alARTICLE538
Showing results 17621 to 17630 of 20447