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2002-06Apparent slip of Newtonian fluids past adsorbed polymer layersZhu, YX; Granick, SARTICLE117
2003-02Biolubrication: Hyaluronic acid and the influence on its interfacial viscosity of an antiinflammatory drugZhu, YX; Granick, SARTICLE136
2006-03Comment on "Superlubricity: A paradox about confined fluids resolved" - ReplyWong, JS; Bae, Sung Chul; Anthony, S; Zhu, YX; Granick, SteveARTICLE833
2000-09Healing of confined polymer films following deformation at high shear rateZhu, YX; Granick, SARTICLE118
2002-01Hydrophobicity at a Janus interfaceZhang, XY; Zhu, YX; Granick, SARTICLE127
2002-03Limits of the hydrodynamic no-slip boundary conditionZhu, YX; Granick, SARTICLE100
2003-08Modification of boundary lubrication by oil-soluble friction modifier additivesZhu, YX; Ohtani, H; Greenfield, ML; Ruths, M; Granick, SARTICLE126
2002-12No-slip boundary condition switches to partial slip when fluid contains surfactantZhu, YX; Granick, SARTICLE146
2001-08Rate-dependent slip of Newtonian liquid at smooth surfacesZhu, YX; Granick, SARTICLE91
2006-02Reply to comment on reassessment of solidification in fluids confined between mica sheetsGranick, Steve; Zhu, YX; Lin, ZQ; Bae, SC; Wong, JS; Turner, JARTICLE716
2003-04Slippery questions about complex fluids flowing past solidsGranick, S; Zhu, YX; Lee, HARTICLE95
2001-07Softened hydrophobic attraction between macroscopic surfaces in relative motionZhang, XY; Zhu, YX; Granick, SARTICLE94
2001-08Viscosity of interfacial waterZhu, YX; Granick, SARTICLE94
Showing results 1 to 13 of 13