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2015-07A Comparative Study of Conditional Moment Closure Modelling for Ignition of iso-octane and n-heptane in Thermally Stratified MixturesSalehi, Fatemeh; Talei, Mohsen; Hawkes, Evatt R.; Yoo, Chun Sang; Lucchini, Tommaso; D'Errico, Gianluca; Kook, SanghoonARTICLE817
2013-01A DNS study of ignition characteristics of a lean iso-octane/air mixture under HCCI and SACI conditionsYoo, Chun Sang; Luo, Zhaoyu; Lu, Tianfeng; Kim, Hongjip; Chen, Jacqueline H.ARTICLE774
2015-01A DNS study of self-accelerating cylindrical hydrogen-air flames with detailed chemistryXin, Y.X.; Yoo, Chun Sang; Chen, J.H.; Law, C.K.ARTICLE712
2015-03A DNS study of the ignition of lean PRF/air mixtures with temperature inhomogeneities under high pressure and intermediate temperatureKim, Seung Ook; Luong, Minh Bau; Chen, Jacqueline H.; Yoo, Chun SangARTICLE794
2011-01A DNS study on the stabilization mechanism of a turbulent lifted ethylene jet flame in highly-heated coflowYoo, Chun Sang; Richardson, Edward S.; Sankaran, Ramanan; Chen, Jacqueline H.ARTICLE620
2017-08A modification of the narrow band-based WSGG regrouping method for computation time reduction in non-gray gas radiation analysisKang, Sang Hun; Yoo, Chun SangARTICLE559
2019-02A Multiphase Lattice Boltzmann Model for Colloidal Particles and Surfactant in an Evaporating Droplet with a Pinned Contact LineYoo, Chun Sang; Choi, Jin SolMaster's thesis154
2020-04A numerical study of combustion and NOx emission characteristics of a lean premixed model gas turbine combustorChang, Sung Ho; Bak, Hyun Su; Yu, Hyosun; Yoo, Chun SangARTICLE32
2018-02A Numerical Study of the Characteristics of Autoignited Laminar Lifted Methane/Hydrogen Jet Flames in Heated Coflow AirYoo, Chun Sang; Jung, Ki SungMaster's thesis280
2015-12A numerical study of the diffusive-therma linstability of opposed nonpremixed tubular flamesBak, Hyun Su; Lee, Su Ryong; Chen, Jacqueline H.; Yoo, Chun SangARTICLE561
2019-11A numerical study of the pyrolysis effect on autoignited laminar lifted dimethyl ether jet flames in heated coflow airJung, Ki Sung; Jung, Ba Reum; Kang, Sang Hun; Chung, Suk Ho; Yoo, Chun SangARTICLE285
2009-01A numerical study of transient ignition and flame characteristics of diluted hydrogen versus heated air in counterflowYoo, Chun Sang; Chen, Jacqueline H.; Frank, Jonathan H.ARTICLE513
2009Analysis of second-order conditional moment closure applied to an autoignitive lifted hydrogen jet flameRichardson, E. S.; Yoo, Chun Sang; Chen, J. H.ARTICLE625
2005-11Characteristic boundary conditions for direct simulations of turbulent counterflow flamesYoo, Chun Sang; Wang, Y; Trouve, A; Im, HGARTICLE502
2007-04Characteristic boundary conditions for simulations of compressible reacting flows with multi-dimensional, viscous and reaction effectsYoo, Chun Sang; Im, H. G.ARTICLE535
2012-01Chemical explosive mode analysis for a turbulent lifted ethylene jet flame in highly-heated coflowLuo, Zhaoyu; Yoo, Chun Sang; Richardson, Edward S.; Chen, Jacqueline H.; Law, Chung K.; Lu, TianfengARTICLE640
2012-10Computational diagnostics for n-heptane flames with chemical explosive mode analysisShan, Ruiqin; Yoo, Chun Sang; Chen, Jacqueline H.; Lu, TianfengARTICLE744
2015-01Conditional moment closure modelling for HCCI with temperature inhomogeneitiesSalehi, Fatemeh; Talei, Mohsen; Hawkes, Evatt R.; Yoo, Chun Sang; Lucchini, Tommaso; D'Errico, Gianluca; Kook, SanghoonARTICLE674
2019-01Decreasing liftoff height behavior in diluted laminar lifted methane jet flamesVan, Kyuho; Jung, Ki Sung; Yoo, Chun Sang; Oh, Soohyun; Lee, Byeong Jun; Cha, Min Suk; Park, Jeong; Chung, Suk HoARTICLE391
2019-08Development of Three-Dimensional Parallel Code to Study the Motions of Particles in a Fluid Using Lattice Boltzmann MethodYoo, Chun Sang; Park, Jeong-GiMaster's thesis103
Showing results 1 to 20 of 57