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2017-11Angle-dependent optical perfect absorption and enhanced photoluminescence in excitonic thin filmsWoo, Byung Hoon; Seo, In Cheol; Lee, Eunsongyi; An, Soo-Chan; Jeong, Hoon Yeub; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE727
2020-09Dichroic Sb2O3/Ag/Sb2O3 Electrodes for Colorful Semitransparent Organic Solar CellsSong, Seyeong; Cho, Hye Won; Jeong, Jaeki; Yoon, Yung Jin; Park, Song Yi; Song, Suhee; Woo, Byung Hoon; Jun, Young Chul; Walker, Bright; Kim, Jin YoungARTICLE101
2017-05Dispersion Control of Excitonic Thin Films for Tailored Superabsorption in the Visible RegionWoo, Byung Hoon; Seo, In Cheol; Lee, Eunsongyi; Kim, Seo Young; Kim, Tae Young; Lim, Sung Chan; Jeong, Hoon Yeub; Hwangbo, Chang Kwon; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE485
2018-10Electron-beam-induced nanopatterning of J-aggregate thin films for excitonic and photonic response controlSeo, In Cheol; Woo, Byung Hoon; An, Soo-Chan; Lee, Eunsongyi; Jeong, Hoon Yeub; Lim, Yeonsoo; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE375
2019-09Enhancement of sub-bandgap light absorption in perovskite semiconductor films via critical couplingWoo, Byung Hoon; Seo, In Cheol; Heo, Jungwoo; Yoon, Yung Jin; Kim, Jin Young; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE315
2019-06Femtosecond laser irradiation of molecular excitonic films for nanophotonic response control and large-area patterningWoo, Byung Hoon; Son, Yejin; Choi, Jiyeon; Chae, Sangmin; Kim, Hyo Jung; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE247
2020-09Fourier-plane investigation of plasmonic bound states in the continuum and molecular emission couplingSeo, In Cheol; Kim, Seongheon; Woo, Byung Hoon; Chung, Il-Sug; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE80
2020-04Multicolor 4D printing of shape-memory polymers for light-induced selective heating and remote actuationJeong, HoonYeub; Woo, Byung Hoon; Kim, Namhun; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE132
2021-01Soft luminescent solar concentrator film with organic dye and rubbery matrixJo, Kukhyun; Lee, Sunghun; Choi, Geun-Seok; Woo, Byung Hoon; Jun, Young Chul; Song, Hee-eun; Jeon, Tae-Yeol; Lee, Hyun Hwi; Kim, Hyo JungARTICLE38
2018-07Strong Nonlinear Optical Response in the Visible Spectral Range with Epsilon-Near-Zero Organic Thin FilmsLee, Yeon Ui; Garoni, Eleonora; Kita, Hanayo; Kamada, Kenji; Woo, Byung Hoon; Jun, Young Chul; Chae, Sang Min; Kim, Hyo Jung; Lee, Kwang Jin; Yoon, Seokhyun; Choi, Eunyoung; Mathevet, Fabrice; Ozerov, Igor; Ribierre, Jean Charles; Wu, Jeong Weon; D'Aléo, AnthonyARTICLE388
2018-09Surface bound waves and optical interactions in excitonic thin filmsLee, Eunsongyi; Woo, Byung Hoon; Seo, In Cheol; An,Soo-Chan; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE567
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11