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2017-06Identification of new regulators of embryonic patterning and morphogenesis in Xenopus gastrulae by RNA sequencingPopov, Ivan K; Kwon, Taejoon; Crossman David K; Crowley, Michael R; Wallingford, John B; Chang, ChenbeiARTICLE685
2014-12Identifying direct targets of transcription factor Rfx2 that coordinate ciliogenesis and cell movementKwon, Taejoon; Chung, Mei-I; Gupta, Rakhi; Baker, Julie C; Wallingford, John B; Marcotte, Edward MARTICLE512
2016-06The ciliopathy-associated CPLANE proteins direct basal body recruitment of intraflagellar transport machineryToriyama, Michinori; Lee, Chanjae; Taypor, S Paige; Duran, Ivan; Cohn, Daniel H; Bruel, Ange-Line; Tabler, Jacqueline M; Drew, Kevin; Kelly, Marcus R; Kim, Sukyoung; Park, Tae Joo; Braun, Daniella; Pierquin, Ghislaine; Biver, Armand; Wagner, Kerstin; Malfroot, Anne; Panigrahi, Inusha; Franco, Brunella; Al-lami, Hadeel Adel; Yeung, Yvonne; Choi,Yeon Ja; University Washington; Duffourd,Yannis; Faivre, Laurence; Rivière, Jean-Baptiste; Chen, Jiang; Liu, Karen J; Marcotte, Edward M; Hildebrandt, Friedhelm; Thauvin-Robinet, C; Krakow, Deborah; Jackson, Peter K; Wallingford, John BARTICLE710
2015-08Zeta-Tubulin Is a Member of a Conserved Tubulin Module and Is a Component of the Centriolar Basal Foot in Multiciliated CellsTurk, Erin; Wills, Airon A; Kwon, Taejoon; Sedzinski, Jakub; Wallingford, John B; Stearns, TimARTICLE641
Showing results 1 to 4 of 4