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2016-06Thermodynamic efficiencies of hydrogen storage processes using carbazole-based compoundsChoi, In Young; Shin, Byeong Soo; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Kang, Kyung Soo; Yoon, Chang Won; Kang, Jeong WonARTICLE734
2014-11Thermodynamic inhibition effects of ionic liquids on the formation of condensed carbon dioxide hydrateShin, Byeong Soo; Kim, Eun Sung; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Lim, Jong Sung; Kim, Ki-Sub; Kang, Jeong WonARTICLE708
2018-09Thermodynamic phase equilibria and cage occupancy of NF3 hydrateKim, Eunae; Choi, Wonjung; Seo, YongwonARTICLE262
2011-11Thermodynamic Properties, Defect Analysis, and Electrical Conductivity of the La0.8Sr0.2ScxMn1-xO3-delta Infiltrated into YSZ ScaffoldsSengodan, Sivaprakash; Kim, Jihoon; Shin, Jeeyoung; Kim, GuntaeARTICLE752
2017-03Thermodynamic stability and guest distribution of CH4/N2/CO2 mixed hydrates for methane hydrate production using N2/CO2 injectionLim, Dongwook; Ro, Hyeyoon; Seo, Yongwon; Seo, Young-ju; Lee, Joo Yong; Kim, Se-Joon; Lee, Jaehyoung; Lee, HuenARTICLE781
2019-11Thermodynamic, structural, and kinetic studies of cyclopentane + CO2 hydrates: Applications for desalination and CO2 captureLee, Joonseop; Kim, Ki-Sub; Seo, YongwonARTICLE123
2007-12Thermodynamically guided nonequilibrium Monte Carlo method for generating realistic shear flows in polymeric systemsBaig, Chunggi; Mavrantzas, V. G.ARTICLE481
2017-09Thermodynamically Stable Synthesis of Large-Scale and Highly Crystalline Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers and their Unipolar n-n Heterojunction DevicesLee, Juwon; Pak, Sangyeon; Giraud, Paul; Lee, Young-Woo; Cho, Yulijae; Hong, John; Jang, A-Rang; Chung, Hee-Suk; Hong, Woong-Ki; Jeong, Hu Young; Shin, Hyeon Suk; Occhipinti, Luigi G.; Morris, Stephen M.; Cha, SeungNam; Sohn, Jung Inn; Kim, Jong MinARTICLE591
2018-02Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Graphene Growth on Ni(111) and the Origin of Triangular Shaped Graphene IslandsWang, Danxia; Liu, Yifan; Sun, Deyan; Yuan, Qinghong; Ding, FengARTICLE287
2011-03Thermoelectric and bulk mobility measurements in pentacene thin filmsKim, Gun-Ho; Shtein, Max; Pipe, KevinARTICLE481
2012-08Thermoelectric model to characterize carrier transport in organic semiconductorsKim, Gun-Ho; Pipe, KevinARTICLE507
1991-12Thermoelectric power of high Tc materials: A new phenomenological modelSong, Young Seok; Choi, YunSeok; Park, Yung Woo; Jang, Min Su; Han, Seok KilARTICLE311
2011-05Thermoelectric properties and texture evaluation of Ca3Co4O9 prepared by a cost-effective multisheet cofiring techniqueKwon, O-Jong; Jo, Wook; Ko, Kyeong-Eun; Kim, Jae-Yeol; Bae, Sung-Hwan; Koo, Hyun; Jeong, Seong-Min; Kim, Jin-Sang; Park, ChanARTICLE494
2014-07Thermoelectric properties of nanoporous three-dimensional graphene networksJang, Ji-Hyun; Thiyagarajan, Pradheep; Oh, Min-Wook; Yoon, Jong-ChulARTICLE751
2015-05Thermoelectric Signal Enhancement by Reconciling the Spin Seebeck and Anomalous Nernst Effects in Ferromagnet/Non-magnet MultilayersLee, Kyeong-Dong; Kim, Dong-Jun; Lee, Hae Yeon; Kim, Seung-Hyun; Lee, Jong-Hyun; Lee, Kyung-Min; Jeong, Jong-Ryul; Lee, Ki-Suk; Song, Hyon-Seok; Sohn, Jeong-Woo; Shin, Sung-Chul; Park, Byong-GukARTICLE710
2007-03Thermoelectricity in molecular junctionsReddy, Pramod; Jang, Sung-Yeon; Segalman, Rachel A.; Majumdar, ArunARTICLE96
2009Thermoelectrochemically Activated MoO2 Powder Electrode for Lithium Secondary BatteriesKu, Jun H.; Jung, Yoon Seok; Lee, Kyu Tae; Kim, Chang H.; Oh, Seung M.ARTICLE593
2016-01Thermolytic Grafting of Polystyrene to Porous SiliconWang, Joanna; Joo, Jinmyoung; Kennard, Rhiannon M.; Lee, Sang-Wha; Sailor, Michael J.ARTICLE157
2009-09Thermomagnetic Analysis of Nanocrystalline Nd4.5Fe77B18.5 AlloyTalijan, Nadezda; Cosovic, Vladan; Stajic-Trosic, Jasna; Grujic, Aleksandar; Zak, Tomas; Lee, Zonghoon; Radmilovic, VelimirARTICLE540
2004-12Thermophilic biohydrogen production from glucose with trickling biofilterOh, You-Kwan; Kim, Seo Hyoung; Kim, Mi-Sun; Park, SunghoonARTICLE140
Showing results 17541 to 17560 of 21184