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2009-05Creating Well-Defined Hot Spots for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering by Single-Crystalline Noble Metal Nanowire PairsKang, Taejoon; Yoon, Ilsun; Jeon, Ki-Seok; Choi, Wonjun; Lee, Yonghoon; Seo, Kwanyong; Yoo, Youngdong; Park, Q-Han; Ihee, Hyotcherl; Suh, Yung Doug; Kim, BongsooARTICLE756
2010-11In Situ TEM Observation of Heterogeneous Phase Transition of a Constrained Single-Crystalline Ag2Te NanowireIn, Juneho; Yoo, Youngdong; Kim, Jin-Gyu; Seo, Kwanyong; Kim, Hyunju; Ihee, Hyotchel; Oh, Sang Ho; Kim, BongsooARTICLE854
2010-02Steering Epitaxial Alignment of Au, Pd, and AuPd Nanowire Arrays by Atom Flux ChangeYoo, Youngdong; Seo, Kwanyong; Han, Sol; Varadwaj, Kumar S. K.; Kim, Hyun You; Ryu, Ji Hoon; Lee, Hyuck Mo; Ahn, Jae Pyoung; Ihee, Hyotcherl; Kim, BongsooARTICLE643
2011-03Superconducting Junction of a Single-Crystalline Au Nanowire for an Ideal Josephson DeviceJung, Minkyung; Noh, Hyunho; Doh, Yong-Joo; Song, Woon; Chong, Yonuk; Choi, Mahn-Soo; Yoo, Youngdong; Seo, Kwanyong; Kim, Nam; Woo, Byung-Chill; Kim, Bongsoo; Kim, JinheeARTICLE638
2012-09Synthesis and Applications of Noble Metal and Metal Silicide and Germanide 1-Dimensional NanostructuresYoon, Hana; Yoo, Youngdong; Seo, Kwanyong; In, Juneho; Kim, BongsooARTICLE811
2012-10Truncated Tetrahedron Seed Crystals Initiating Stereoaligned Growth of FeSi NanowiresKim, Si-in; Yoon, Hana; Seo, Kwanyong; Yoo, Youngdong; Lee, Sungyul; Kim, BongsooARTICLE780
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6