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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
2017-09Connecting tropical climate change with Southern Ocean heat uptakeHwang, Yen-Ting; Xie, Shang-Ping; Deser, Clara; Kang, Sarah M.ARTICLE496
2014-04Contrasting the tropical responses to zonally asymmetric extratropical and tropical thermal forcingKang, Sarah M.; Held, Isaac M.; Xie, Shang-PingARTICLE802
2014-07Dependence of climate response on meridional structure of external thermal forcingKang, Sarah M.; Xie, Shang-PingARTICLE712
2018-12-13Distinct tropical climate response to subpolar energy perturbations from the Northern or Southern HemisphereKang, Sarah M.; Xie, Shang-Ping; Shin, Yechul; Xiang, Baoqiang; Stuecker, Malte F; Hawcroft, Matt; Hwang, Yen-TingCONFERENCE45
2018-01Extratropical forcing and tropical rainfall distribution: energetics framework and ocean Ekman advectionKang, Sarah M.; Shin, Yechul; Xie, Shang-PingARTICLE566
2017-08-09Extratropical forcing and tropical rainfall distribution: energetics framework and ocean Ekman advectionKang, Sarah M.; Shin, Yechul; Xie, Shang-PingCONFERENCE40
2018-06Global energetics and local physics as drivers of past, present and future monsoonsBiasutti, Michela; Voigt, Aiko; Boos, William R.; Braconnot, Pascale; Hargreaves, Julia C.; Harrison, Sandy P.; Kang, Sarah M.; Mapes, Brian E.; Scheff, Jacob; Schumacher, Courtney; Sobel, Adam H.; Xie, Shang-PingARTICLE621
2019-03Pantropical climate interactionsCai, Wenju; Wu, Lixin; Lengaigne, Matthieu; Li, Tim; McGregor, Shayne; Kug, Jong-Seong; Yu, Jin-Yi; Stuecker, Malte F.; Santoso, Agus; Li, Xichen; Ham, Yoo-Geun; Chikamoto, Yoshimitsu; Ng, Benjamin; McPhaden, Michael J.; Du, Yan; Dommenget, Dietmar; Jia, Fan; Kajtar, Jules B.; Keenlyside, Noel; Lin, Xiaopei; Luo, Jing-Jia; Martin-Rey, Marta; Ruprich-Robert, Yohan; Wang, Guojian; Xie, Shang-Ping; Yang, Yun; Kang, Sarah M.; Choi, Jun-Young; Gan, Bolan; Kim, Geon-Il; Kim, Chang-Eun; Kim, Sunyoung; Kim, Jeong-Hwan; Chang, PingARTICLE200
2018-12Polar amplification dominated by local forcing and feedbacksStuecker, Malte F.; Bitz, Cecilia M.; Armour, Kyle C.; Proistosescu, Cristian; Kang, Sarah M.; Xie, Shang-Ping; Kim, Dpyeon; McGregor, Shayne; Zhang, Wenjun; Zhao, Sen; Cai, Wenju; Dong , Yue; Jin, FFARTICLE518
2016-12-16The role of Ekman transport on the ITCZ response to extratropical thermal forcingKang, Sarah M.; Shin, Yechul; Xie, Shang-Ping; Frierson, DarganCONFERENCE28
2020-11Walker circulation response to extratropical radiative forcingKang, Sarah M.; Xie, Shang-Ping; Shin, Yechul; Kim, Hanjun; Hwang, Yen-Ting; Stuecker, Malte F.; Xiang, Baoqiang; Hawcroft, MattARTICLE35
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11