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2018-05Directed evolution of the 3-hydroxypropionic acid production pathway by engineering aldehyde dehydrogenase using a synthetic selection deviceSeok, Joo Yeon; Yang, Jina; Choi, Sang Jin; Lim, Hyun Gyu; Choi, Un Jong; Kim, Kyung-Jin; Park, Sunghoon; Yoo, Tae Hyeon; Jung, Gyoo YeolARTICLE272
2017-12Engineering an aldehyde dehydrogenase toward its substrates, 3-hydroxypropanal and NAD(+), for enhancing the production of 3-hydroxypropionic acidPark, Ye Seop; Choi, Un Jong; Nguyen Hoai Nam; Choi, Sang Jin; Nasir, Abdul; Lee, Sun-Gu; Kim, Kyung Jin; Jung, Gyoo Yeol; Choi, Sangdun; Shim, Jeung Yeop; Park, Sunghoon; Yoo, Tae HyeonARTICLE523
2010-10Hydration dynamics at fluorinated protein surfacesKwon, Oh Hoon; Yoo, Tae Hyeon; Othona, Christina M.; Van Deventer, James A.; Tirrell, David A.; Zewail, Ahmed H.ARTICLE508
2020-02Hydrogen‐Bond Free Energy of Local Biological WaterPark, Won-Woo; Lee, Kyung Min; Lee, Byeong Sung; Kim, Young Jae; Joo, Se Hun; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Yoo, Tae Hyeon; Kwon, Oh-HoonARTICLE164
2019-06Normal stress difference-driven particle focusing in nanoparticle colloidal dispersionKim, Bookun; Lee, Sung Sik; Yoo, Tae Hyeon; Kim, Sunhyung; Kim, So Youn; Choi, Soo-Hyung; Kim, Ju MinARTICLE243
2017-04Structural insights into the production of 3-hydroxypropionic acid by aldehyde dehydrogenase from Azospirillum brasilenseSon, Hyeoncheol Francis; Park, Sunghoon; Yoo, Tae Hyeon; Jung, Gyoo Yeol; Kim, Kyung-JinARTICLE513
2017-05-21Study of Hydrogen-Bonding Energetics and Dynamics of Biological Water Using Ultrafast Electronic SpectroscopyKim, Young Jae; Lee, Byeong Sung; Yoo, Tae Hyeon; Kwon, Oh HoonCONFERENCE17
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7