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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
2013A Review of Social Entrepreneurship: Sustainability and ReplicabilityWoo, Hangyun; None; NoneCONFERENCE40
2011A Structural Matching Approach to Manage Large Business Process ModelsWoo, HangyunCONFERENCE45
2020-08A study of battery operational optimization with data-driven clusteringShin, Minsu; Jeon, Cheol-Hwan; Nam, Seungwan; Woo, HangyunARTICLE120
2020-02A survey of the optimal time series modelling for newbuilding ship pricesWoo, Hangyun; Jeon, JaeminMaster's thesis282
2013-02Absorptive Capacity: Empirical Exploration on Trait of Organizational Structure and Absorptive Capacity PracticesWoo, Hangyun; Song, Hyun-JooMaster's thesis1192
2012Absorptive capacity: Empirical exploration on traits of organizational structureWoo, HangyunCONFERENCE38
2011An exploration of the relationship between boundary spanning and organizational innovativenessWoo, HangyunCONFERENCE36
2004-08-06An Ontological Approach to Support Domain Knowledge Learning in Information Systems DevelopmentWoo, Hangyun; Lan, CaoCONFERENCE36
2003-08-05Development of an Instrument to Study the Use of Recommendation SystemsBeyah, Gayle; Xu, Peng; Woo, Hangyun; Mohan, Kannan; Straub, DetmarCONFERENCE37
2020-06-23Do Individuals Prefer using Their Twin Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Organizations for Better Decision-Making or for Confirmation?Lee, Kyootai; Woo, Hangyun; Cho, Wooje; De Jong, SimonCONFERENCE65
2010Exploring Open Innovation Metrics Based on Absorptive Capacity TheoryWoo, HangyunCONFERENCE38
2009Finding Reusable Business Process Models Based on Structural MatchingWoo, HangyunCONFERENCE34
2004-09Finding reusable UML sequence diagrams automaticallyRobinson, WN; Woo, HangyunARTICLE965
2017-05Hawkes process-based technology impact analysisJang, Hyunjin; Woo, Hangyun; Lee, ChangyongARTICLE1169
2012Impacts of Employee Silence on Knowledge Inflows in R&D Organizational UnitsWoo, HangyunCONFERENCE36
2014-05-23Impacts of Employee Silence on Knowledge Inflows in R&D Organizational UnitsWoo, HangyunCONFERENCE5
2012Knowledge Integration and Ambidexterity as Mediators between Innovativeness and PerformanceWoo, HangyunCONFERENCE39
2012Knowledge Integration and Ambidexterity as Mediators between Organizational Innovativeness and Performance: A Preliminary Empirical InvestigationWoo, HangyunCONFERENCE40
2011Partners’ Technological Characteristics and SME’s Partnership Retention Decision: Focusing on the Moderating Role of SMEs’ Absorptive CapacityWoo, HangyunCONFERENCE36
2017-01Patterns of technology life cycles: stochastic analysis based on patent citationsLee, Changyong; Kim, Juram; Noh, Meansun; Woo, Hangyun; Gang, KwangWookARTICLE1562
Showing results 1 to 20 of 28