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2019-08Theoretical and Computational Study of the Structure and Dynamics of Flowing Polymer melts at InterfaceBaig, Chunggi; Jeong, SohdamDoctoral thesis134
2015-12Theoretical and experimental investigation of vacancy-based doping of monolayer MoS2 on oxideValsaraj, Amithraj; Chang, Jiwon; Rai, Amritesh; Register, Leonard F.; Banerjee, Sanjay K.ARTICLE510
2013-11Theoretical and Experimental Investigations on the Growth of SnS van der Waals Epitaxies on Graphene Buffer LayerLeung, Kelvin K.; Wang, Wei; Shu, Haibo; Hui, Yeung Yu; Wang, Shifeng; Fong, Patrick W. K.; Ding, Feng; Lau, Shu Ping; Lam, Chi-hang; Surya, CharlesARTICLE41
2015-09Theoretical and experimental study of highly textured GaAs on silicon using a graphene buffer layerAlaskar, Yazeed; Arafin, Shamsul; Lin, Qiyin; Wickramaratne, Darshana; McKay, Jeff; Norman, Andrew G.; Zhang, Zhi; Yao, Luchi; Ding, Feng; Zou, Jin; Goorsky, Mark S.; Lake, Roger K.; Zurbuchen, Mark A.; Wang, Kang L.ARTICLE34
2000-03Theoretical and experimental study of MHD (magnetohydrodynamic) micropumpJang, Jaesung; Lee, SSARTICLE690
2006-12Theoretical band energetics of Ba(M0.5Sn0.5)O-3 for solar photoactive applicationsBorse, Pramod H.; Lee, Jae Sung; Kim, Hyun G.ARTICLE653
2017-03Theoretical basis for the stabilization of charges by radicals on electrified polymersMazur, Tomasz; Grzybowski, Bartosz A.ARTICLE486
2015-06Theoretical capacity achieved in a LiMn0.5Fe0.4Mg0.1BO3 cathode by using topological disorderKim, Jae Chul; Seo, Dong-Hwa; Ceder, GerbrandARTICLE101
2011-08Theoretical Design of Nanomaterials and Nanodevices: Nanolensing, Supermagnetoresistance, and Ultrafast DNA SequencingMin, Seung Kyu; Cho, Yeonchoo; Mason, Daniel R.; Lee, Ju Young; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE548
2013-05Theoretical development and critical analysis of burst frequency equations for passive valves on centrifugal microfluidic platformsThio, Tzer Hwai Gilbert; Soroori, Salar; Ibrahim, Fatimah; Al-Faqheri, Wisam; Soin, Norhayati; Kulinsky, Lawrence; Madou, MarcARTICLE498
2019-10Theoretical evidence of spin-orbital-entangled Jeff=1/2 state in the 3d transition metal oxide CuAl2O4Kim, Choong H.; Baidya, Santu; Cho, Hwanbeom; Gapontsev, Vladimir V.; Streltsov, Sergey V.; Khomskii, Daniel I.; Park, Je-Geun; Go, Ara; Jin, HosubARTICLE150
2006-07Theoretical investigation of a notch filter using a long-period grating based on the sampling theoremKwon, Min-Suk; Shin, Sang-YungARTICLE528
2010-12Theoretical Investigation of an Interferometer-type Plasmonic Biosensor Using a Metal-insulator-silicon WaveguideKwon, Min-SukARTICLE556
2017-02Theoretical Investigation of Compact Intersections of Silicon Slot WaveguidesKwon, Min-Suk; Kim, Kyoung-sooMaster's thesis194
2007-09Theoretical investigation of controlled generation of a dense attosecond relativistic electron bunch from the interaction of an ultrashort laser pulse with a nanofilmKulagin, Victor V.; Cherepenin, Vladimir A.; Hur, Min Sup; Suk, HyyongARTICLE482
2016-12Theoretical Investigation of Intersections of Metal-Insulator-Silicon-Insulator-Metal WaveguidesKwon, Min-Suk; Kim, YonghanARTICLE798
2017-11Theoretical investigations on microwave Fano resonances in 3D-printable hollow dielectric resonatorsLee, Eunsongyi; Seo, In Cheol; Jeong, Hoon Yeub; An, Soo-Chan; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE555
2018-12Theoretical model and experimental validation for underwater oxygen extraction for realizing artificial gillsLee, Jongwan; Heo, Pil Woo; Kim, TaesungARTICLE265
2019-02Theoretical modelling of the dynamics of primary photoprocess of cyclopropanoneFilatov, Michael; Min, Seung Kyu; Choi, Cheol HoARTICLE143
2017-08Theoretical Review of m/n=1/1 Sawtooth Instability and Comparison with Experimental Observations in KSTARPark, Hyeon-Keo; Lee, SoominMaster's thesis563
Showing results 17441 to 17460 of 21184