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2009-10Lithium Ion Intercalation Performance of Niobium Oxides: KNb5O13 and K6Nb10.8O30Han, Jian-Tao; Liu, Dong-Qiang; Song, Sang-Hoon; Kim, Youngsik; Goodenough, John B.ARTICLE535
2008-02Lithium ions intercalated into pyrene-functionalized carbon nanotubes and their mass transport: A chemical route to carbon nanotube Schottky diodeLim, Hyunseob; Shin, Hyeon Suk; Shin, Hyun-Joon; Choi, Hee CheulARTICLE473
2010-11Lithium metal polymer cells assembled with gel polymer electrolytes containing ionic liquidYun, Ye Sun; Song, Seung-Wan; Lee, Sang-Young; Kim, Sang-Hern; Kim, Dong-WonARTICLE629
2014-07Lithium reaction mechanism and high rate capability of VS 4-graphene nanocomposite as an anode material for lithium batteriesXu, Xiaodong; Jeong, Sookyung; Rout, Chandra Sekhar; Oh, Pilgun; Ko, Minseong; Kim, Hyejung; Kim, Min Gyu; Cao, Ruiguo; Shin, Hyeon Suk; Cho, JaephilARTICLE1024
2018-08Lithium Silicide Surface Enrichment: A Solution to Lithium Metal BatteryTang, Wei; Yin, Xuesong; Kang, Sujin; Chen, Zhongxin; Tian, Bingbing; Teo, Siew Lang; Wang, Xiaowei; Chi, Xiao; Loh, Kian Ping; Lee, Hyun-Wook; Zheng, Guanyuan WesleyARTICLE401
2016-06Lithium Sulfi de/Metal Nanocomposite as a High-Capacity Cathode Prelithiation MaterialSun, Yongming; Lee, Hyun-Wook; Seh, Zhi Wei; Zheng, Guangyuan; Sun, Jie; Li, Yanbin; Cui, YiARTICLE586
2012-07Lithium-Air Batteries: Survey on the Current Status and Perspectives Towards Automotive Applications from a Battery Industry StandpointPark, Myounggu; Sun, Heeyoung; Lee, Hyungbok; Lee, Junesoo; Cho, JaephilARTICLE757
2011-04Lithium-induced supramolecular hydrogelPark, Jong S.; Jeong, Sooyeon; Chang, Dong Wook; Kim, Jae Pil; Kim, Ketack; Park, Eun-Kyoung; Song, Ki-WonARTICLE498
2012Lithium-liquid battery: harvesting lithium from waste Li-ion batteries and discharging with waterAsl, Nina Mahootcheian; Cheah, Seong Shen; Salim, Jason; Kim, YoungsikARTICLE522
2007Lithium-reactive Co-3(PO4)(2) nanoparticle coating on high-capacity LiNi0.8Co0.16Al0.04O2 cathode material for lithium rechargeable batteriesKim, Yoojung; Cho, JaephilARTICLE885
2011-11Liverome: a curated database of liver cancer-related gene signatures with self-contained context informationLee, Langho; Wang, Kai; Li, Gang; Xie, Zhi; Wang, Yuli; Xu, Jiangchun; Sun, Shaoxian; Pocalyko, David; Bhak, Jong Hwa; Kim, Chulhong; Lee, Kee-Ho; Jang, Ye Jin; Yeom, Young Il; Yoo, Hyang-Sook; Hwang, SeungwooARTICLE546
2008'Living cantilever arrays' for characterization of mass of single live cells in fluidsPark, Kidong; Jang, Jaesung; Irimia, Daniel; Sturgis, Jennifer; Lee, James; Robinson, J. Paul; Toner, Mehmet; Bashir, RashidARTICLE546
2012-01"Living" Microvascular Stamp for Patterning of Functional Neovessels; Orchestrated Control of Matrix Property and GeometryJeong, Jae Hyun; Chan, Vincent; Cha, Chaenyung; Zorlutuna, Pinar; Dyck, Casey; Hsia, K. Jimmy; Bashir, Rashid; Kong, HyunjoonARTICLE621
2019-02Load Adaptive Modulation to Heat Non-Ferromagnetic MaterialJung, Jee-Hoon; Jeong, Si-HoonMaster's thesis107
2016-12Load Balancing in Two-Tier Cellular Networks with Open and Hybrid Access FemtocellsKim, Dongmyoung; Park, Taejun; Kim, Seongwon; Kim, Hyoil; Choi, SunghyunARTICLE799
2013-07Load distribution to minimise pressure-related pain on foot: A modelRodrigo, Asanka S.; Goonetilleke, Ravindra S.; Xiong, ShupingARTICLE566
2018-09Load-Adaptive Modulation of a Series-Resonant Inverter for All-Metal Induction Heating ApplicationsPark, Hwa-Pyeong; Jung, Jee-HoonARTICLE551
2007-03Loading rate effect on inelastic deformation in a Zr-based bulk metallic glassLee, Y. -H.; Kim, Ju-Young; Nahm, S. H.; Kwon, DARTICLE537
2001-11Local chain dynamics of adsorbed polystyrene studied by time-resolved fluorescence anisotropyJeon, Sangmin; Bae, Sung Chul; Granick, SteveARTICLE117
2006-11Local chemical vapor deposition of carbon nanofibers from photoresistWang, Chunlei; Zaouk, Rabih; Madou, MarkARTICLE397
Showing results 9601 to 9620 of 21590