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2019-04Dedicated preparation for in situ transmission electron microscope tensile testing of exfoliated grapheneKim, Kangsik; Yoon, Jong Chan; Kim, Jaemin; Kim, Jung Hwa; Lee, Suk Woo; Yoon, Aram; Lee, ZonghoonARTICLE300
2020-12Design of 2D Layered Catalyst by Coherent Heteroepitaxial Conversion for Robust Hydrogen GenerationSim, Yeoseon; Yoon, Aram; Kang, Hee Seong; Kwak, Jinsung; Kim, Se‐Yang; Jo, Yongsu; Choe, Daeseong; Na, Woongki; Lee, Min Hee; Park, Soon‐Dong; Song, Seunguk; Kim, Daeyong; Yoo, Jung-Woo; Kim, Sung Youb; Cheong, Hyeonsik; Lee, Jae Sung; Lee, Chul‐Ho; Lee, Zonghoon; Kwon, Soon-YongARTICLE46
2019-12Formation of two-dimensional MoS2 and one-dimensional MoO2 nanowire hybridsYoon, Aram; Lee, ZonghoonARTICLE134
2020-02-03Formation of ZnO monolayer from Zn on graphene oxideSon, Seungwoo; Hong, Hyo-ki; Lee, Jongyeong; Kim, Jung Hwa; Kim, KangSik; Lee, Yeongdong; Yoon, Aram; Lee, ZonghoonCONFERENCE15
2018-07Microstructural analysis of preformed oxides on a zirconium alloy before and after subsequent oxidation at 1000-1200 °CLee, Cheol Min; Jeong, Hu Young; Yoon, Aram; Mok, Yong-Kyoon; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE257
2018-07Microstructural characteristics and different effects of 800-1200 °C preformed oxides on high-temperature steam oxidation of a zirconium alloy claddingLee, Cheol Min; Jeong, Hu Young; Yoon, Aram; Mok, Yong-Kyoon; Sohn, Dong-SeongARTICLE388
2020-12Spontaneous Formation of a ZnO Monolayer by the Redox Reaction of Zn on Graphene OxideSon, Seungwoo; Cho, Yeonchoo; Hong, Hyo-Ki; Lee, Jongyeong; Kim, Jung Hwa; Kim, Kangsik; Lee, Yeongdong; Yoon, Aram; Shin, Hyeon-Jin; Lee, ZonghoonARTICLE28
2017-03Synthesis and Properties of Two Dimensional Doped Transition Metal DichalcogenidesYoon, Aram; Lee, ZonghoonARTICLE686
2019-01Synthesis of high-quality monolayer graphene by low-power plasmaHong, Hyo-Ki; Kim, Na Yeon; Yoon, Aram; Lee, Suk Woo; Park, Jungmin; Yoo, Jung-Woo; Lee, ZonghoonARTICLE486
2020-12Ultrahigh Strength and Modulus Graphene-Based Hybrid Carbons with AB-Stacked and Turbostratic StructuresJin, Sunghwan; Chung, Bongjin; Park, Hyo Ju; Cunning, Benjamin V.; Lee, Jae-Hyeok; Yoon, Aram; Huang, Ming; Seo, Hojin; Lee, Dongju; Lee, Zonghoon; Ruoff, Rodney S.; Ryu, SeongwooARTICLE106
2020-05van der Waals Epitaxial Formation of Atomic Layered alpha-MoO3 on MoS2 by OxidationYoon, Aram; Kim, Jung Hwa; Yoon, Jongchan; Lee, Yeongdong; Lee, ZonghoonARTICLE81
2020-11-12van der Waals Epitaxial Formation of Atomic Layered α-MoO3 on MoS2 by OxidationYoon, Aram; Jang, Yeonggeun; Kim, JungHwa; Yoon, Jong Chan; Lee, Yeongdong; Lee, ZonghoonCONFERENCE16
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12