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2008-05A coarse-grained biophysical model of E. coli and its application to perturbation of the rRNA operon copy numberTadmor, Arbel D.; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE80
2010-09A colorful origin for the genetic code: Information theory, statistical mechanics and the emergence of molecular codesTlusty, TsviARTICLE92
2007-11A model for the emergence of the genetic code as a transition in a noisy information channelTlusty, TsviARTICLE71
2007-10A relation between the multiplicity of the second eigenvalue of a graph Laplacian, Courant's nodal line theorem and the substantial dimension of tight polyhedral surfacesTlusty, TsviARTICLE74
2008-03A simple model for the evolution of molecular codes driven by the interplay of accuracy, diversity and costTlusty, TsviARTICLE77
2020-11alpha beta DCA method identifies unspecific binding but specific disruption of the group I intron by the StpA chaperoneReinharz, Vladimir; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE60
2007-09Anomalous microfluidic phonons induced by the interplay of hydrodynamic screening and incompressibilityBeatus, Tsevi; Bar-Ziv, Roy; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE82
2014-07Asymmetric Effect of Mechanical Stress on the Forward and Reverse Reaction Catalyzed by an EnzymeJoseph, Collin; Tseng, Chiao-Yu; Zocchi, Giovanni; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE100
2012-08Balancing speed and accuracy of polyclonal T cell activation: a role for extracellular feedbackSavir, Yonatan; Waysbort, Nir; Antebi, Yaron E.; Tlusty, Tsvi; Friedman, NirARTICLE98
2016-03Binding of Transcription Factors Adapts to Resolve Information-Energy TradeoffSavir, Yonatan; Kagan, Jacob; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE674
2020-07Boosted molecular mobility during common chemical reactionsWang, Huan; Park, Myeonggon; Dong, Ruoyu; Kim, Junyoung; Cho, Yoon-Kyoung; Tlusty, Tsvi; Granick, SteveARTICLE80
2009-09Burgers Shock Waves and Sound in a 2D Microfluidic Droplets EnsembleBeatus, Tsevi; Tlusty, Tsvi; Bar-Ziv, RoyARTICLE88
2008-06Casting polymer nets to optimize noisy molecular codesTlusty, TsviARTICLE70
2018-11Catalytic enzymes are active matterJee, Ah-Young; Cho, Yoon-Kyoung; Granick, Steve; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE560
2006-09Coding limits on the number of transcription factorsItzkovitz, Shalev; Tlusty, Tsvi; Alon, UriARTICLE90
2019-07Colloquium: Proteins: The physics of amorphous evolving matterEckmann, Jean-Pierre; Rougemont, Jacques; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE218
2016-05Comment on "ribosome utilizes the minimum free energy changes to achieve the highest decoding rate and fidelity"Savir, Yonatan; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE564
2007-05Conformational Proofreading: The Impact of Conformational Changes on the Specificity of Molecular RecognitionSavir, Yonatan; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE81
2010-02Cross-species analysis traces adaptation of Rubisco toward optimality in a low-dimensional landscapeSavir, Yonatan; Noor, Elad; Milo, Ron; Tlusty, TsviARTICLE88
Showing results 1 to 20 of 60