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2012-12Auditory display design for exploration in mobile audio-augmented realityVazquez-Alvarez, Yolanda; Oakley, Ian; Brewster, Stephen A.ARTICLE805
2020-08Augmentation of Absorption Channels induced by Wave-Chaos effects in Free-standing Nanowire ArraysKim, Ji-Hwan; Kang, Sung Bum; Yu, Hyeon-Hye; Kim, Jaewon; Ryu, jinhyeok; Lee, Ji-Won; Choi, Kyoung Jin; Kim, Chil-Min; Yi, Chang-HwanARTICLE96
2015-07-27Augmented Motion Plans for Planning in Uncertain TerrainsAu, Tsz-Chiu; Nguyen, TyCONFERENCE42
2018-02Augmented Reality in Mobile Shopping: Does This Technology Always Improve Consumer Learning for Any Products?Jung, Yoonhyuk; Choi, UijuMaster's thesis488
2015-07-01Augmented sensing-based state estimation for cooperative Multi-Agent SystemsKwon, Cheolhyeon; Kun, David; Hwang, InseokCONFERENCE69
2018-06-18Augmented skeleton space transfer for depth-based hand pose estimationBaek, Seungryul; Kim, Kwang In; Kim, TKCONFERENCE80
2008-12Augmenting RAID with an SSD for Energy ReliefLee, Hyo J.; Lee, Kyu H.; Noh, Sam H.CONFERENCE23
2015-05Authors as Creators of Art: The Collaborative Shaping of Literary Writers in Ch’angjoLee, Jae-YonARTICLE1038
2012-06Autistic-like social behaviour in Shank2-mutant mice improved by restoring NMDA receptor functionWon, Hyejung; Lee, Hye-Ryeon; Gee, Heon Yung; Mah, Won; Kim, Jae-Ick; Lee, Jiseok; Ha, Seungmin; Chung, Changuk; Jung, Eun Suk; Cho, Yi Sul; Park, Sae-Geun; Lee, Jung-Soo; Lee, Kyungmin; Kim, Daesoo; Bae, Yong Chul; Kaang, Bong-Kiun; Lee, Min Goo; Kim, EunjoonARTICLE640
2017-11Auto-Reduction Behavior of Cobalt on Graphitic Carbon Nitride Coated Alumina Supports for Fischer-Tropsch SynthesisPark, Hunmin; Kim, Kwang Young; Youn, Duck Hyun; Choi, Yo Han; Kim, Won Young; Lee, Jae SungARTICLE313
2007-07-20Auto2DIR for amyloids: a new, versatile way of taking 2D IR spectra to uncover amyloid folding mechanismsShim, Sang-Hee; None; None; None; NoneCONFERENCE18
2019-10Autoencoders for improving quality of process event logsNguyen, Hoang Thi Cam; Lee, Suhwan; Kim, Jongchan; Ko, Jonghyeon; Comuzzi, MarcoARTICLE532
2009-05Automated 2D IR spectrometer mitigates the influence of high optical densitiesXiong, Wei; Strasfeld, David B.; Shim, Sang-Hee; Zanni, Martin T.ARTICLE588
2007-09Automated 2D IR spectroscopy using a mid-IR pulse shaper and application of this technology to the human islet amyloid polypeptideShim, Sang-Hee; Strasfeld, David B.; Ling, Yun L.; Zanni, Martin T.ARTICLE512
2019-04-05Automated 3D Skeleton Winding Process for Continuous-Fiber-Reinforcements in Structural PPS ComponentsBeck, Bjoern; Park, Young-Bin; Henning, FrankCONFERENCE42
2014-10Automated assessment of cracks on concrete surfaces using adaptive digital image processingLiu, Yufei; Cho, Soojin; Spencer, Billie F.; Fan, JianshengARTICLE999
2013-01Automated Box-Cox Transformations for Improved Visual EncodingMaciejewski, Ross; Pattath, Avin; Ko, Sungahn; Hafen, Ryan; Cleveland, William; Ebert, DavidARTICLE743
2018-08-05Automated cable monitoring system using smart sensors under the varying tension force conditionJeong, Seunghoo; Kim, Hyunjun; Lee, Junhwa; Sim, Sung-HanCONFERENCE36
2010-12Automated decentralized modal analysis using smart sensorsSim, Sung-Han; Spencer, B. F., Jr.; Zhang, M.; Xie, H.ARTICLE602
2018-06Automated Discovery of Product Feature Inferences Within Large-Scale Implicit Social Media DataTuarob, Suppawong; Lim, Sunghoon; Tucker, Conrad S.ARTICLE468
Showing results 3781 to 3800 of 38089