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2020-01Increased Confinement and Polydispersity of STIM1 and Orai1 after Ca2+ Store DepletionQin, Xianan; Liu, Lei; Lee, Sang Kwon; Alsina, Adolfo; Liu, Teng; Wu, Chao; Park, Hojeong; Yu, Chenglong; Kim, Hajin; Chu, Jun; Triller, Antoine; Tang, Ben Zhong; Hyeon, Changbong; Park, Chan Young; Park, HyokeunARTICLE200
2019-08Increased ER-mitochondria tethering promotes axon regenerationLee, Soyeon; Wang, Wei; Hwang, Jinyeon; Namgung, Uk; Min, Kyung-TaiARTICLE243
2009-04-16Increased Gas-Soption Abillity by Intepenetration of Two Simple Cubic Frameworks Composed of Zn4O and 2,6-naphthalenedicarboxylateLah, Myoung Soo; None; None; None; NoneCONFERENCE4
2004-12Increased genome instability and telomere length in the elg1-deficient Saccharomyces cerevisiae mutant are regulated by S-phase checkpointsBanerjee, S; Myung, KARTICLE112
2012-01Increased Graphitization in Electrospun Single Suspended Carbon Nanowires Integrated with Carbon-MEMS and Carbon-NEMS PlatformsSharma, Swati; Sharma, Ashutosh; Cho, Yoon-Kyoung; Madou, MarkARTICLE774
2017-01Increased impedance near cut-off in plasma-like media leading to emission of high-power, narrow-bandwidth radiationHur, Min Sup; Ersfeld, B; Noble, A; Suk, H; Jaroszynki, DAARTICLE688
2014-02Increased NFAT5 expression stimulates transcription of Hsp70 in preeclamptic placentasPark, J. K.; Kang, T. G.; Kang, M. Y.; Park, J. E.; Cho, I. A.; Shin, J. K.; Choi, W. J.; Lee, S. A.; Choi, W. S.; Kwon, H. Moo; Lee, J. H.; Paik, W. Y.ARTICLE706
2012-10Increased time-dependent room temperature plasticity in metallic glass nanopillars and its size-dependencyYoo, Byung-Gil; Kim, Ju-Young; Kim, Yong-Jae; Choi, In-Chul; Shim, Sanghoon; Tsui, Ting Y.; Bei, Hongbin; Ramamurty, Upadrasta; Jang, Jae-ilARTICLE705
2017-10-13Increasing extracellular free fatty acid production in Escherichia coli by combinational gene knockout targetsShin, Kwang Soo; Lee, Sung KukCONFERENCE43
2017-12Increasing Extracellular Free Fatty Acid Production in Escherichia coli by Disrupting Membrane Transport SystemsShin, Kwang Soo; Lee, Sung KukARTICLE524
2016-04-22Increasing fatty acid production by deregulation of fatty acid metabolism in Escherichia coliKim, Chang Hee; Lee, Sung KukCONFERENCE19
2017-09-18Increasing performance of perovskite LEDs using a PEDOT:PSS and MoO3 composite layerKim, Da Bin; Yu, Jae Choul; Jang, Chunghyeon; Song, Myoung HoonCONFERENCE42
2018-08-30Increasing power of genome-wide association study: pathway and meta analysis (Keynote speech)Nam, DouguCONFERENCE23
2019-12-11Increasing power of GWAS: pathway and meta-analysisNam, DouguCONFERENCE87
2014-11Increasing reversible capacity of soft carbon anode by phosphoric acid treatmentJo, Yong-Nam; Park, Min-Sik; Lee, Eun-Young; Kim, Jae-Geun; Hong, Ki-Joo; Lee, Sang-Ick; Jeong, Hu Young; Ryu, Gyeong Hee; Lee, Zonghoon; Kim, Young-JunARTICLE937
2020-07Increasing the enhancement factor for DMD-based wavefront shapingNam, Kibum; Park, Jung-HoonARTICLE122
2020-11-06Increasing the enhancement factor for DMD-based wavefront shapingNam, Kibum; Park, Jung-HoonCONFERENCE50
2001-12Increasing the initiation efficiency of ruthenium-based ring-opening metathesis initiators: Effect of excess phosphineBielawski, CW; Grubbs, RHARTICLE40
2017-08Increasing the interlayer distance in layered microribbons enhances the electrically driven twisting responseZhang, Yifan; Zhou, Zichao; Peng, Cheng; Duan, Ran; Che, Yanke; Zhao, JincaiARTICLE247
2018-08Increasing the thermoelectric power factor of solvent-treated PEDOT:PSS thin films on PDMS by stretchingJeong, Myeong Hoon; Sanger, Amit; Kang, Sung Bum; Jung, Yeon Soo; Oh, In Seon; Yoo, Jung Woo; Kim, Gun-Ho; Choi, Kyoung JinARTICLE710
Showing results 17261 to 17280 of 40742