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2015-07A case study: effect of defects in CVD-grown graphene on graphene enhanced Raman spectroscopyYoon, Jong-Chul; Thiyagarajan, Pradheep; Ahn, Hyo-Jin; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE821
2013-07A route towards superhydrophobic graphene surfaces: surface-treated reduced graphene oxide spheresLee, Jung-Soo; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE752
2013-11-21A Study on Piezoresistivity of Transparent Graphene FilmsPark, Young-Bin; Hwang, Sang-Ha; Ahn, Hyo-Jin; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Jang, Ji-HyunCONFERENCE47
2013-03An optimal substrate design for SERS: dual-scale diamond-shaped gold nano-structures fabricated via interference lithographyAhn, Hyo-Jin; Thiyagarajan, Pradheep; Jia, Lin; Kim, Sun-I; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Thomas, Edwin L.; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE808
2013-07Chemical vapor deposition of mesoporous graphene nanoballs for supercapacitorLee, Jung-Soo; Kim, Sun-I; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE655
2012-01Graphene Oxide-terminated Partially Fluorinated Poly(arylene ether sulfone)Lee, Jung-Soo; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Thiyagarajan, Pradheep; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE777
2013-07Hierarchical metal/semiconductor nanostructure for efficient water splittingThiyagarajan, Pradheep; Ahn, Hyo-Jin; Lee, Jung-Soo; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE635
2017-06Highly Enhanced Raman Scattering on Carbonized Polymer FilmsYoon, Jong-Chul; Hwang, Jongha; Thiyagarajan, Pradheep; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE473
2013-11Lotus leaf-inspired CVD grown graphene for a water repellant flexible transparent electrodeYoon, Jong-Chul; Yoon, Chang-Sung; Lee, Jung-Soo; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE748
2012-04-12Nano-Foam of Few-layer graphene grown by CVDLee, Jeong Soo; Ahn, Hyo Jin; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Jang, Ji-HyunCONFERENCE3
2014-01p-Doped three-dimensional graphene nano-networks superior to platinum as a counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellsAhn, Hyo-Jin; Kim, Ik-Hee; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Kim, Sun-I; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE612
2012-08Power conversion efficiency enhancement based on the bio-inspired hierarchical antireflection layer in dye sensitized solar cellsJang, Ji-Hyun; Ahn, Hyo-Jin; Kim, Sun-I; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Lee, Jung-SooARTICLE732
2017-07Realizing battery-like energy density with asymmetric supercapacitors achieved by using highly conductive three-dimensional graphene current collectorsHwang, Jongha; Kim, Sun-I.; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Ha, Seong-Ji; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE386
2017-08Structural and chemical change of grapheneJang, Ji-Hyun; Yoon, Jong-ChulMaster's thesis230
2012-04-12Surface Coated nanowires for efficient energy conversionNone; Ahn, Hyo Jin; Lee, Jeong Soo; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Jang, Ji-HyunCONFERENCE3
2015-11Thermal conductivity reduction in three dimensional graphene-based nanofoamThiyagarajan, Pradheep; Yan, Zhong; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Oh, Min-Wook; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE534
2014-07Thermoelectric properties of nanoporous three-dimensional graphene networksJang, Ji-Hyun; Thiyagarajan, Pradheep; Oh, Min-Wook; Yoon, Jong-ChulARTICLE825
2013-05Three-Dimensional Graphene Nano-Networks with High Quality and Mass Production Capability via Precursor-Assisted Chemical Vapor DepositionYoon, Jong-Chul; Lee, Jung-Soo; Kim, Sun-I; Kim, Kwang-Hyun; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE731
2012-06Three-dimensional nano-foam of few-layer graphene grown by CVD for DSSCLee, Jung-Soo; Ahn, Hyo-Jin; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Jang, Ji-HyunARTICLE934
2013-11Transparent graphene films with a tunable piezoresistive responseHwang, Sang-Ha; Ahn, Hyo-Jin; Yoon, Jong-Chul; Jang, Ji-Hyun; Park, Young-BinARTICLE810
Showing results 1 to 20 of 24