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2014-02Thermal conductivities of actinides (U, Pu, Np, Cm, Am) and uranium-alloys (U-Zr, U-Pu-Zr and U-Pu-TRU-Zr)Kim, Yeon Soo; Cho, Tae Won; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE782
2019-09-24Thermal conductivity measurement of non-stoichiometric UO2 pellet for advanced nuclear material accountancyKim, Gyeonghun; Ahn, Jungsu; Ahn, SangjoonCONFERENCE9
2015-11Thermal Conductivity Modeling of U-Mo/Al Dispersion FuelKim, Yeon Soo; Cho, Byoung Jin; Sohn, Dong-Seong; Park, Jong ManARTICLE729
2016-07Thermal conductivity of transparent and flexible polymers containing fillers: A literature reviewNgo, Ich-Long; Jeon, Sangwoo; Byon, ChanARTICLE384
2015-10Thermal conductivity of U-Mo/Al dispersion fuel: effects of particle shape and size, stereography, and heat generationCho, Tae Won; Sohn, Dong-Seong; Kim, Yeon SooARTICLE821
2015-11Thermal conductivity reduction in three dimensional graphene-based nanofoamThiyagarajan, Pradheep; Yan, Zhong; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Oh, Min-Wook; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE463
2015-04Thermal conversion of a tailored metal-organic framework into lithium silicate with an unusual morphology for efficient CO2 captureLee, Jae Hwa; Moon, Byoungnam; Kim, Tae Kyung; Jeoung, Sungeun; Moon, Hoi RiARTICLE437
2006-06Thermal expansion of near stoichiometric (U,Er)O-2 solid solutionsKim, SH; Kim, HS; Lee, YW; Sohn, Dong-Seong; Suhr, DSARTICLE516
2010-12Thermal hydraulic test with 6 MPa nitrogen gas loop for developing the Korean He cooled test blanketLee, Dong Won; Bae, Young Dug; Kim, Suk Kwon; Hong, Bong Guen; Kim, Chan Su; Hong, Sung Deok; Tak, Nam Il; Bang, In CheolARTICLE706
2007-12Thermal imidization and structural evolution of thin films of poly(4,4 '-oxydiphenylene p-pyromellitamic diethyl ester)Shin, Tae Joo; Ree, MoonhorARTICLE47
2019-02Thermal inequity in urban heat island: Vulnerable class near the industrial areaCho, Gi-Hyoug; Park, Jong-HwaDoctoral thesis202
2015-10Thermal neutron flux monitors based on vibratingwireChung, Moses; Arutunian, Suren G.; Bergoz, Julien; Harutyunyan, G. S.; Lazareva, E. G.ARTICLE748
2015-08Thermal Oxidation of WSe2 Nanosheets Adhered on SiO2/Si SubstratesLiu, Yingnan; Tan, Cheng; Chou, Harry; Nayak, Avinash; Wu, Di; Ghosh, Rudresh; Chang, Hsiao-Yu; Hao, Yufeng; Wang, Xiaohan; Kim, Joon-Seok; Piner, Richard; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Akinwande, Deji; Lai, KejiARTICLE693
2016-11Thermal performance of heterogeneous PCHE for supercritical CO2 energy cycleJeon, Sangwoo; Baik, Young-Jin; Byon, Chan; Kim, WoojinARTICLE365
2017-10Thermal performance of plate fin heat sinks with dual-height fins subject to natural convectionJeon, Daechan; Byon, ChanARTICLE509
1993-05Thermal Properties and Crystallization Behavior of Poly(phenylene sulfide) and Its DerivativesPark, Lee Soon; Seo, Kwan Ho; Baek, Jong BumARTICLE318
2001-02Thermal properties of medium-sized Ge clustersWang, JL; Zhao, JJ; Ding, F; Shen, WF; Lee, H; Wang, GHARTICLE38
2017-12Thermal properties of U-7Mo/Al dispersion fuelCho, Tae Won; Kim, Yeon Soo; Park, Jong Man; Lee, Kyu Hong; Kim, Sunghwan; Lee, Chong-Tak; Yang, Jae Ho; Oh, Jang Soo; Won, Ju-Jin; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE541
2016-11Thermal radical initiator derivatives based on O-imino-isourea: Synthesis, polymerization, and characterizationKim, Beomjin; Lee, Dong Geun; Kim, Dong Yeon; Kim, Hyeok Jin; Kong, Nam Sik; Kim, Jin Chul; Noh, Seung Man; Jung, Hyun Wook; Park, Young IlARTICLE501
2014-04Thermal Reactions of Lithiated and Delithiated Sulfur Electrodes in Lithium-Sulfur BatteriesSong, Juhye; Lee, Sung Jun; Kim, Yongil; Kim, Sung-Soo; Lee, Kyu Tae; Choi, Nam-SoonARTICLE665
Showing results 17481 to 17500 of 21184