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Anh Duc NguyenKim, DonghyukLee, Eun Yeol

Article Issue Date2019-02 View4

Kwon, YoungkookKoper, Marc T. M.

Article Issue Date2010-07 View7

Sarp, SarperLee, SungyunPark, NoeonHanh, Nguyen ThiCho, Jaeweon

Article Issue Date2009-03 View8

Kwon, YoungkookHersbach, Thomas J. P.Koper, Marc T. M.

Article Issue Date2014-09 View0

Kwon, YoungkookKoper, Marc T. M.

Article Issue Date2013-03 View3

Armitage, James M.Choi, Sung-DeukMeyer, TorstenBrown, Trevor N.Wania, Frank

Article Issue Date2013-01 View6

Lim, Ji WonShin, Kwang SooRyu, Young ShinLee, YongjooLee, Sung KukKim, Taesung

Article Issue Date2019-12 View8

Shin, Kwang SooLee, Sung Kuk

Article Issue Date2017-12 View5

Kim, Da-HyeKim, Un-JungKim, Hee-YoungChoi, Sung-DeukOh, Jeong-Eun

Article Issue Date2016-05 View5

Park, JihyunAdhikary, AmitMoon, Hoi Ri

Article Issue Date2023-12 View5

Sathesh-Prabu, ChandranTiwari, RameshwarLee, Sung Kuk

Article Issue Date2022-08 View8