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2015-10-30Wide-range imaging based on dual scanning handheld OCT probeJung, Woonggyu; Kim, Hyeongeun; Shin, Sungwon; Son, Yubin; Ahn, Youjin; Kim, Pil UnCONFERENCE36
2010-09Wideband CMOS voltage-controlled oscillator using tunable inductorsKim, Jae Joon; Choi, Jaehyouk; Lee, K. -H.; Bien, Franklin; Lim, K.; Lee, C. -H.ARTICLE982
2013-10Widely tunable thermo-optic plasmonic bandpass filterLee, Jongwon; Belkin, Mikhail A.ARTICLE575
2012-05-07Widely wavelength tunable optical filters using characteristics of long-range surface plasmon polaritonsLee, Jongwon; Lu, Feng; Belkin, Mikhail A.CONFERENCE38
2013-06-10Widely wavelength tunable thermo-optic bandpass filters based on long-range surface plasmon polaritonsLee, Jongwon; Belkin, Mikhail A.CONFERENCE36
2012-08-12Widely-tunable optical bandpass filter based on long-range surface plasmon polaritonsLee, Jongwon; Lu, Feng; Belkin, Mikhail A.CONFERENCE39
2013-06-30Widening the conductive potential windows of conducting polymers by solvent annealingPark, Han-Seam; Ko, Seo-Jin; Kim, Jin Young; Song, Hyun-KonCONFERENCE14
2018-04Widom Delta of Supercritical Gas-Liquid CoexistenceHa, Min Young; Yoon, Tae Jun; Tlusty, Tsvi; Jho, Yongseok; Lee, Won BoARTICLE362
2006-08-21Width control in the photo-patterning of PDP Barrier RibPark, Lee SoonCONFERENCE20
2018-06-28WIFI 비연결 기반 통신 방법함성민; 이경한; 울산과학기술원Patent143
2020-04-25WiFi 센싱 기술을 활용한 보행자 이동 궤적 생성 및 분석에 관한 연구: 대학 캠퍼스를 대상으로Park, Juhyeon; Kim, JeongseobCONFERENCE20
2018-09Will biologists become computer scientists? A truly interdisciplinary effort by computer scientists and biologists to understand how cells process information may yield new insights for both fieldsCondon, Anne; Kirchner, Helene; Lariviere, Damien; Marshall, Wallace; Noireaux, Vincent; Tlusty, Tsvi; Fourmentin, EricARTICLE262
2019-10William Butler Yeats and Korean ConnectionsKim, Wook-DongARTICLE427
2018-04-06Willingness to pay for sharing house: trade-off between privacy and housing affordabilityKim, Jeongseob; Woo, Ayong; Cho, Gi-HyougCONFERENCE31
2019-01Wind, Power, and the Situatedness of Community EngagementKim, Hyomin; Cho, Seung Hee; Song, SungsooARTICLE639
2017-12-01Wind, Power, and the Situatedness of Community Engagement김효민; 조승희; 송성수CONFERENCE33
2001-01-01Winds and Shocks in Galaxy Clusters: Shock Acceleration on an Intergalactic ScaleRyu, DongsuCONFERENCE21
2018-04-05Wire-based hybrid supercapacitors for wearable devicesJang, Ji-Hyun; Kang, Kyung-NamCONFERENCE17
2020-01Wire-Shaped 3D-Hybrid Supercapacitors as Substitutes for BatteriesKang, Kyeong-Nam; Ramadoss, Ananthakumar; Min, Jin-Wook; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Lee, Deokjung; Kang, Seok Ju; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE300
2020-08Wired drone and suggestions for its applicationsJeong, YunWoo; Park, ChoeunMaster's thesis46
Showing results 33361 to 33380 of 38072