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2018-12The Effect of Heat Treatment Condition on the Mechanical Properties of oxi-PAN Based Carbon FiberChoi, Kyeong Hun; Heo, So Jeong; Hwang, Sang-Ha; Bae, Soo Bin; Lee, Hyung Ik; Chae, Han GiARTICLE229
2006-09The effect of heat treatment temperature on the microstructure and magnetic properties of Ba2Co2Fe12O22 (Co2Y) prepared by sol-gel methodPramanik, Nimai Chand; Fujii, Tatsuo; Nakanishi, Makoto; Takada, Jun; Seok, Sang IiARTICLE382
2008-12The Effect of Histidine Residue Modification on Tyrosinase Activity and Conformation: Inhibition Kinetics and Computational PredictionGou, Lin; Lue, Zhi-Rong; Park, Daeui; Oh, Sang Ho; Shi, Long; Park, Seong Jin; Bhak, Jong Hwa; Park, Yong-Doo; Ren, Zhen-Long; Zou, FeiARTICLE599
2019-04The effect of interfacial interaction on the conformational variation of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) chains in PVDF/graphene oxide (GO) nano composite fibers and corresponding mechanical propertiesLee, Jung-eun; Eom, Youngho; Shin, Young-Eun; Hwang, Sang-Ha; Ko, Hyunhyub; Chae, Han GiARTICLE278
2011-04The effect of introducing a buffer layer to polymer solar cells on cell efficiencyKim, Gi-Hwan; Song, Hyun-Kon; Kim, Jin YoungARTICLE725
2014-06The Effect of Investing R&Ds on the Firm's Financial Performance Under Financial Distress: High-Tech vs. Low-Tech FirmsChoi, Su JungARTICLE849
2002-09The effect of ligand charge on the coordination geometry of an Fe(III) ion: Five- and six-coordinate Fe(III) complexes of tris(2-benzimidazolylmethyl)amineMoon, D; Lah, Myoung Soo; Del Sesto, RE; Miller, JSARTICLE671
2011-11The effect of meniscus on the permeability of micro-post arraysByon, Chan; Kim, Sung JinARTICLE381
2006-01The effect of metal cluster coatings on carbon nanotubesKim, BK; Park, Noejung; Na, PS; So, HM; Kim, JJ; Kim, H; Kong, KJ; Chang, H; Ryu, BH; Choi, YM; Lee, JOARTICLE470
2018-02The effect of Osmolality on the predatory abilities of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorusMitchell, Robert James; Son, SangmoMaster's thesis290
2013-05The effect of ozone and aerosols on the surface erythemal UV radiation estimated from OMI measurementsLee, Joonsuk; Choi, Won Jun; Kim, Deok Rae; Kim, Seung-Yeon; Song, Chang-Keun; Hong, Jun Suk; Hong, Youdeog; Lee, SukjoARTICLE350
2012-20The Effect of Particle Size on Phase Stability of the Delithiated LixMnPO4Kim, Jongsoon; Park, Kyu-Young; Park, Inchul; Yoo, Jung-Keun; Seo, Dong-Hwa; Kim, Sung-Wook; Kang, KisukARTICLE77
2020-03The effect of perceived social support on chemotherapy-related symptoms in patients with breast cancer: A prospective observational studyOh, Gyu Han; Yeom, Chan-Woo; Shim, Eun-Jung; Jung, Dooyoung; Lee, Kwang-Min; Son, Kyung-Lak; Kim, Won-Hyoung; Moon, Jung Yoon; Jung, Sanghyup; Kim, Tae-Yong; Im, Seock-Ah; Lee, Kyung-Hun; Hahm, Bong-JinARTICLE57
2015-01The effect of personality, situational factors, and communication apprehension on a blended communication courseKim, Jin-YoungARTICLE891
2000The effect of pore size distribution on the frequency dispersion of porous electrodesSong, Hyun-Kon; Hwang, HY; Lee, KH; Dao, LHARTICLE688
2011-12The effect of pre-coking and regeneration on the activity and stability of Zn/ZSM-5 in aromatization of 2-methyl-2-buteneKim, Yeon Ho; Lee, Kyung Hee; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE571
2004-04The effect of pretreatment to ultrafiltration of biologically treated sewage effluent: a detailed effluent organic matter (EfOM) characterizationShon, HK; Vigneswaran, S; Kim, IS; Cho, Jaeweon; Ngo, HHARTICLE643
2019-02The Effect of Public Spending on Private InvestmentKim, Taehyun; Nguyen, Quoc HARTICLE249
2012-20The effect of side-chain length on regioregular poly[3-(4-n-alkyl) phenylthiophene]/PCBM and ICBA polymer solar cellsCho, Chul-Hee; Kim, Hyeong Jun; Kang, Hyunbum; Shin, Tae Joo; Kim, Bumjoon J.ARTICLE51
2003The effect of silica template structure on the pore structure of mesoporous carbonsHan, S; Lee, Kyu Tae; Oh, SM; Hyeon, TARTICLE519
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