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2004-02Synthetic observations of simulated radio galaxies. I. Radio and X-ray analysisTregillis, IL; Jones, TW; Ryu, DongsuARTICLE356
2009-09Synthetic popularity reflects chemical reactivityKowalczyk, Bartlomiej; Bishop, Kyle J. M.; Smoukov, Stoyan K.; Grzybowski, Bartosz A.ARTICLE0
2020-05Synthetic Retinoid Seletinoid G Improves Skin Barrier Function through Wound Healing and Collagen Realignment in Human Skin EquivalentsLee, Eun-Soo; Ahn, Yujin; Bae, Il-Hong; Min, Daejin; Park, Nok Hyun; Jung, Woonggyu; Kim, Se-Hwa; Hong, Yong Deog; Park, Won Seok; Lee, Chang SeokARTICLE12
2011-12Synthetic studies on soft coral norcembranolides: total synthesis of (+)-10-epigyrosanolide EKwon, Min Sang; Sim, So Hee; Chung, Young Keun; Lee, EunARTICLE348
2019-06-17System Architecture for Progressive Augmented Reality (poster)Han, Yunha; Lee, Chunggi; Kim, Sanghoon; Ko, SungahnCONFERENCE10
2016-03System Development and Performance Testing of a W-Band GyrotronKim, Sung Gug; Sawant, Ashwini; Lee, Ingeun; Kim, Dongsung; Choe, MunSeok; Won, Jong-Hyo; Kim, Jungho; So, Joonho; Jang, Won; Choi, EunMiARTICLE873
2013-05System identification of a cable-stayed bridge using vibration responses measured by a wireless sensor networkKim, J.-T.; Ho, D.-D.; Nguyen, K.-D.; Hong, D.-S.; Shin, S.W.; Yun, Chung Bang; Shinozuka, M.ARTICLE758
2015-02System identification of a historic swing truss bridge using a wireless sensor network employing orientation correctionCho, Soojin; Giles, Ryan K.; Spencer, Billie F.ARTICLE675
2019-12-05System identification of multi-copter UAV using biased-relay input and adaptive extended Kalman filterLee, Sangheon; Son, HungsunCONFERENCE8
2005-12System Level Architecture Evaluation and Optimization:an Industrial Case Study with AMBA3 AXILee, Jongeun; Kwon, Woo-Cheol; Kim, Tae-Hun; Chung, Eui-Young; Cho, Kyu-Myung; Kong, Jeong-Taek; Eo, Soo-Kwan; Gwilt, DavidARTICLE433
2014-03System reliability updating of fatigue-induced sequential failuresLee, Young Joo; Song, JunhoARTICLE602
2018-08System Reliability-based Design Optimization under Fatigue-induced Sequential FailureLee, Young Joo; Jeong, Dong-JinMaster's thesis203
2019-08System-Level Seismic Risk Assessment of Bridge Transportation NetworksLee, Young Joo; Tak, Hye-YoungMaster's thesis151
2019-08System-Level Seismic Risk Assessment of Bridge Transportation Networks Employing Probabilistic Seismic Hazard AnalysisTak, Hye-Young; Suh, Wonho; Lee, Young-JooARTICLE195
2004-06Systematic bench-scale assessment of perchlorate (ClO4-) rejection mechanisms by nanotiltration and ultrafiltration membranesYoon, Yeomin; Amy, Gary; Cho, Jaeweon; Pellegrino, JohnARTICLE482
2010-04Systematic discovery of nonobvious human disease models through orthologous phenotypesMcGary, Kriston L.; Park, Tae Joo; Woods, John O.; Cha, Hye Ji; Wallingford, John B.; Marcotte, Edward M.ARTICLE574
2018-11Systematic discovery of uncharacterized transcription factors in Escherichia coli K-12 MG1655Gao, Ye; Yurkovich, James T.; Seo, Sang Woo; Kabimoldayev, Ilyas; Draeger, Andreas; Chen, Ke; Sastry, Anand V.; Fang, Xin; Mih, Nathan; Yang, Laurence; Eichner, Johannes; Cho, Byung-Kwan; Kim, Donghyuk; Palsson, Bernhard O.ARTICLE210
2018-05Systematic metabolic engineering of Methylomicrobium alcaliphilum 20Z for 2,3-butanediol production from methaneAnh Duc Nguyen; Hwang, In Yeub; Lee, Ok Kyung; Kim, Donghyuk; Kalyuzhnaya, Marina G.; Mariyana, Rina; Hadiyati, Susila; Kim, Min Sik; Lee, Eun YeolARTICLE235
2019-02Systematic Study on Electrocatalytic Properties of Perovskite Oxides for Energy Conversion and Storage SystemsKim, Guntae; Gwon, OhhunDoctoral thesis155
2019-08Systematical Post-Synthetic Approaches to Tailoring the Structure of Metal-Organic FrameworksMoon, Hoi Ri; Park, SungbinMaster's thesis128
Showing results 17001 to 17020 of 21535