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2008-11Functionalization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes with various 4-substituted benzoic acids in mild polyphosphoric acid/phosphorous pentoxideLee, Hwa-Jeong; Han, Sang-Wook; Kwon, Young-Do; Tan, Loon-Seng; Baek, Jong-BeomARTICLE705
2003-01-01Functionalization of Vapor Grown Carbon Nanotube and In-Situ Polymerization of 3-Phenoxybenzoic Acid With Vapor Grown Carbon NanotubeBaek, Jong-BeomCONFERENCE6
2004-07-01Functionalization of Vapor-Grown Carbon Nanotube and In-Situ Polymerization of 3-Phenoxybenzoic Acid with Vapor-Grown Carbon NanotubeBaek, Jong-BeomCONFERENCE7
2019-11-01Functionalized & Defective MOF-74: Suzuki reaction by post-synthetic modificationLim, Jaewoong; Baek, Seung Bin; Lah, Myoung SooCONFERENCE20
2018-05Functionalized boron nitride membranes with ultrafast solvent transport performance for molecular separationChen, Cheng; Wang, Jiemin; Liu, Dan; Yang, Chen; Liu, Yuchen; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Lei, WeiweiARTICLE338
2008-05Functionalized carbon nanotube-poly(arylene sulfone) composite membranes for direct methanol fuel cells with enhanced performanceJoo, Sang Hoon; Pak, Chanho; Kim, Eun Ah; Lee, Yoon Ho; Chang, Hyuk; Seung, Doyoung; Choi, Yeong Suk; Park, Jong-Bong; Kim, Tae KyoungARTICLE619
2016-02Functionalized graphene nanoplatelets from ball milling for energy applicationsFan, Xueliu; Chang, Dong Wook; Chen, Xuli; Baek, Jong-Beom; Dai, LimingARTICLE473
2012-07Functionalized graphene sheets/polycarbonate nanocomposites compatibilized by poly(phenylenevinylene)Kim, Soon Cheol; Oh, Seong Min; Lee, Hyung-Il; Ryu, Kwang Sun; Jeong, Han Mo; Shin, Hyeon Suk; Lee, Shi Choon; Shin, Cheol MinARTICLE649
2008-05Functionalized methanofullerenes used as n-type materials in bulk-heterojunction polymer solar cells and in field-effect transistorsYang, Changduk; Kim, Jin Young; Cho, Shinuk; Lee, Jae Kwan; Heeger, Alan J.; Wudl, FredARTICLE688
2017-06-05Functionalized nanocellulose-integrated heterolayered nanomat separators: From renewable resources to sustainable energy storagesKim, JHCONFERENCE12
2016-09Functionalized Nanocellulose-Integrated Heterolayered Nanomats toward Smart Battery SeparatorsKim, Jung-Hwan; Gu, Minsu; Lee, Do Hyun; Kim, Jeong-Hoon; Oh, Yeon-Su; Min, Sa Hoon; Kim, Byeong-Su; Lee, Sang-YoungARTICLE516
2016-04-21Functionalized nanocellulose-integrated heterolayered nanomats toward smart battery separatorsJung-Hwan Kim; Minsu Gu; Do Hyun Lee; Jeong-Hoon Kim; Yeon-Su Oh; Sa Hoon Min; Sang-Young Lee; Kim, Byeong-SuCONFERENCE12
2003-02Functionalized one-dimensional devices and their interconnectionsKim, Hajin; Chung, HJ; Lee, J; Kuk, YARTICLE461
2003-07Functionalized one-dimensional wires and their interconnectionsKim, Hajin; Chung, HJ; Lee, J; Lee, SJ; Choi, BY; Song, YJ; Kuk, YARTICLE509
1998-06-24Functions of phsopholipase C isozymes, β1 and β4, in the brainSuh, Pann-Ghill; None; None; None; None; None; None; None; NoneCONFERENCE6
2015-11Functions of TET Proteins in Hematopoietic TransformationHan, Jae-A; An, Jungeun; Ko, MyunggonARTICLE702
2016-08-22Functions of TET-mediated oxidation of 5-methylcytosine in hematologic cancerAn, Jungeun; Ko, MyunggonCONFERENCE21
2017-11-25Functions of TET-mediated oxidation of 5-methylcytosine in hematological cancersAn, Jungeun; Ko, MyunggonCONFERENCE8
2019-10Fundamental Approach to Development of Plastic Scintillator System for In Situ Groundwater Beta MonitoringLee, UkJae; Choi, Woo Nyun; Bae, Jun Woo; Kim, Hee ReyoungARTICLE229
Showing results 12721 to 12740 of 36107