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2017-12A Designed Ladder-Type Heteroarene Benzodi(Thienopyran) for High-Performance Fullerene-Free Organic Solar CellsWu, Hao; Fan, Haijun; Xu, Shengjie; Zhang, Cheng; Chen, Shanshan; Yang, Changduk; Chen, Daoliang; Liu, Feng; Zhu, XiaozhangARTICLE316
2018-04A thieno[3,4-b]thiophene linker enables a low-bandgap fluorene-cored molecular acceptor for efficient non-fullerene solar cellsFan, Haijun; Vergote, Thomas; Xu, Sheogjie; Chen, Shanshan; Yang, Changduk; Zhu, XiaozhangARTICLE195
2019-07Cathode interfacial layer-free all small-molecule solar cells with efficiency over 12%Wu, Hao; Yue, Qihui; Zhou, Zichun; Chen, Shanshan; Zhang, Dongyang; Xu, Shengjie; Zhou, Huiqiong; Yang, Changduk; Fan, Haijun; Zhu, XiaozhangARTICLE153
2019-10Conjugation-Curtailing of Benzodithionopyran-Cored Molecular Acceptor Enables Efficient Air-Processed Small Molecule Solar CellsWu, Hao; Fan, Haijun; Liu, Wuyue; Chen, Shanshan; Yang, Changduk; Ye, Long; Ade, Harald; Zhu, XiaozhangARTICLE162
2019-01High-Performance Polymer Solar Cells Achieved by Introducing Side-Chain Heteroatom on Small-Molecule Electron AcceptorZang, Jianyun; Liu, Feng; Chen, Shanshan; Yang, Changduk; Zhu, Xiaozhang; Zhu, DaobenARTICLE281
2019-09Modulating Structure Ordering via Side-Chain Engineering of Thieno[3,4-b]thiophene-Based Electron Acceptors for Efficient Organic Solar Cells with Reduced Energy LossesLiu, Feng; Zhang, Jianyun; Wang, Yuming; Chen, Shanshan; Zhou, Zichun; Yang, Changduk; Gao, Feng; Zhu, XiaozhangARTICLE136
2018-12One-pot synthesis of electron-acceptor composite enables efficient fullerene-free ternary organic solar cellsZhang, Jianyun; Liu, Wenrui; Chen, Shanshan; Xu, Shengjie; Yang, Changduk; Zhu, XiaozhangARTICLE297
2020-01Subtle Molecular Tailoring Induces Significant Morphology Optimization Enabling over 16% Efficiency Organic Solar Cells with Efficient Charge GenerationZhou, Zichun; Liu, Wenrui; Zhou, Guanqing; Zhang, Ming; Qian, Deping; Zhang, Jianyun; Chen, Shanshan; Xu, Shengjie; Yang, Changduk; Gao, Feng; Zhu, Haiming; Liu, Feng; Zhu, XiaozhangARTICLE119
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8