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2012-10A 2.5-mm diameter probe for photoacoustic and ultrasonic endoscopyYang, Joon-Mo; Chen, Ruimin; Favazza, Christopher; Yao, Junjie; Li, Chiye; Hu, Zhilin; Zhou, Qifa; Shung, K. Kirk; Wang, Lihong V.ARTICLE490
2014-06Catheter-based photoacoustic endoscopeYang, Joon-Mo; Li, Chiye; Chen, Ruimin; Zhou, Qifa; Shung, K. Kirk; Wang, Lihong V.ARTICLE401
2022-05Deep-Learning-Based Algorithm for the Removal of Electromagnetic Interference Noise in Photoacoustic Endoscopic Image ProcessingGulenko, Oleksandra; Yang, Hyunmo; Kim, KiSik; Youm, Jin Young; Kim , Minjae; Kim, Yunho; Jung, Woonggyu; Yang, Joon-MoARTICLE113
2008-03Effects of exercises on biophoton emission of the wristLaager, Frederic; Park, Sang-Hyun; Yang, Joon-Mo; Song, Wook; Soh, Kwang-SupARTICLE373
2015-05High-speed label-free functional photoacoustic microscopy of mouse brain in actionYao, Junjie; Wang, Lidai; Yang, Joon-Mo; Maslov, Konstantin I.; Wong, Terence T. W.; Li, Lei; Huang, Chih-Hsien; Zou, Jun; Wang, Lihong V.ARTICLE479
2007-08In vivo 783-channel diffuse reflectance imaging system and its applicationYang, Joon-Mo; Han, Yong-Hui; Yoon, Gilwon; Ahn, Byung Soo; Lee, Byung-Cheon; Soh, Kwang-SupARTICLE362
2006-12Measurement of the optical properties of in-vitro organ-surface Bonghan corpuscles of ratsHan, Yong-Hui; Yang, Joon-Mo; Yoo, Jung Sun; Ogay, Vyacheslav; Kim, Jung-Dae; Kim, Min-Su; Baik, Ku-Youn; Park, Sang-Hyun; Soh, Kwang-Sup; Lee, Byung-CheonARTICLE423
2015-03Optical-resolution photoacoustic endomicroscopy in vivoYang, Joon-Mo; Li, Chiye; Chen, Ruimin; Rao, Bin; Yao, Junjie; Yeh, Cheng-Hung; Danielli, Amos; Maslov, Konstantin; Zhou, Qifa; Shung, K. Kirk; Wang, Lihong V.ARTICLE345
2009-05Photoacoustic endoscopyYang, Joon-Mo; Maslov, Konstantin; Yang, Hao-Chung; Zhou, Qifa; Shung, K. Kirk; Wang, Lihong V.ARTICLE388
2012-08Simultaneous functional photoacoustic and ultrasonic endoscopy of internal organs in vivoYang, Joon-Mo; Favazza, Christopher; Chen, Ruimin; Yao, Junjie; Cai, Xin; Maslov, Konstantin; Zhou, Qifa; Shung, K. Kirk; Wang, Lihong V.ARTICLE352
2014-03Urogenital photoacoustic endoscopeLi, Chiye; Yang, Joon-Mo; Chen, Ruimin; Yeh, Cheng-Hung; Zhu, Liren; Maslov, Konstantin; Zhou, Qifa; Shung, K. Kirk; Wang, Lihong V.ARTICLE392
2012-08Wide-field fast-scanning photoacoustic microscopy based on a water-immersible MEMS scanning mirrorYao, Junjie; Huang, Chih-Hsien; Wang, Lidai; Yang, Joon-Mo; Gao, Liang; Maslov, Konstantin I.; Zou, Jun; Wang, Lihong V.ARTICLE425
2008-12Year Long Measurement of Biophoton Emission of Hands and FeetLaager, Frederic; Choi, Cheon-Joo; Park, Sang-Hyun; Yang, Joon-Mo; Soh, Kwang-SupARTICLE465
2006-09Yin/Yang polarization: Quantitative diagnostic evaluation using biophoton measurement from human hands and feetYang, Joon-Mo; Choi, Chunho; Yu, Ji Hun; Soh, Kwang-Sup; Choi, Sun Mi; Ryu, YeonheeARTICLE412
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