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1998-02Effects of mutations in the C-terminal region of NIa protease on cis-cleavage between NIa and NIbKim, DH; Han, JS; Lew, JS; Kim, SS; Kang, Byoung Heon; Hwang, DC; Jang, DS; Kim, W; Song, BD; Choi, KYARTICLE711
2007-03Effects of N2O plasma treatment on magnetic properties of (Zn, Mn)O nanorodsBaik, Jeong Min; Kang, Tae Won; Lee, Jong-LamARTICLE630
2011-05-26Effects of nanofluid for in-vessel retention external reactor vessel cooling on critical heat flux using pool boiling experimentsBang, In Cheol; Park, SD; Kang, S; Lee, SWCONFERENCE5
2010-07Effects of nanofluids containing graphene/graphene-oxide nanosheets on critical heat fluxPark, Sung Dae; Lee, Seung Won; Kang, Sarah; Bang, In Cheol; Kim, Ji Hyun; Shin, Hyeon Suk; Lee, Dong Wook; Lee, Dong WonARTICLE884
2012-09-20Effects of Nanoparticle Coating Thickness on Critical Heat Flux during Pool BoilingBang, In CheolCONFERENCE6
2006-10Effects of nanoparticle deposition on surface wettability influencing boiling heat transfer in nanofluidsKim, S. J.; Bang, In Cheol; Buongiorno, J.; Hu, L. W.ARTICLE608
2014-09Effects of Nanoparticle Size and Metal/Support Interactions in Pt-Catalyzed Methanol Oxidation Reactions in Gas and Liquid PhasesWang, Hailiang; An, Kwangjin; Sapi, Andras; Liu, Fudong; Somorjai, Gabor A.ARTICLE634
2013-07Effects of national forest inventory plot location error on forest carbon stock estimation using k-nearest neighbor algorithmJung, Jaehoon; Kim, Sangpil; Hong, Sungchul; Kim, Kyoungmin; Kim, Eunsook; Im, Jungho; Heo, JoonARTICLE756
2002-09Effects of natural organic matter and ionic species on membrane surface chargeShim, Yongki; Lee, Hong-Joo; Lee, Sangyoup; Moon, Seung-Hyeon; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE519
2015-01-12Effects of Natural Organic Matters and Inorganic Ions on the Oxidation of Microcystins by PermanganateKim, Min Sik; Lee, Ki-Myeong; Kim, Hyung-Eun; Lee, Hongshin; Hong, Seok Won; Lee, ChanghaCONFERENCE6
2016-08Effects of neoclassical toroidal viscosity induced by the intrinsic error fields and toroidal field ripple on the toroidal rotation in tokamaksLee, H. H.; Seol, J.; Ko, W. H.; Terzolo, L.; Aydemir, A. Y.; In, Yongkyoon; Ghim, Y. -C.; Lee, S. G.ARTICLE309
2011-06Effects of neural progenitor cells on sensorimotor recovery and endogenous repair mechanisms after photothrombotic strokeMinnerup, Jens; Kim, Jeong Beom; Schmidt, Antje; Diederich, Kai; Bauer, Henrike; Schilling, Matthias; Strecker, Jan-Kolja; Ringelstein, E. Bernd; Sommer, Clemens; Schoeler, Hans R.; Schaebitz, Wolf-RuedigerARTICLE699
2019-07-03Effects of non-thermal plasma on swirled premixed methane/air flamesKim, Gyeong Taek; Kim, Dong Min; You, Hyun Seok; Yoo, Chun Sang; Park, Jeong; Chung, Suk HoCONFERENCE37
2020-02Effects of non-thermal plasma on the lean blowout limits and CO/NOx emissions in swirl-stabilized turbulent lean-premixed flames of methane/airKim, Gyeong Taek; Yoo, Chun Sang; Chung, Suk Ho; Park, JeongARTICLE169
2019-09Effects of Nonuniform Fiber Geometries on the Microstructural Fracture Behavior of Ceramic Matrix CompositesKim, Hye-gyu; Ji, Wooseok; Cho, Nam Choon; Park, Jong KyooARTICLE222
2008-08Effects of Novel Supports on the Physical and Catalytic Properties of Tungstophosphoric Acid for Alcohol Dehydration ReactionsHerrera, Jose E.; Kwak, Jahun; Hu, Jian Zhi; Wang, Yong; Peden, Charles H. F.ARTICLE494
2015-09-16Effects of Nuclear Reactions on the Astrophysical PhenomenaKwak, KyujinCONFERENCE5
2015-10Effects of Nuclear Technology Export Competition on Nuclear NonproliferationChoi, Sungyeol; Hwang, Il SoonARTICLE331
2006-09Effects of numerical formulation on magnetic field computation using meshless methodsLee, Kok-Meng; Li, Qiang; Sun, HungsonARTICLE328
2006-07Effects of numerical meshless formulation on magnetic field computation for transfer automationLee, Kok-Meng; Li, Qiang; Son, HungsunCONFERENCE7
Showing results 9501 to 9520 of 35990