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2010-06Composition-dependent Magnetic Properties of Si1-xMnx (0.1 < x < 0.9) Single CrystalsHwang, Younghun; Um, Youngho; Park, Hyo-yeolARTICLE305
2004-03Crystal Growth and Optical Properties of Cd1-x-yMnxZnyTe Diluted Magnetic SemiconductorsJeong, Inho; Hwang, Younghun; Um, Youngho; Jeen, GwangsooARTICLE282
2014-03Effects of temperature-induced stress on the structural, electrical, and optical properties of ZnO:Ga thin films grown on Si substratesHwang, Younghun; Park, Seungmin; Kang, Manil; Um, YounghoARTICLE247
2011Excitation‐Power Dependence of the Near Band‐Edge PL Spectra of CdMnTe with High Mn ConcentrationsHwang, Younghun; Um, Youngho; Park, HyoyeolARTICLE239
2007-12Giant Faraday rotation in Cd1–xMnxTe (0 < x < 0.82) crystalsHwang, Younghun; Chung, Soo-seong; Um, YounghoARTICLE212
2012-12Impact of Cu substitution on structural, electronic, and optical properties of CdCuTe single crystalsHwang, Younghun; Um, Youngho; Park, Hyoyeol; Jang, Joon I.ARTICLE287
2006-09Magnetic and electrical properties of new magnetic phase in Si1-xMnx crystalsHwang, Younghun; Cho, Sunglae; Kim, Hyekyeong ; Um, YounghoARTICLE292
2006-09Magnetic and magneto-optical properties in diluted magnetic semiconductors: Cd1-x-yMnxFeyTe single crystalsHwang, Younghun; Kim, Hyekyeong; Cho, Sunglae; Kim, Taesoo; Um, Youngho; Park, Hyoyeol; Jeen, GwangsooARTICLE421
2009-07Magnetic Circular Dichroism in Cr-doped CdMnTeUm, Youngho; Lee, Jooyong; Hwang, Younghun; Shen, Shaoping; Furdyna, J. K.; Dobrowolska, M.ARTICLE311
2006-04Magnetic, Structural, and Electrical Properties of Si1−xMnx Single CrystalsHwang, Younghun; Kim, Hyekyeong; Hong, SoonCheol; Um, Youngho; Cho, SunglaeARTICLE302
2006-09Magneto-optical properties for bulk Cd0.63−yMn0.37HgyTe single crystalsHwang, Younghun; Kim, Hyekyeong; Cho, Sunglae; Um, YounghoARTICLE274
2005-04Optical Absorption of Zn1−xMnxSiAs2 Single Crystals : Variation of the Energy Gap with Composition and TemperatureHwang, Younghun; Cho, Sunglae; Choi, Sungyeol; Kim, Hyeyeong; Um, YounghoARTICLE305
2012-04Optical and electronic properties of highly stable and textured hydrogenated ZnO:Al thin filmsHwang, Younghun; Kim, Hyungmin; Um, Youngho; Park, HyoyeolARTICLE280
2012-02Photoluminescence characteristics of Cd 1-xMn xTe single crystals grown by the vertical Bridgman methodHwang, Younghun; Um, Youngho; Park, HyoyeolARTICLE415
2007-03Photoluminescence of Zn1−xBexSe Films Grown by Using Molecular Beam EpitaxyHwang, Younghun; Kim, Hyekyeong; Um, Youngho; Furdyna, J. KARTICLE324
2004-06Spectroscopic ellipsometric studies of the dielectric function of Cd1–x–yMnxFeyTe single crystalsHwang, Younghun; Kim, Hyekyeong; Um, Youngho; Pak, HyoyeolARTICLE199
2001-04Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Studies of Cd1−xMnxTe Films Grown on GaAsHwang, Younghun; Kim, Hyekyeong; Chung, Moonsung; Um, Youngho; Park, Hyoyeol; Yoo, PyoungkilARTICLE229
2014-11Structural and optical properties in the V-doped II–VI diluted magnetic semiconductor Cd1−xVxTeHwang, Younghun; Um, YounghoARTICLE283
2012-11Structural and optical properties of annealed ZnO single crystals in a helium ambientHwang, Younghun; Um, Youngho; Park, Hyun-MinARTICLE324
2013-09Structural and optical properties of polycrystalline NiO thin films prepared by using the oxidation of the metallic NiShin, Yooleemi; Hwang, Younghun; Um, Youngho; Tuan, Duong Anh; Cho, Sunglae; Park, HyoyeolARTICLE240
Showing results 1 to 20 of 33