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2020-08Indirect time-of-fight sensor with in-pixel adaptable background light suppression based on delta-sigma techniqueKim, Seong-Jin; Park, DahwanMaster's thesis136
2020-11Indirect Time-of-flight CMOS Image Sensor with On-chip Background Light Cancelling and Pseudo 4-Tap/2-Tap Hybrid Imaging for Motion Artifact SuppressionKim, Donguk; Lee, Seunghyun; Park, Dahwan; Piao, Canxing; Park, Jihoon; Ahn, Yeonsoo; Cho, Kihwan; Shin, Jungsoon; Song, Seung Min; Kim, Seong-Jin; Chun, Jung-Hoon; Choi, JaehyukARTICLE82
2009-09Indirectly Connected Bis(N-Heterocyclic Carbene) Bimetallic Complexes: Dependence of Metal-Metal Electronic Coupling on Linker GeometryTennyson, Andrew G.; Khramov, Dimitri M.; Varnado, C. Daniel, Jr.; Creswell, Philip T.; Kamplain, Justin W.; Lynch, Vincent M.; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE57
2011-11Indium as an efficient ohmic contact to N-face n-GaN of GaN-based vertical light-emitting diodes(Moon, Seon Young); Son, Jun Ho; Choi, Kyoung Jin; Lee, Jong-Lam; Jang, Ho WonARTICLE741
2008-04Indium induced band gap tailoring in AgGa(1-x)In(x)S(2) chalcopyrite structure for visible light photocatalysisJang, Jum Suk; Borse, Pramod H.; Lee, Jae Sung; Choi, Sun Hee; Kim, Hyun GyuARTICLE687
2020-02Individual and combined effects of magnetite addition and external voltage application on anaerobic digestion of dairy wastewaterBaek, Gahyun; Kim, Jinsu; Kim, Jaai; Lee, ChangsooARTICLE183
2019-12-13Individual and combined effects of magnetite addition and external voltage application on biomethanation of dairy wastewaterBaek, Gahyun; Kim, Jinsu; Kim, Jaai; Lee, ChangsooCONFERENCE70
2018-11-14Individual Differences and Impacts of Psychopathological Symptoms in Observational Reward LearningChung, Dongil; Won, HyungSeok; Jeong, Yoo Joo; Park, Dasom; Seon, HeeYoungCONFERENCE75
2018-12Individual Differences in Online Privacy ConcernKim, Yeolib; Choi, Boreum; Jung, YoonhyukARTICLE695
2020-11Individual disaster assistance for socially vulnerable people: lessons learned from the Pohang Earthquake in the Republic of KoreaJeong, Seunghoo; Kim, Byeong Je; Lee, Young-Joo; Chung, Jibum; Sim, Sung-HanARTICLE269
2012-07-21Individual Gain/Loss Attitude, Conditional Cooperation, and Random Shifting in a Public Goods GameChung, Dongil; Jeong, JaeseungCONFERENCE37
2005-11Individual histone deacetylases in Drosophila modulate transcription of distinct genesCho, YS; Griswold, A; Campbell, C; Min, Kyung-TaiARTICLE620
2017-05-14Individually addressable micron-sized LED color pixels with integrated condenser lensesDemory, Brandon; Chung, Kunook; Sui, Jingyang; Sui, JCONFERENCE48
2015-04Indole negatively impacts predation by Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus and its release from the bdelloplastDwidar, Mohammed; Nam, Dougu; Mitchell, Robert J.ARTICLE1011
2014-02-19Indole Negatively Impacts Predation by Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus HD100 and Its Release from the Bdelloplast.Mitchell, Robert J.; None; NoneCONFERENCE27
2005-12Indole-based macrocycles as a class of receptors for anionsChang, KJ; Moon, D; Lah, Myoung Soo; Jeong, KSARTICLE640
2016-10Indoline-Based Molecular Engineering for Optimizing the Performance of Photoactive Thin FilmsJin, Ming Yu; Kim, Byung-Man; Jung, Hyun Sil; Park, Jun-Hyeok; Roh, Deok-HO; Nam, Dong Guk; Kwon, Tae-Hyuk; Ryu, Do HyunARTICLE700
2017-01Indolo[3,2-b]indole-based crystalline hole-transporting material for highly efficient perovskite solar cellsCho, Illhun; Jeon, Nam Joong; Kwon, Oh Kyu; Kim, Dong Won; Jung, Eui Hyuk; Noh, Jun Hong; Seo, Jangwon; Seok, Sang Il; Park, Soo youngARTICLE763
2019-02Indoloindole-based small molecule bulk heterojunction small molecule solar cellsSung, Min Jae; An, Na Gyeong; Wang, Canjie; Kim, Yun-Hi; Kim, Jin Young; Kwon, Soon-KiARTICLE387
2016-05-12Indoor Air Radon dose Assessment for Elementary, Middle and High Schools at Ulju County in KoreaLee, ChoongWie; Kim, Hee ReyoungCONFERENCE40
Showing results 17321 to 17340 of 40766