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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeView
2014A multiscale approach to determine binding energy distribution on a strained surfaceWang, Zilu; Zhu, Liyan; Wang, Jinlan; Ding, FengARTICLE290
2010-07Controlling Cross Section of Carbon Nanotubes via Selective HydrogenationWu, Guangfen; Wang, Jinlan; Zeng, Xiao Cheng; Hu, Hong; Ding, FengARTICLE256
2010-05Fluorination induced half metallicity in two-dimensional few zinc oxide layersChen, Qian; Wang, Jinlan; Zhu, Liyan; Wang, Shudong; Ding, FengARTICLE259
2011-05Formation and electronic properties of hydrogenated few layer grapheneZhu, Liyan; Hu, Hong; Chen, Qian; Wang, Shudong; Wang, Jinlan; Ding, FengARTICLE252
2009-02Gold nanotube encapsulation enhanced magnetic properties of transition metal monoatomic chains: An ab initio studyZhu, Liyan; Wang, Jinlan; Ding, FengARTICLE245
2010-02Mechanically Robust Tri-Wing Graphene Nanoribbons with Tunable Electronic and Magnetic PropertiesZhu, Liyan; Wang, Jinlan; Zhang, Tingting; Ma, Liang; Lim, Chee Wah; Ding, Feng; Zeng, Xiao ChengARTICLE194
2014-01Mechanism of Metal Catalyzed Healing of Large Structural Defects in GrapheneMeng, Lijuan; Jiang, Jian; Wang, Jinlan; Ding, FengARTICLE253
2014-04Mechanism of Transition-Metal Nanoparticle Catalytic Graphene CuttingMa, Liang; Wang, Jinlan; Yip, Joanne; Ding, FengARTICLE253
2012-03Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Chemical Vapor Deposition Graphene Growth on Ni (111) SurfaceMeng, Lijuan; Sun, Qing; Wang, Jinlan; Ding, FengARTICLE242
2013-01Recent Progress and Challenges in Graphene Nanoribbon SynthesisMa, Liang; Wang, Jinlan; Ding, FengARTICLE191
2012-04Robust Electronic Properties of Sealed Graphene for Electronic ApplicationsZhu, Liyan; Wang, Jinlan; Ding, FengARTICLE244
2011-03Stability and electronic structure of hydrogen passivated few atomic layer silicon films: A theoretical explorationWang, Shudong; Zhu, Liyan; Chen, Qian; Wang, Jinlan; Ding, FengARTICLE253
2012-01Strain-Induced Orientation-Selective Cutting of Graphene into Graphene Nanoribbons on OxidationMa, Liang; Wang, Jinlan; Ding, FengARTICLE194
2016-06The Great Reduction of a Carbon Nanotube's Mechanical Performance by a Few Topological DefectsZhu, Liyan; Wang, Jinlan; Ding, FengARTICLE580
2011-08Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Unzipping of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes into Narrow Graphene Nanoribbons at Low TemperatureWang, Jinlan; Ma, Liang; Yuan, Qinghong; Zhu, Liyan; Ding, FengARTICLE250
Showing results 1 to 15 of 15