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2011Effects of Contact Size and Schottky Barrier Height on Nanoscale Contact ResistanceKim, Kyung RokCONFERENCE6
2016-11-06Effects of coolant void condition on melt fragmentation using simulants in initial phase of metal-fueled SFR severe accidentHeo, H; Lee, MH; Jerng, DW; Bang, In CheolCONFERENCE15
1998-02Effects of cooling on the propagation of magnetized jetsFrank, A; Ryu, Dongsu; Jones, TW; Noriega-Crespo, AARTICLE333
1998-12Effects of copper phase on CO oxidation over supported Wacker-type catalystsPark, Eun Duck; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE476
2018-03Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Firm Financial Performance: A Competitive-Action PerspectiveKim, Kwang-Ho; Kim, MinChung; Qian, CuiliARTICLE1698
2016-05-12Effects of corrosion and precipitates on mechanical properties in the ferritic/martensitic steel cladding under ultra-long cycle fast reactor environment at 650°CKim, Tae Yong; Shin, Sang Hun; Lee, Jeonghyeon; Kim, Ji HyunCONFERENCE6
2006-03Effects of crystallinity on dilute acid hydrolysis of cellulose by cellulose ball-milling studyZhao, Haibo; Kwak, Jahun; Wang, Yong; Franz, James A.; White, John M.; Holladay, Johnathan E.ARTICLE567
2017-11Effects of cursor freeze time on the performance of older adult users on mouse-related tasksTufail, Muhammad; Kim, KwanMyungARTICLE1078
1999-09Effects of deep levels on transconductance dispersion in AlGaAs/InGaAs pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistorChoi, Kyoung Jin; Lee, JL; Yoo, HMARTICLE629
2012-03Effects of defects and non-coordinating molecular overlayers on the work function of graphene and energy-level alignment with organic moleculesBae, Giyeol; Cha, Janghwan; Lee, Hoonkyung; Park, Wanjun; Park, NoejungARTICLE621
2002-12Effects of Deuterium-Plasma Treatment at the a-Si:H/a-SiN:H Interface on the Field-Effect Mobility of a Thin-Film TransistorBae, Seong-Chan; Oh, Sun-Tek; Park, Lee Soon; Choi, Sie-Young; Moon, Kyo-HoARTICLE343
2010-05-14Effects of different visual environments on task workload and performance ? Comparison between binocular immersive HMD and LCD displayKyung, Gyouhyung; 채송이CONFERENCE5
2020-02Effects of Dipole Model for Magnetic Induction on Biomedical DevicesSon, Hungsun; Jeon, JiyunDoctoral thesis74
2017-10-09Effects of display curvature and hand length on smartphone usabilityYi, Jihhyeon; Park, Sungryul; Im, Juah; Jeon, Seonyeong; Kyung, GyouhyungCONFERENCE13
2017-06-01Effects of display curvature and hand length on smartwatch touch interactionYi, Jihhyeon; Lee, Songil; Park, Sungryul; Choi, Donghee; Kyung, GyouhyungCONFERENCE8
2016-05-26Effects of display curvature and lateral viewing position on spatial presence and image quality for 55” TVsKyung, GyouhyungCONFERENCE5
2019-07Effects of display curvature and task duration on proofreading performance, visual discomfort, visual fatigue, mental workload, and user satisfactionPark, Sungryul; Kyung, Gyouhyung; Choi, Donghee; Yi, Jihhyeon; Lee, Songil; Choi, Byeonghwa; Lee, SeungbaeARTICLE311
2016-09-22Effects of display curvature and task duration on proofreading task performance, visual fatigue, visual discomfort, and display satisfactionPark, Sungryul; Yi, Jinhyeong; Choi, Donghee; Lee, Songil; Kyung, Gyouhyung; Choi, Byeonghwa; Lee, Ja Eun; Lee, SeungbaeCONFERENCE19
2017-04Effects of display curvature, display zone, and task duration on legibility and visual fatigue during visual search taskPark, Sungryul; Choi, Donghee; Yi, Jihyeon; Lee, Songil; Lee, Ja Eun; Choi, Byeonghwa; Lee, Seungbae; Kyung, GyouhyungARTICLE788
2019-03Effects of Display Curvature, Presbyopia, and Task Duration on Visual Fatigue, Task Performance, and User SatisfactionChoi, Donghee; Kyung, Gyouhyung; Nam, Kyunghyun; Park, SungryulARTICLE428
Showing results 9401 to 9420 of 35990